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  1. السلام عليكم I have been teaching quran fir the past six years. I took off for Ramadan from the current place I was at for a year and I have been told they will be keeping my replacement as their permanent teacher and I would be used as supply. Never the less life carries on and my focus is to continue teaching Quran as that’s my main drive. Allah accept. How do I go about do I have to create a website

  2. MashaaAllah sister, very informative article.. if possible would you share a sample spreadsheet of a student you teach & what kind of resources you use for teaching?

    jazakillahu khairan

  3. Masha allah, a very motivational article. I had one question relating to the hadeeth of the Prophet [Peace and blessings be upon him] where he said ‘job’. Is it related to the work we do or any act a such?

  4. pleas tell me is this for kids and adult to learn how to read Quran and how much the class for how long. thanks

  5. ASA. Jazakillah for a very beneficial article. I studied Quran online for free at, a wonderful place for women who are looking for free online courses. Tazkiyah Academy also offers free courses for men.

    I was wondering when you mention about Ihsan in #9 wouldn’t it be ‘ihsan’ and not ‘itqan’?

  6. AssalamuAlaikum,
    I think this article is practically useful. Am considering to take partbin that someday to explore this option. It’s hard to imagine participating online especially for the hearing-impaired or those who depend on transcripts of videos. Thanks for your share.
    May Allah bless you.