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  1. Great review! This book was awesome. It defies so many things that seem ‘common knowledge’. I especially loved that each essay had a cartoon to accompany it.

    I think my absolute favorite of the essays was “Draw a line in the sand”.
    For other readers, this basically means that, in your business, have a certain point where you won’t be willing to compromise. The example given is that of Vinnie’s Sub Shop. That sub shop closes around 2 or 3pm everyday. Why? They buy their bread in the early morning from a closeby bakery when the bread is fresh. When the bread runs out, they close their doors for the day. Sure, they could buy more bread. But, if the sandwiches aren’t great, it’s not worth the extra bucks they’ll make.

    For many Muslims, I believe that of course our line in the sand is within the bounds of Islam for our business (no interest, no Haraam products, etc.), but even further than that we should look to what standard are we keeping up to that we won’t compromise on. Once again, awesome book.