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  1. I absolutely LOVE your new method of writing. I felt Asif I were in the office.
    I can’t wait for the continued parts. When will the continued part be posted?
    Thanks for sharing your precious work!


    • Always the first to comment… Always the first to encourage and keep me moving forward….
      Thank you for being a blessing in my life Julia…
      Look out for the upcoming episodes on Mondays and Thursday’s inshAllah.
      Many surprises coming up :)

  2. Wonderful piece of writting.
    My Queation is how can we gain 100% trust in Allaah?. We say we trust him but internally we trust very little.plz reply.
    Jazakallahu Khaira

    • I love the honesty in this question Junaid
      The more you get to know Allah and His attributes, the more you’ll truly believe in His power…. Start contemplating the Quran and studying the Sunnah. That’s the key to trust!
      Whenever something good happens, you thank Him first
      And when something bad happens, you stay patient knowing He does everything for a good reason
      Once you reach this level of faith (which isn’t easy) the pain will be replaced with serenity
      It takes practice, and patience and most of all awareness…

      And Junaid…
      If you want to trust Allah fully, just ask Him… And keep asking
      He’s listening and He will bless your heart with unwavering faith inshAllah

      • Jazakallahu khaira for the wonderful reply May Allaah help me to act upon your beautiful said it well.I will work hard on it in sha Allaah.
        May Allaah bless you.

      • Assalam -o-aliakum, an amazing article dear Lilly. Could you kindly suggest books/ web pages to know the atributes of ALLAH?

  3. This is a very timely article! I was just thinking about the importance of trust between spouses, other relations and ultimately as an Islamic value. And there I have it, first thing in my inbox in the morning. Jazakallahu khair! You guys really nail the right topics!

  4. Masha Allah! Very beautifully written article of how we must TRUST Allah for all our needs and not his creation.\
    Jazak Allahu Khairan

  5. asalamu alikum to all brothers and sisters
    our trust in allah strengthens the moment when we realise the purpose of our creation . Allah swt has created us in order to test us by afflicting us with trials in the form of sickness ,huge losses in business ,fire in factories and houses by taking away our beloved ones . we should be thankful and understand that the one who bear patience and strive heard to please allah qualifies to enter jannah the ultimate goal of all meslimeen .we should understand that this life is mearly a test let thisworld not mislead us to reach our ultimate goal the jannah wallahi successful iz the one who will enter jannah and meet his beloved prophet and his maker . each trail we face increases our rank in jannah so be thankful when you have entered the phase of trails there are some who have not yet entered this phase . our whole life from birth to death is a trial parents, children , wives money so let us understand our poupose of existance we are here in this world for a specific reason let us fulfil our duties to our lord before its too late
    secondly i would like to mention n thank my sister who worked hard to get me closer to allah wallahi it was allah plan to get me closer to him through my sister she also recomended me to subdcribe to productive muslims dear sister may allah bless u and bless every single of us and give us the deeper understanding of islam
    wasalamu alikum warahmatullah

      • Thanks author for you valuable comment . I hope the way you reply back our comments is very time consuming but it really boosts us and gives us an inspiration to work in the cause of Allah alhamdullah you are the one chosen by Allah for this noble work of dawah and drawing us closer to Allah dear author if possible it will an honour for me if you yourself give blessings to my sister by mailing her wallahi she will be very happy she iZ none other than Saba the one who commented on this article plz held my name
        Moreover I had a piece of writing that I want to get approved plz assist me in this case
        Thanks and Allah bless

        • It would be my honor Abas
          And as for your writing, I’m not an editor or an administrator on this site, but I’ve worked with this amazing team for years, and I’m sure if you submit your piece they’ll help you get it published inshAllah. They’re all super friendly and supportive
          Just submit your piece through the “write for us” link and go from there. Good luck

  6. Nice article Jazakallah
    we should put our trust in Allah that is the only way to be successful in this duniya and in the Akhira.Its he who is in absolute control of all the worlds . So let’s be patient with all the trials of Allah and put our efforts to please Allah swt so that we may qualify to enter jannah

  7. Mashaa Allah , new article ,this time with real problem that we all have inside us in a way or another, real fear that we all face , although we all trust in Allah ,still face the same fears…
    Anxious to read more about hannah ,ops i mean me ?…
    Stay blessed inshaaAllah.

  8. Sallams. Just read this. Subhanallah really makes you think. Your writing is amazing and I wanted to carry on. Jazakallah khair and I can’t wait for the next part X

    • I’m both humbled and overwhelmed by the encouragement Shakila…
      Thank you so much! I hope you’ll keep me posted on what you think of the rest of the episodes inshAllah
      Stay tuned :)

  9. May Allah reward U sis! Once you truly understand the Shahadah…all things just fall in place…I have to absolutely share….Jazakallahu Khairan katheeran Jidan!

