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  1. Interesting indeed!!!
    If we can develop such kind of habits it will definitely increases compassion, love and care amongst the community. May Allah make it easy to implement.
    Jazakillah khairan WA shukran.

  2. jazakallha wa khairun It was really an ex ellent golden trait , which can help people
    in their daily life thanks for sharing such an excellent Information

  3. SubhanaAllah, we really forgot how to be empathic… When we see media day by day, in the beginning 100 muslim killed hurts, after a while we pass by the 1000 and dont care.. We got so desensibilized, its sad! Thaks for the article! Connected to it i might add deleting differences, in the sence that we will feel more emphatic if we connect to our next with everything which brings us together, like belief, human beeing, and delete differences, like nationality, colour ect. Emphaty really humbles us!

  4. Assalamu’alaykum sister Sheima,
    Well written, masyaAllah. Will surely recommend a friend to check this out as she’s currently taking Islamic guidance and counselling for her degree. Love it, thank you! JazakumAllah khairan kathira.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullah,
    Wonderful article. Jazakhillah Khair.
    I did not know that I had developed the trait until i read its manifestations in this article. Alhamdulillah, this trait has made it easy for me to relate with people especially at work. I think the best part of this trait for me is it teaches you how to listen. This skill alone has helped me out of many tricky situations. Also, it has helped me in my relationship with Allah. Its helped me with being patient with myself when I’m at a down point in my worship.
    I look forward to your piece on empathy at work.
    Once again great job Masha Allah.

    • Wa alaikum as salam warahmatullah wabarakatu. Wa iyaa kum and Thank you for your great comment and for sharing how empathy helps you in your work and your relationship with Allah (swt). I also use empathy to remind myself to be patient with myself when I’m feeling down.

  6. Impressive writting, with what i learned, I will time table myself to see how my mine and heart will worked mutually for the benefits of myself. To me, for an individual to be more empathetic is to includes peoples who cross his mine in prayers. Because who ever prayers to an individual about his problems unknownly to him Allah will make the Angels prays for him. Jazakallahu khairi!

  7. What a beautiful piece of writing and a grand depiction of what Muslims should be towards one another. You took one quality and portrayed it lovingly from so many different angles. Thank you for a wonderful read and looking forward to the upcoming parts

  8. Jzakallahkhairen sister for the beautiful article. Please share your tips ” Empathy in parenting”

    May Allah give you the best reward.

  9. This article has been very helpful, it applies to every aspect of our lives. Empathy is indeed the best weapon to a genuine counselling, it enhances our self esteem, lowers our blood pressure and also instills a lot of confidence in us, all that needs to be said has been said in this article. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    Ma’ as salaam.

  10. Asslkm w r w b its a wonderful article causing an awareness in Muslims to care for others n help them invariably. Most of the time this trait is inert in us but we hv to develop it in d islamic perspective. Jazak Allah Khairan for causing an awakening in us. May Allah swt reward u manifold.

  11. Assalamu alalikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, excellent article! Empathy is an inborn trait but this articles enables us to enhance this important quality. Jazakallah khair for sharing.

  12. sww, firstly i want to congratulate u for this beautiful postage, i say jazakallah khairan katheeran. Having gone through it, i realized why the muslims worldover are suffering is bcos we lacked empathy. Also, in my country funds that are meant for developmental project is squandled by undesirable elements in the society.

  13. Assalam alaikum , I really like the part about having empathy for oneself, I found Most people can’t deal with their own feelings and tend to be hard on theirselves ( especially me)and intolerant of weaknesses, not knowing its not their strength that keeps them in times of travail but the grace of Allah SWT. Thanks for the tips I shall definitely use them more often , will get back to u on any developments .jazakallah !

    • Wa alaikum as salam dear Sister. I love your comment. Truly it is the Grace of Allah (swt) that helps us. And yes, we must remember to practice self-empathy too. JazakAllah for your kind and thoughtful words.

  14. Thank you for the advice. This article make me become more sure that we have to care with the other, especially for Muslim. May Allah bless us.

  15. Jazakillah khaira for a wonderful article. Sometimes merely empathizing with others is all they need to empower then to find their own solutions to what’s troubling them. You don’t have to go beyond listening and empathizing, except perhaps to make duaa for them. This hands off approach works especially well with children and between spouses. Please keep these wonderful reminders and articles coming.

  16. Assalamualukum Shiema di! :)
    that was an amazing article sis!
    truly empathy is great social skil but i wasnt aware of its Islamic perspective!
    Its a real useful counselling tool:)
    got to know a totaly different side of his emotion
    JazakaAllah hu khairan Sister:)

  17. Salam

    Brilliant article as usual.
    What of those times you have empathised but cannot agree with another’s actions or mindset. Particularly when you have been wronged.
    How can you still deal with them?

