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  1. MashaAllah very nice. It requires Jihad an nafs. I have tried how many times to do something that I wanted. But then noticed, that i stopped. Thats the thing. We need to keep it up. Well… I guess striving always should be done … May allah give us all strength to maintain our goals and kick away our bad habits, ameen…. 

    • I also want to add that I got this weakness that everytime i make a goal, something puts me down, since im a very sensitive person, and getting back up is sometimes hard to strive. My feelings always play along with my goals, so I thought one day to memorize the Quran, I did it for a while but them i stopped. SubhanaAllah. Always trying to remind myself, alhamdulillah, everytime i read the Quran it gives me strength to maintain a specific goal…Jazakallah khair for wonderful site…Hope to be productive one day :D