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  1. assalamualaikum. some items like ziplog bags comes useful.tis helps to separate clean ihram clothings frm dirty ones. always bring drinking bottle to fil zamzam
    water and refil it each time whnever possible.Subhanallah.. zam zam water has mch benefits!

  2. Just to add…

    From my exprience (as of last year 1431 – 2010) you are able to buy everything there. The chainstore Bin Dawood has branched in Medinah and right next to the Haram and it is like a big Walmart/Big W/Kmart which you’re able to get everything there. That is other than the general stores that you find scattered around. You’re able to buy Ihram, unscented soap, shampoo, sleeping bag, other bits (and it is a lot cheaper) I recall the Ihraam set that I got was aprox 90-120 Riyals.  Do not forget to buy an Ihraam belt (for men that is). I just don’t see the need to load yourself whilst travelling when you can buy it there and a lot cheaper.

    As for comfortable footwear then yes try to organise that early (at your home country would be better). I would reccomend the Vibram 5-finger shoes. They come in very handy and are all terrain. Try not to test new shoes there make sure you are comfortable with them before you go.

    when you get there… pause for a moment… and look at the people around…. they hardly worry about all that we are mentioning here… some barely have slippers on their feet…. and thank Allah for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon us….

  3. Assalamoalaikum,
    a bit late for this year, but i’m sure insha’Allah will be useful for those thinking of going next year.  this may sound really weird but it was the most useful thing that i took with me when i went a few years ago. 
    I found suction hooks really useful in Mina – where we stayed the bathroom facilities were basically a floor toilet with a shower overhead!  where do you put your clothes? .you could either have someone wait outside with them or throw them over the door of the cubicle – praying that they don’t fall down the other side!  the hooks were great mash’Allah as i put one on the inside of each door and hung my clothes up.  initially i would take them off when i was done but then i thought ‘hey…theres reward here’ let others benefit from them.  Alhamdullilah.

  4. Salamu alaikum. Please all muslims should endeavour to write In Shaa Allah in 3 seperate words and not together. If you write it together it means create Allah but if you write it in 3 seperate words it means if Allah wills. Now for the tips. Make sure you take some antibiotics with you or else you might come back home with a terrible cold which will last probably a month before it goes. Also take some multivitamin tablets with you ,a pair of small scissors to cut your nails after the Hajj rites and shaving sticks(for the men). A small mat might also come in handy at muzdalifa. May Allah accept your Hajj. Amin

  5. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it
    and checking back regularly!

  6. When you go for Hajj make sure you have all essential travel documents before you leave for hajj.these items include your passport,ticket,identity card and necessary daily use items such as toothbrush,toothpaste,comb,soap and shampoos should be fragrance free.