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  1. Dear brother,
    I truly appreciate the great work you are doing. May Allah swt accept your contribution. Regarding this article, your advice to start preparing for the Haj Now is amazing… As it is said that Hajj is by invitation from Allah and if we start thinking & planning about it, Allah may guide us to his path.
    I’ve also heard from a reliable source ‘Junaid Jamshed – Pakistan’, that if we say the complete LABAIK ALLAH HUMA LABAIK… After listening to Azan, Allah swt will make Hajj easier for us. Please throw some light on this.

    Sincere regards

  2. MashaAllah we are planing to go for hajj this time and as me and my husband are both reverts and we have no clues about Hajj/Umrah so this article is really helpful


  3. mashallah  i got inpired reading ur article,me and my husband is makung a programme to perform hajj this year ,may Allah blessed us and give us courage and strength to fulfill our desire.i want to know about your Hajj package the amount and the  accomodation u provide in MAKKAH and MADINAH.where is your office in Islamabad,iwill be very thankful to you.