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  1. Assalamualakum Muslim brothers and sisters.this article is so important to all belive rs cause its about imaan. I hope allah blesses us all.meen

    • Asalamu alaikum, jazakumullah khairan this article is what I really need to keep me focused it has really given me a broader perspective to handling challenges in ones life.

  2. Jazakum Allahu khairan! Love the article especially what you said about focusing on Allah and Quran as our blinder to this world and it’s glamor.
    The world دنيا is an elative form of دان. Hence, دنيا is a superlative meaning lowest. So when we see the phrase حياة دنيا commonly translated as life of this world , literally it means lowest life. So a great reminder of how this life is of so little importance to Allah and we should only take from it that will cause us to enter Jannah, ameen!

  3. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem!

    Masha Allah what insightful examples! I loved how each point was easy to understand and encouraging! i learned:

    1. understand why before reacting to things. genuinely asking why is a powerful way not get attached to unnecessary emotional upheavals.

    2. focus on Allah swt. all the distractions are there to do their job, primarily distract, but alhumdulilah a higher focus on Allah swt keeps the momentum going in the right direction!

    3. keep growing! i loved this one because it reminded me i’m capable of change because it’s in my nature to grow to be better. this is exactly the words and advice i needed to hear, i was getting ready to give up on my personal development until i read your words of encouragement.

    overall, very insightful and practical. i love you for the sake of Allah swt sis, i hope i can help you in the future in whatever possible bithinilah tala!


  4. Subhanallah, i considered your team amongst the few chosen by Allah to serve humanity. We pray to Allah to be among another few chosen through your good works.
    I see life as a room packed full with people, all drapes are drawn so the room is dark. The only way to get light in is to draw the drapes or curtains open. Every one in the room has equal opportunity but not all are opportuned. Only one or two persons will be privileged to get up and draw the drapes for the rest to see visibly or fairly.
    Alhmdlillah, the information I get every day is an eye opener and a wake up call. I feel so blessed, for this i pray to Allah to shower His Rahmah on your team and bless the muslim ummah, ameen.

  5. JazakAllahKhairan, Ameen. Beautiful piece. The struggle of change has always been in me. laziness and strong lack of focus has been a problem for me also. So I enjoyed the article and am encouraged to be better and more productive. Salam

  6. Understanding the ‘Why’ behind every ‘No’ particularly stood out to me. This, of course, is not limited to our human relationships but also in our relationship with Allah. There are lots of times we hope and pray for things but we don’t get it. I always try to console myself with the knowledge that Allah is All-knowing and that there is a very wonderful reason why I’ve been denied my request(blessings in disguise and all that). It makes it easier to pick myself up and move on.

  7. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa’ba Rakatuh …

    Allahu Akbar. Early this evening I was reflecting and in my journal jotted down a few facts about the way I respond to the ‘word No’ and then I tried to find alternative responses …

    My list was so long. It included make dua to Allah for help. Heat of moments it’s not always easy .. Dua requires calmness/sense of desperation for me anyways…

    Then I tried to break it down to smaller segments to remember ..

    This is PERFECT!! one simply instruction ask ‘Why’ I can see how it could lead to open a discussion with wisdom to arrive at the truth to make a decision good for both parties… Only gain and no loss. SubhanAllah.

    May Allah reward you for every ‘why?’ a person utters after learning from this article ameen.

  8. Salamalaikum..I.want correct I help my self to do so ppz help me to join this acadamey

  9. Asalamu alaikum. this is marvellous , i think i really need to wear a blinders in other for me to focus on Allah, because am almost given up .this email have reawaken my spirit. thanks brother.

  10. assalamu aleiykum,
    ever since i started getting your emails ,Alhamudulilah i have gained and learnt a lot. may Allah reward you for it.
    i really enjoyed reading everything . It is always encouraging to know that Allah loves us most and we can always turn to him for everything no matter what we are facing .

    thank you.

  11. SubhanAllah!!! Staring me in the face all these years, but only just saw it now; “ask why!” Such common sense too, but as a teacher, it never occurred to me! I’m especially grateful for this but of insight in particular. Jazakumullahu khayra

  12. Masha Allah,this was very much encouraging words for me,since I think that its too difficult to live as muslim,but its not.It gives me a confidence that I can change.

  13. Jazakumullahu khairan for these wonderful lessons and Baarakallaahu feekum Wa fee ahlikum Wa fee maalikum.

    All the lessons are nice and important but I just love the following paragraphs, they reflect my mind.

    Whatever age or stage of life we are at, it is neither too late nor impossible to change
    ourselves, because Allah made us
    malleable. All we need is the will to change.

    I struggle in my way to Allah. I have my
    weaknesses, immense weaknesses. I get
    distracted, lose focus and look elsewhere.

    And yet, I know that every time I look back at
    my focal point, Allah, I find Him there,
    with His immense Love and Mercy for me.
    And so, I know it is not easy to make an effort
    to understand when the emotions are whirling
    in our hearts, or to take a pause when the pain
    is excruciating from the blow we just faced.
    Gather all your strength and ask yourself: Who
    am I looking at, Allah or this world?

  14. Asslamoalaikum ,
    SubhanAllah, what a wonderful approach to understand the aya and draw out life learning lessons…

  15. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. That’s really interesting to know. The most interesting part for me is “That’s what Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) says to Iblees in other words: “Where were you looking, at ME or Adam?” and the part when “He was not focusing on Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) and this created a seed in his heart to grow roots that took over his heart and sprouted many other evil acts.” I love to dive in deeply to know more about these parts. Mashallah. This is such a beautiful information. I’m deeply thankful for your share. J.A.K.

  16. Very useful article .. jazakAllah lair sister for taking the effort n helping the readers to gain focus .. May Allah guide us. Ameen