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  1. i saw this book on display on the window and the title just caught my eye. Inshallah i will try to buy as soon as possible so that i may benefit from this book if Allah wills. 
    Thank you sister for sharing your review on this book. Now i will certainly by it.  I would like to recommend you to read a book called Enjoy your Life. This book is excellent i could not stop reading. And hopefully if possible you will right a review for that book. 

    jazakAllah Khair
    annie x.x.x

      • You can read more about the book here:

      • The author of the book ‘Enjoy your Life’ is Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi and it is primarily about improving one’s interpersonal skills in accordance to the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Actually,the book after reading it makes you to enjoy your life. Masha Allah :)

  2. A very refined book. Each major interactions of daily life is covered with Quranic verse followed by hadeeth.