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  1. Finally…………
    I was waiting for it all day.
    How I love this series…I look forward for your articles. Will you be having season 2? Please ?


  2. Either we have or not, the greatest happiness lies in our ability to decide on helping others without any string attached, but we always fail to distinguish between our ego and selfless service to Allah who gave us everything without expecting anything. Fatabaraka llahu ahsanul khaliqin. Thank you for the piece.

  3. #SyukranYaRabb #Alhamdulillah
    The whispers, are as strong as we allow them to be. Deny those thoughts conscientiously. It’s hard, and keeping our faith and trust in Allah swt eases it a great deal. I’m still a work-in-progress myself in my life journey. May Allah swt lead and guide us on the right path and grant us steadfastness and Iman on the right path.

  4. Amazing stories, take away for me is if we understand what we are for in this world in true sense, most of our problems will diminish automatically,

  5. I have just started reading these series and the only thing I have to say is ” JazakAllah khair ” , from the bottom of my heart !
    This series is soo informative , thought provoking , helpful & relevant . I would also like to thank you on the behalf of all those people who might actually be going through such situations and by reading this have found their light .
    May Allah s.w.t allow you to write more articles/series which can help people come to the right path , Ameen . May Allah help you in all your worldly affairs easily and with Mercy such that Allah alone can bless one with , Ameen .

    • Numra I feel like you have given me so many gifts and treasures and I’m standing there speechless
      May Allah accept this beautiful duaa for me, you, our loved ones, and everyone who reads this….
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. So, I didn’t figure that Mr. Ramzy is Hannah’s husband until I read the comment above me. Ma Sha Allah, you were right about the “Joyous Feeling” of giving charity, And Barakallahu Feeki for writing this amazing series.I think you were chosen to be wise, so that you could help people like us to open our eyes and see this dunya for how it is like how Mr Ramzy was chosen by Allah to be wealthy so that he could help the needy. May Allah reward you abundantly. I hope Lila comes to the Therapist office as well, I wonder what it felt like for a mum to lose her daughter,

    • You must be a true artist Sarah. I love how you’re fully living the events and wondering how the characters feel
      Thank you so much for your artistically beautiful words… I’m humbled and very grateful

  7. My young GROWNUP lilly,
    You ,with excellence, proves with every article you write how does the ISLAM help us for our own good,inner peace and happiness both in Doneya and at account Day,really these are marvelous articles and I admit , I am addicted to them,and as Zainab guesses,we may also expect a very well woven piece of drama,that is to me ,is something new that I didn’t know about your multichannel talents,but it is GOD will.
    Your proud loving dad

    • I didn’t think I could still surprise my own dad who knows me inside out Looool
      God keep you safe for all of us… You’re the reason behind this family’s genuine smile and the heart of all our lives.

      P.s: You have a new name now next to Sameh, and Abu Mohamed
      It’s Abu Lilly :)
      I think that’s enough to make smile for eternity :)
      Love you daddy ❤️

  8. WOW! I had to think really hard to try to understand who Hannah was when it hit me!!! My! My! My! And I thought I’d seen well woven plots! This definitely takes the cake! Weldone, Adam might be a son at this rate so we expect Lily in too and a whole family is tutored on the pillars of Islam! Magnificent….Defnitiely buying the book! (wink)
    Barakallahi fee my darling sister! Have I mentioned I envy you and your dad’s relationship?

    Waiting for your diligent response….

    • Aisha your comment made me laugh out loud!
      First, I’m not falling in the trap of giving away the ending. We will all just keep guessing together for two more episodes Looool
      And as for my dad… perhaps that’s how all father-daughter relationships should be like.
      Imagine the difference we will see in the world….
      May every Muslim family find the support, love and faith within themselves and may we all find the heaven of peace in our homes… Amen

  9. Masha Allah…!!!
    I am really moved by the sentence below and it makes day:
    “There’s nothing else like making a difference in a person’s world just for Allah’s sake! Try it and you’ll be hooked to this ‘joyous feeling’ forever!”
    May Allah continue to guide and protect you.
    Jazakallahu khairan…!!!

