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  1. Jazakallah khayran,
    A beautiful engaging heart-ridden article. I believe it’s the first time I made it right through the end. Alhamdulillah!!
    May الله fill your life with happiness and barakah.

  2. May Allah (swt) bless you dear sister for increasing our awareness about this very important topic. I benefited greatly from your article and feel inspired to research more about learning the Holy Quran online.

    • is a great place for online courses. Students from around the globe are enrolled into their free courses which are taught in many languages.

    • I am memorizing Quran online with those guys are going very great job and provide bunch of different courses online, and the good thing is that they are from Houston, TX.

    • I can recommend the courses at SeekersGuidance, CordobaAcademy, and Qibla. What makes me recommend them is that the teachers are very special characters who take your learning experience to a very deep level.

  3. Doing shukr for the convenience of Learning online is what really hits me. In today’s age, there are so many facilities for a seeker of knowledge that one literally have no excuse for not fulfilling this responsibility.

  4. Thanks to my Allah. I have found a brilliant teacher to teach me Quran on line. My son my daughter in law and my grand children help me with technology and share my lessons. What more can I ask for.

  5. Always had second thoughts about joining an online Quran learning course. But after reading this many doubts have cleared away. Jakah Allah Khair

  6. Asalamualikum.
    I’m so glad I found this, I’ve always wanted someone to teach me, a coach and the experience. This article really benefitted me in starting learning Qur’an online. Awesome advice. Will give it a go in Shaa Allah.
    Jazakallah khair.

    • Qari Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Rehman Quran Accedmi
      Agr ap online Quran Parhna Chahty Hain to Plz connect With me
      Connct Number: 03007326508

  7. Jazakallah is almost everyines concern this days learning Qur’an from a teacher is becoming harder .and this generation is so in to internet. ……it is a good idea for us to stay connected with Quran one way or another…….may Allah help us! !!!!!once again Jazakallah khair.!!

  8. Jazakillahu khairan for this beautiful piece. I have found real joy since enrolling at Islamic Online University. I have not taken the Qur’aan courses yet (as I have reasonable knowledge in recitation), but I am in my 4th semester of the BA in Islamic Studies and it had been a wonderful experience so far. It terrifies me how little I know of my religion after all these years.

  9. Wow! سُبْحَانَ اللهِ these tips have really helped. الحَمْدُ للهِ. And reading the comments I have even got hold of other sources where I can actually learn the Noble Book online. سُبْحَانَ اللهِ. What more can we ask for? Allaah ﷻ has given us sooo many ways to learn His Book. سُبْحَانَ اللهِ and yet we at times neglect everything. سُبْحَانَ اللهِ may Allaah guide us back to the Deen of Adam Alaihi Salam. Ameen.

  10. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Fathima,
    I’m really grateful that I came across this article. Journaling as a way to track my progress seems like a good way to keep up with my Islamic lessons including Qur’an Tafseer. I noticed without that may be the reason why I lost my motivation in keeping up. I’ll try journaling this time! Thank you tons!
    J.A.K. May Allah bless everywhere in y

  11. This article is absolutely spot on. A challenge however is finding highly qualified teachers particularly for children who live in the west and primarily speak English. After trying many online services, I was frustrated for some time with quality and teachers issues with Makharij. Now though, I think I particularly like which has teachers from Azhar who can speak good English and no problems with articulation. Now, I have all my kids and myself enrolled. I pray inshallah that we all memorize the Quran and apply it in all aspects of our lives.

  12. That’s a tremendous article. I always believed and leveraged from online learning. I have always found it effective. These days, many online Quran academies offer Quran tutoring services with experienced and knowledgeable tutors. I think every one should take advantage of it.