  10. Jazak Allah … this story is really inspiring … it is reminding the readers that no matter what we belong to ALLAH swt and we must trust him in every situation <3

  11. Lilly,you always keep on enlightening dark/grey parts of our lives that allow us positively go on,marvelous article,but still unhappy/anxious to have to wait for second part,so I hereby ask chief editor to make them all in one,I know Ramadan is month of patience but I can’t wait,well done.
    Your loving,proud dad

    • We do understand it’s difficult to wait, but the series will only be published every Monday and Thursday of Ramadan! :) May Allah bless us the patience to wait for her amazing reminders and May He SWT bless this talented writer! Aameen!

    • My amazing dad…
      Your comment has touched and inspired the whole Productive Muslim insider team, we are all gossiping about it :)
      Thank you for being there for me… And believing in me… And encouraging me…
      i swear there are no words to describe how much I love and admire and respect you…
      Thank you Allah for making this great man my dad… I don’t deserve it, but I’ll spend the rest of my life being grateful to You for this blessing…

  12. Aliamduliahi very interesting story.. Jazakallahu Khairan for this.. Putiing our whole trust in Almighty Allah is the best… ALLAHU AKBAR

  13. Right when I was feeling horrible, because of a desire that was lashed out in a way that it keeps me haunting and adding to my emotional turmoil everyday, I got this beautiful article in my mail making me aware of my own shortcomings.
    The fear of being ignored and not being loved that Hannah talks about is very much relatable to me. Though there is so much she went through and by Allah’s mercy she survived. I have not yet started this journey, but very much suffer the same way.

    Not being able to adopt the message of shahadah puts us in a dark pit, where we put people on a pedestal. We are tore apart when our assumptions don’t come true. As a result, we continue to feel worthless as the only thing that makes us to feel worthy and whole of ourselves is our connection with the people whom we have put on a pedestal. Yes it is as bad as shirk, and this plays at the root for so long and we realise it when half of the time passes away.
    I fight everyday in regaining back my lost worth by connecting to Allah S.W.T as he is the one who knows my true worth despite the innate weaknesses that I possess.

    I struggle everyday to surrender before him by entrusting him with everything that is dear to me. I know that there are some human relationships that I desperately long to have sometimes and it makes me anxious. But I do not know whether it is good for me or not. I do not know how good or bad it would turn out. All I realise is I just need to let go it to Allah and let him choose the person for me. So I fight everyday to let go off this unwanted emotional attachment and build a self esteem for myself.

    • I can’t describe how touched I am by your comment Anas
      It’s so honest and heartfelt it leaves me speechless…
      I know our Merciful Lord, and in my heart I trust He will fill your life with faith, love and joy sooner than you think inshAllah
      I trust that with every hardship there is ease… InshAllah

  14. OMG. Feels like I am in the office too. This is what I am going through, distrust in people and in God, reflecting in careless behaviours on my part. You hit the nail on the head. I’m thankful to realise it now so that I can work on improving it. Looking forward to future parts.

  15. subhan Allah..what a bful article..eagerly waiting for the next part of it.
    huhhh..a good read after a long time.

  16. Trusting Allah and His plan for us is a requirement for every muslim.
    Allah(SWT) says…
    …And whoever places his trust in Allah, Sufficient is He for him, for Allah will surely accomplish His Purpose: For verily, Allah has appointed for all things a due proportion. (Qur’an 65:3)

    One of the major benefits of Tawakkul is that it can relieve us from unnecessary anxiety, worry, and resulting depression from the challenges that we may be facing everyday. By believing that all our affairs are in Allah’s hands and we can do only what is in our control, we leave the results to Allah and accept His decree whatever it may be and than we get the best of this world that is destined for us and best of the hereafter too.

    ‘And give good news to those who persevere, those who say, when a misfortune strikes them, Surely to Allah we belong, and surely to Him we will return, these are the ones on whom blessings from their Lord descend, and mercy, and these are the ones who are rightly guided’.
    [Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 155-157]

  17. Super Amazing………. its got me thinking deeply,
    its like you wrote this for me
    Am a boy though, but this really felt like it was written for me, thanks very much
    i cant wait for the next episode ……….

  18. SubhanAllah. This reminds me of Allah’s name Al-Wakeel – The Trustee, The Best Disposer/Manager of affairs. Whether it’s trying to figure out who your Mr./Mrs. Right is, which career is best for you, or if you’ve put in enough effort to study for your exams, Al-Wakeel comforts us. Try your best to take all the means (in the correct, right, halaal way and not what you think is the right method) towards your goals and then trust that Al-Wakeel will take care of it all for you. Leave the results to him; even if things don’t end up as you wanted, imagined, or hoped, trust that Al-Wakeel has more Wisdom and Knowledge than we can imagine to make the right, final decision for you.

    Our knowledge and wisdom are limited; we don’t always know what’s best for us. In situations like these, I think the best course of action is to ask Al-Fattaah, The Opener, to open up doors of good for you. Ask Allah to guide you to what’s right, to what’s better, and to increase you in wisdom. There’s always hope. Alhamdulillah.