    • Salam Sis. Aisha, thank you and that is an excellent question. As I mentioned briefly at the end of the article, “Being empathetic does not mean that we put the needs of others above our own needs. Empathy is a tool that we use to make more effective decisions and to show that we care.” When someone wrongs us, we should apply accountability. People should be held accountable for their actions. Empathy helps us to have respect for people, but there can still be consequences when people wrong us. Instead of attacking or insulting the people themselves who act wrongly, we apply consequences (such as reducing contact with them).

  18. Salam,
    I really appreciate this topic
    Empathy is a part of love: mutual kidness, compassion and sympathy, you share the feeling of other.
    If islam encouraged empathy, what is the limit of empathy between men and women?

    Peace be upon you

    • Wa alaikum as salam. Thank you for your beautifully said comment. A wise person once said, “Understanding is Love. Love is Understanding.”
      If I understand you correctly, are you asking a question about the limit of empathy between men and women in Islam? Please tell me if this is what you are asking.

  19. Assalamualaikum dear sister Sheima… what a wonderful article it is bringing to mind this one quality that we are losing day by day and that is due to an increasing involvement with one’s own personal interests and not caring what others are going through. And then we have these double standards where we want the whole world to understand and care for us but for others we never think that they also need the same care. JazakAllah khairan kaseeran for reminding about this important aspect of our life so that we can stop being self centered and make life easy for others and consequently for our own selves as well:)

    • Wa alaikum as salam wr wb dear Sis. Shaheen,
      Thank you so much for your kind and insightful words. Your comments are beautiful. I love how you wrote that empathy helps us to “make life easy for others and consequently for our own selves as well.”

  20. Assalaamualaikum Sis

    Its a wonderful thing to be empathetic – I try to do so in my daily life.However sometimes people take advantage that we are empathetic. So how do we know the limit of it? Esp. With loved ones we notice that they take the empathy as a means of going on about their activities with the thought that ‘oh she/he will or should understand’.

    • Wa alaikum as salam wr wb. That is an excellent question! Sometimes people are not empathetic towards us even though we are empathetic towards them. Again, using empathy does not mean that we ignore our own needs and feelings. We should practice self-empathy or self-compassion and if we feel bothered by another person’s actions, we should try to solve this issue in some way. We can be empathetic and at the same time have boundaries and accountability towards people. We should hold people accountable for their actions while still respecting them as people.

    • Great article Sheima. It is actually a topic I’ve been working on lately especially as it relates to dawah. To the question of SSB, one of the power of empathy is to understand the reality and the world of others. Sometimes it seems as if people want to take advantage of you always “understanding”. The truth is, that is probabbly how you see it. They are probably not doing it intentionally. That is why you have to understand why they tend to go “on about their activities with the thought that ‘oh she/he will or should understand”. This way of understanding empathy gives the opportunity to find the right solution(s) to deal with the problem in a way that resonate with the people involved without hurting anybody and make them actually want to use your solution. That I think is the power of empathy.

    • Wa alaikum as salam, thank you for your question. In my humble opinion, we should remember our purpose as Muslims in this world, which is to worship and please Allah (swt). Therefore, we should try to follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, which teach us to be a “middle nation” that does not go to extremes. Empathy is a tool that we can use to be more effective servants of Allah (swt). If empathy seems to lead to thinking or acting in unIslamic ways, then that is its limit. Empathy between a husband and wife that leads to a happier marriage is certainly encouraged in Islam.

  21. Asalaam alaikum warahmatu Llah :) .
    Jazakum Allahu khair sister, its a wonderful article.. May Allah bless the entire (productive muslim ) team.

  22. Assalamu A3laikum,
    I am an empathetic person, and I always though that it was a big inconvenient, and not something good, especially for our health.
    Because when you are too empathetic (ex: for a sensitive person ) it can leads to depression. If the feeling is too strong. So I think it will be great to add to your article that the empathy have to be mesurated !!!! and we have to be in a position of permanent controle.
    Nethertheless, the ayah of the surah 90 that you have mentionned is fascinating. I never though about the link between this ayah and the empathy.. And maybe this will change my opinion about it thank to you and your article !!!!!

    Jazak Allahou kheyr !!! Love you

  23. Assalamualaikum! Mashallah Sister, Thank you for sharing Jazakallah Khair may Allah Swt give you more opportunities to share knowledge.