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  1. Sallams. I just read your article. Jazakallah sis for your efforts. It has given me even more determination this Ramadan to have tawakkul. You made it so clear. Such an inspiration. It is an inspiration that we have writers like you in the ummah. May Allah SWT bless you and your family Ameen xxx

  2. Sallams. I just read your article. Jazakallah sis for your efforts. It has given me even more determination this Ramadan to have tawakkul. You made it so clear. Such an inspiration. It is an inspiration that we have writers like you in the ummah. May Allah SWT bless you and your family Ameen xxx

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  3. Jazakallahu khayran,this is really a gem and an article i would always refer to,to ensure i hav tawakkul in my life.May Allah(S.W.T) endow you with more wisdom and knowledge and have your baby safely(Ameen)

  4. One way having Tawakkul boosts productivity:
    Any tragedy or mishap can be taken in a stride with true Tawakkul, as we can say ‘La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah’ and move on. This prevents time from being wasted by grieving at what is lost as we place our trust that He is The Wise Creator, and He knows what we don’t know, thus what He does for us, in the long run is beneficial for us. When we move on, we are being productive.

    Jazakallah Khairan for the reminder :)

    • Subhanallah! Totally agree! Thzts what it means to be Muslim…death is the Creator’s as He owns all..So we move on, knowing He alone knows best!

  5. Masha Allah this article spoke directly to me Alhamdulilah when I’m at rock bottom tawwakul keeps me going knowing everything Allah does is perfect

  6. Salaam,This article give me peace i am looking for since my husband pass away last year,i find my self in a situation that i can’t control,i always keep thinking maybe if i do this & this he will be with me now,but after reading this article i know i can’t change my destiny or his,i believe Allah knows best,jazakhallah khairan my sister.

  7. quote:

    Because at the end of the day, you can rest easy, knowing that no matter how things turn out, you did your very best. The rest you leave to Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He). And your reliance upon Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) ensures that you will be okay, no matter how things actually do turn out.

    I think most of the people (including me) sometimes tie the rope very loose, yet put the tawakkul very much to Allah. so when we get the ‘bad’ or ‘undesired’ outcomes, we directly blame Allah and convince ourself that we already did the best from our side.

    Jazakallah for this article, that reminds me again, to evaluate our efforts i.e. tightening the rope :)
    just honest to ourself, that we are (still) not performing the best that we can., with all of the reasons..

    bismillah, let’s do the best that we can, without any excuse, and then tawakkul to Allah..

    Ramadhan mubarak!

  8. Jazakillah u khair….Once again I am dumbfounded that I have got what I have been looking for :) Really Allah SWT is so kareem :) . Having tawakkul increases our productivity in such a way that:
    Whenever we pray and we are not granted what we ask for we do not feel hopeless and keep crying for it or curse our fate and keep chasing it that completelt spoils us rather we believe firmly that definitely Allah’s plan is better than ours and He knows what we know not.lets focus on other important things and let it go :)

  9. A beautiful and inspiring piece to keep us more determined to persevere this Ramadaan. You are also an amazing mentor.Tawakkul allows us to be productive because our faith in knowing that Allah knows best Is what allows us to have good intention and work hard and ultimately accept that any outcome from our actions is from Allah.

  10. Beautiful words and explaination, may Allah almighty bless you and us with more knowledge and wisdoms!
    I seek refuge in you (Allah SW) from laziness. Efforts to please Allah SW and an expectation of reward being granted from Him rather people, how strong is the thought in itself and I wonder how inspiring are the persons practicing this thought! A strong and dignified character! SubhanAllah.
    May Allah almighty help us all in this Ramadan going one step further from where we are standing now. Alhamdolillah!
    Happy Ramadan .. Keep thinking, smiling and serving people. :-)

  11. Beautiful naseehah! definitely sharing!Ironically, this same naseehah was given to me yesterday and this just culiminates it….indeed we must beleive more in the “umblical cord’ of the Herafter.

  12. Subhanallah, I’m more enlightened in knowledge of believing in Qadr Allah. One way Tawakkul boosts my productivity is that i don’t dwell in negative feelings(i.e. depression, despair, bitterness, anger, etc) that much any more when things don’t go the way i’d hoped and in sha Allah i will stop completely. Because i know at the end of the day, its what Allah SWT decided that will be. All i can do is do my best. And in sha Allah something even better is in store for me at the right time according to Allah SWT. So I’m a happier and healthier me.

  13. AsalaAsalamualaikum
    Whenever something don’t workout the way I wanted , I don’t feel like workingng and find no meaning and goal of life. But then I think Allah want things happen this way and I find new direction of life and I work for it. Alhamdulillah

  14. Assalamu’alaikum sister,
    MashaAllah you wrote an amazing article, the words spoke deep into my soul. Indeed, tawakkul is important in every situation our daily lives, whether it be parking your car or going out. Such so as going for an interview or exam, if you fail, that is the decision of Allah, maybe Allah is testing you but even so acceptance is very important, or so, if you succeed then express your gratitude to Allah.
    Thank you for an amazing article. JazakAllah Khair!

  15. Ma Shaa Allah. Such an apt reminder. Allah swt knows what’s best for us. In Shaa Allah, let’s cultivate the positive habit. Tie our camel, and practice tawakkul to Allah swt

  16. Assalamu calaikum

    Rock bottom tawakul alright. I experienced a few car troubles ( transmission and engine related) the past few years with second and third hand vehicles that I decided it is time I buy a brand new car. It is now a month I am driving and enjoying. The sky is the limit and there can not be issues for at least the next 5 years, right? WRONG. This Saturday my husband broke the news to me that the engine light came on the dashboard. I became discouraged and suggested there is something wrong with me. This is the end of me and cars. The voice of wisdom, coming from my 13 years old daughter reminding me this is a test, made me realize I despaired from the mercy of Allah. I was proactive in saving myself from car repairs but I did not tawakul in Allah. What a big mistake. It is a new car but not untouchable. Istighfaar, istighfaar, I hope Allah accepts my Istighfaar.

    This article is beautiful and instructive. May Allah reward you immensely my dear sister insha Allah.

  17. This is what really struck me. What a great piece of advice

    “Use this month as a journey to self discovery and learn about what makes you, you. Define your skills and specialties, ponder on why you’re good at what you do and then understand that Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) has gifted you this specific skill set for a definite purpose in this dunya. How can you be of service and whom can you help with these tools at your fingertips? “

  18. Assalamualaikum, from India :)

    Thanks a ton for this wonderful article. Inspiring and helping so many Muslims like me. Comes at a time when all I needed was Tawakkul. :)

    Jazak Allahhu khiaran

  19. Jazakallah khair. Tawwakul could increase productivity because it gives you a focus (I still need to work on) sort of a lense to do the best in whatever the action is that you’re doing. Even the smallest actions with the right intention is a form of worship. Such as pressing your Hijab so you can look presentable and be clean since half of our faith is cleanliness. May Allah bless you for such a sincere reminder.

  20. AssalamuAlaikum Sr.
    Mashallah I’m really interested in Tawakkul which is something I to explore and practice. Thought now when I read this article I got a clear background about how to implement it in my life. Thanks for sharing. J.A.K