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  1. Jazakallahu khair Ya akhi… After reading this ” Why Not we muslim students of Manipal University India, start a Volunteer service for our poor muslim families here in manipal and places nearby… inshaAllah!!!

    Project of the Year:
    InshaAllah for this Ramdhan 2013 we Muslim brothers and sisters of Manipal University India, are planning to serve poor muslim families by supplying Raw food materials like rice, Daal, oil and list goes on…. Please keep advice and support us InshaAllah

    —–Nowshad Ahammad

    • Assalamu alaykum Sarah

      It would probably be best for you to Google specific volunteering opportunities that you are interested in e.g. including your location and the fields you are most qualified in. This is more likely to in sha Allah give you more specific details related to your needs and availability, rather than general information.