  10. Ma shaa allah! Really like reading it.. keep more coming please in shaa allah! Looking forward to the next one!

  11. masha Allah beautiful article sister..
    what a beautiful explanation of zakat..!!!
    Waiting for more episodes and more lessons sister…In shaa Allah

  12. Once I read the comments… I was SHOCKED! Hannah…Mr Ramzy…how?!
    You, sister, are truly an amazing writer! Ma shaa allaah :)

    Cannot wait for the next part! I’m very sure it’s going to be even better.
    :) xx

    • Just received a message from a friend and at the end of it, it said:

      “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”

      and I thought I just have to share it!
      Once we realise just how much value you get in your life by simply giving something to someone, then I think that’s when we can truly be generous.

  13. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. This series touches my heart, subhanallah. May Allah bless all your hard work, reward all your efforts with Jannatul Firduas and make you forever content.

    I doubt my intentions when I try to do good for the sake of Allah and this really puts me down. I know I want to receive Allahs reward (who doesn’t?) but it’s like these whispers of Shaitan, are dragging me down. I’ve tried the triple intentions method where you repeat your intentions internally before, during and after the action but I’m still having doubts. But one thing I’m sure of without a doubt is that Allah doesn’t waste the efforts of the believers. May we all be successful in all that we do. Ameen.

  14. Once someone asks for help , i try to weigh whether he truly needs it. Also whether this help will further help him to be sustainable, do something for others. Once i have done the needs assessment i discuss with my husband who gives a good insight into the situation. Then we go ahead and give for the sake of Allah and pray that may Allah put Barakah in it.

    We truly donot expect gratitude from others, once the act of charity is done it gives an immense pleasure which cannot be explained in words. For achieving this pleasure, probably the whispers of Shaytaan can be forgotten.

    Some tips i would like to share- surround yourself with people who like to give, once you thought of giving, do not delay as the whispers may take over. Always remember a person who gives for the sake of Allah, his measure and reward is with Allah and he will never reduce from his wealth. i also make Dua that may Allah accept all the small acts of kindness we do for his sake and grant us Jannah.

    Also do try to shake hand (Asalam alaikum) with the street beggar and also hug the person while giving charity, this act will truly humble you. I also remember that Allah can change the position for anyone and i could be in his place someday.

    Also encourage your children to give and you will learn more from their experiences.- once some poor person knocked at the door and i was giving the used old clothes of my son then i saw he was ready to give his new clothes saying he has two of them. Masha Allah! he taught me a lesson and i encouraged him to do so..

    One can reduce his bad deeds by doing more good deeds. One of the most easiest way of doing good deeds is by giving charity. May Allah make us the people of giving than receiving..

  15. Jazakallah hu khair for this inspiring series..I like how beautifully it explaining the pillars of Islam in each series with realistic example from different type of people…
    …I hope this story never ends…:))))

    • Looool that’s so sweet! Actually now that I’m done writing it, I realize how much I’m gonna miss this series too :)
      Readers like you make me wanna keep writing and writing
      May Allah bless you for this smile….

  16. Extremely superb series mashaAllah… we “know” the concepts as we read the quran but we “understand” the concept once we see them implementing :)
    BarakAllahu feeki:)

  17. Wow mashaAllah. Am just so excited and Hannah and Mr Ramzy….no way ?
    Truly you are talented sister mashaAllah tabarakaAllah.
    I can’t wait for the next episode ?
    Also…..Salam to Abu lily

    • Looooool we will have to wait and see how it all turns out!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment and all the peaceful Salam back to you from Abu Lilly :)
      That’s his new name now ( I bet my brother will be jealous looool)

  18. Very good article. All the four episodes have been well covered and waiting for the next one. May Allah bless you with peace and happiness.

  19. W-O-W…..Ma sha Allah, these articles are so amazing! I can’t wait for the next episode to be posted! May Allah reward you for your awesome work and increase your knowledge sister, Ammen!

    firstly i would like to thank you for bringing out all the pillars of islam by connecting it to practical life.
    looking forward for your next articles
    and please dont just do season 2 , do MORE SEASONS .I am in love with this articles!!
    you are great!
    ma sha allah

    may allah grant success in your efforts