  19. Being a PROUD dad,I like to share Lilly’s articles with friends,here is the comment of an eminent professor
    (A very interesting article shedding light on alshahada in Islam and how our absolute trust in God can eliminate all our fears. The world needs more enlightened writers like Lily who are actually capable of conveying to the west a deeper understanding of the true essence of Islam and how a heart filled with trust in God can endure duress with a confident all knowing smile.)

  20. What a beautiful article and it resembles so so much to my life.. Thanks so much for writing and giving profound knowledge. Waiting eagerly for the next

  21. Jazakillah ya ukthi Lilly. You have truly explored this subject of trust.Allah swa is Al wakeel, the Trustee.and complete trust in His Might makes you a makes you dependent only on Him because humans are weak and unreliable.And whenever you experience any disappointment from them,you often find solace in this other thing that bring so much comfort to my soul is the believe of the hereafter and the absolute trust that we would all stand accountable to all our deeds one day.the trust that every thing on earth will one day come to an end and nothing is ever permanent has made me to place a strong trust only in Jallah wa ala.jazakumullah productive muslim for giving us this platform.

  22. Jazaakhillah khairan sister. Its always a pleasure reading youR right ups. I just hashad tomread the first 2 lines and i thought this has to be her and got my thoughts confirmed after scrolling down. Trust in Allah is absolutely necessary coocommodity in this life. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Salm alaikum.

  23. Jazaakhillah khairan sister. Its always a pleasure reading your right ups. I just had to read the first 2 lines and i thought this has to be her and got my thoughts confirmed after scrolling down. Trust in Allah is absolutely necessary commodity in this life. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Salam alaikum.

  24. Allhamdulillah, this story has really inspired me and I hope Inshallah it will change our attitude towards life. Inshallah jazz’s Allah Kheyr

  25. Allah subhana wata says in the Quran that there are prop love others as equal to Allah but those who believe love Allah more. Those who love the creation as equal to Allah will never trully be happy for Allah says when they see the punishment… There is an emptiness in the heart which can only be filled by Allahs love. It is shirk, associating partners with Allah to love any of His creation as equal to Him. Loving Allah more will save us from all heart aches whether it be from our families or friends. Loving Allah more will save us from , sadness, disappointments, depression, grief, and sorrow. Loving Allah more than all the creation will free us from all chains and bounds. Loving Allah more will lift us up to the heavens. Loving Allah more will give us inner peace, tranquillity and sakina. Loving Allah more will give us confidence, power, happiness, success and security. Loving Allah more will save us from being dependent on creation for our happiness and fullfillment of our needs. Loving Allah more will strenthen us, protect our hearts from harmfull inclinations and painfull attachments to the creation. Loving Allah will give us new life, renew our spirits and hopes. Loving Allah will beautify our present and future. May Allah bless us all with His true love. May we never love any creation equal to Him. May we live in His love and die in His love. May we only love the creation through His love and for His sake.
    May Allah remove all love from our hearts that block out His love. Fiamanillah
    Mahria Haleema Babar Kardar

      • Salam Dear Lily. May Allah give you whatever your heart desires from among the beneficial things. Your love, motivation and effort will go a long way. You inspired me. I pray Allah take you and your family to Hajj. The whole article was superb. Will I get more of these? Please keep doing Dawah. I love you because you try to bring Muslims closer to Allah’s love. May We love Allah more than anyone. May we only be attached to Him and no one else.

        Mahria Haleema Babar Kardar

  26. I feel this article has potential to knock the Non-Muslims to think,this article as a tool for self-reflection also a dawah tool !
    Jazakallah Khair

      • Dear lily,I am fighting with test of life,and your writing encouraged my to face the test .I love Allah more then anything and I hope he will answer my prayers. Thank you so are a brilliant writer.lots of dua for you.

  27. MashaaAllah this article really inspire me. I hope many muslims and Non muslims can read this article. Jazakallah khayr.

  28. Dear lily,I am fighting with test of life,and your writing encouraged my to face the test .I love Allah more then anything and I hope he will answer my prayers. Thank you so are a brilliant writer.lots of dua for you.

  29. Am really speechless now, wonder why i ignored this mail all these while when it was personally meant for me. I believe reading it today is one of the signs that Allah has answered my prayers. Now my faith in Allah has been renewed , alhamdulillah. And no matter how enormous my trials are i know Allah is sufficient for me and he will see me through. Thanks Lily may Allah continue to strenghten you as u help to strenghten others.

  30. This is the most beautiful and heart touching writing i have ever come across. I love it. Please keep writing …. Your writings are answers to many questions. Allah bless muslim ummah with your writing. Ameen

  31. AssalamuAlaikum Sr.
    Not sure how to express it further. But, I’m seriously grateful to know issues like that in this article. I haven’t given it a serious thought that marriage could be this way. Thanks a lot for your share! I love the way you write it like a novel.

  32. Assalamu alaikum,
    Beautiful article this one is. Our Islamic Studies teacher shared this article with us as one of the assessments. And all my classmates were truly mesmerized reading it. It explains many of the important things in life so clearly and beautifully. I find my self fortunate to have a teacher share such a splendid article with me. May Allah bless you eternally!