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  1. Assalamu alaikum.
    First of all, let me start by a Word of appreciation, I really appreciate your kind gesture, thank you. These tips are really fabulous, when fully applied while pursuing any career of life, success shall be a second name to the subject Whom applied them. I pray Allah will elevate you in all your professional career ameen. Thank you heartedly

  2. I have been sick for a while and now the remedy of my sickness is now knocking at my door. An excellent drug for my sickness. I think this tip can keep one’s going. Alhamdulillah!

    • Assalamoalaikum brothers and sister,truly helpful article.I have recently been recruited and I am following this for being a productive muslimah.Jazakallah khair

  3. assalam o alikum ms.lotifa JAZAKALLAH KHAIR for very beautiful advices and tips. if I can get ur personal email so I want to discus smethng with u

  4. Alsalamu Alaikom

    Mashaa Allah amazing tips to boost our productive.May Allah bless all your endeavors and increase you in knowledge.

  5. Dear Sister Lotifa, barak Allahu fiki wa ahssan Allahu jazaki , really the Tips are fantastic and can be replicated easily and I pray Allah to reward you here and the day-after.

  6. Informational article about boosting productivity in the working life. As a lecturer, for me besides having to teach, I also involve in outside the class club and activities to really get to know the students and colleagues. Therefore, be involved in something outside pur job scope so we can really get more and boosting our productivity. ;-)

  7. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.actullaly women work outside without any reason I do not support.women should stay home and build their child with Islamic culture and should take care their husband and doing a lot ibaadah.this life is soo short.mixing men and women is it permissible?

    • Aoa, really? What about sisters who have no family responsibilities? From puberty to marriage that’s a lot of time to fill with just housework. And all work with the right intention is a form of ibadah. Working in a mixed environment is not “free” with the right manners and intention.

      • Was. By why, as a sister, put yourself in this test? Surely, there are better environments and situations that suit the muslimah? Between puberty to marriage, a sister can engage in her own business, selling halal products, thus keeping close to the community and remaining close to Allah (swt) by seeking his blessings.
        Working in an office environment is hard for brothers (asking for permission to go to Jumma, Eid, finding a place to pray, keeping a beard etc) and know it is far trickier for a sister.
        The office environment is generally filled with pointless gossip, backstabbing etc . The earlier pious generations were more generous with their money than their time. Why? Because they knew our lives are very short and therefore must be used in the best way to seek His Mercy. I genuinely give this advice to help brothers and sisters in utilising their time better as this dunya is simply our “hotel room” in our soul’s journey.

        • Salaams Adam:

          The true test for many Muslims in the USA is finding new, valid excuses to continue to NOT practice Islam when it is easy and legal. Many Muslims have stood up and won Discrimination lawsuits which now allow all Muslims on a FEDERAL level (the entire USA) to practice Islam in the workplace, free of harassment.

          According to Federal law, you do not have to ASK for permission to make Jummah — it is automatically granted. It is considered an entitlement to observe hijab, wear a beard, making salatul Jummah and Eid, and have a place to make salah during the work day.

          The only way these can be removed from you, is if your employer can legally document the operational and financial hardship to its business, by granting you a religious accommodation. IN WRITING. Most businesses do not want to go on record of denying anyone a religious accommodation because it raises EEOC flags, plus if another employee requests an equal one (7-day Adventist do not work Saturdays), then it is an immediate grounds for a complaint and financial damages.

          It bothers me to read and listen to poor, discouraging advice to Muslims who want to practice Islam in the workplace “it is hard…” Maybe for you, but not for others. We REALLY need to stop the “Islamic Workplace Day-mares” to justify our fear or laziness. This is how we are tricked into Hasad: jealous and envious of others who want to and are willing to put in the effort to see Ibaadah established at work.

          When a Muslim starts working at your job, practicing Islam to the fullest, enjoying all their rights, you have created a perfect environment for others to comment about you “…not a real Muslim, he/she is fake…they do not practice…I never see her/him pray”
          YOU, no one else. Refer back to Hasad.

          I have worn hijab at every job interview; some people are shocked, scared, frown, curious, and impressed. The ones who are impressed, see my conviction to my Islamic principles and offer me employment, at the highest salaries with bonuses, and flex-time for jummah, Ramadan, and Eid. Why? If she is this confident and principled in her personal life, we will receive the same in her work ethic and product. This is Islam, the Sunnah and Dawah.

          Shaytan is an avowed EQUAL enemy to the Believing Men and Women; I say this as one of 4 daughters with 4 brothers — we all have struggle and ease in this Dunya. Shaytan’s deception and tricks in the workplace are Equal Gender Opportunity : )
          We either help or hurt ourselves and others, with the time and gifts bestowed.

          – Please, know your federal/state/local rights and ask for help from people who are successful in living their Islam from 9am-5pm, to help you with exercising yours.

          – Please stop with the “Islamic Workplace Day-mares.” Stay silent if you have zero to offer that is encouraging or supportive on “Ibaadah Mgmt in the Workplace.”

          – Please find employment and a workplace which allows fulfills the purpose Allah created you for, whereby every temporary success in this Dunya = 100 permanent in the Aakhirah.


        • Salaams Adam:

          Using a “hotel room” as an analogy means you do not care what condition you leave it in because someone else will clean it up. I am sure this was not your intention.

          Islam teaches us to be good stewards of this Earth/Dunya, regardless of its temporary nature. There are clear signs of our Accountability and Ownership as Believers of what Allah gives us.

          I am not a fan of hotels, but I always make sure the housekeeping staff knows a Muslim is staying in the room, by ensuring it is clean and easy for them to fulfill their assignment. I do not pay to degrade a person with my filth — simply ensure they have decent working conditions by my own conduct.

          Our perfect example is Prophet Yusuf (alayhi salaams) imprisonment; he embraced what he requested from Allah (make the prison more beautiful than the Aziz’s wife) and used the time to increase his Ibaadah and conditions of the prison, and subsequently Eqypt.

          An “extended layover” or “service suspension of unknown length” between our mother’s womb and Paradise or Hellfire.

          Since I always fly with Islamic literature to keep me calm and productive, I am engaged in Allah’s instructions until I am called!


          • @ H. Zanirah: Assalamuaalaikum wr wb.
            Hope you are doing well.

            I feel elated to read your responses. It is certainly inspiring.

            The usual reason behind asking a woman not to work is logical as prevention is any day better than cure. However, we do need women who are well educated, qualified and contributing to the family and society at large.

            It would be great if you can share with us the ways in which you protect your modesty and excel at your workplace, the same time. I intend to ask as in Indian sub-continent countries, muslims aren’t given any special permissions or rooms to pray while at work. So it becomes all the more difficult for women.

            Your brother in Islam

    • Salaams Mabuba:

      Although I agree with your position as it applies to the “workplace presented of mass media,” it is not the Sunnah and there are safe places outside the home.

      Recently, a married sister of two boys, who emigrated said: I do not know where I can send my sons for schools; this city does not offer the quality we want. ” I found this odd as an emigree to the USA as a child, who left medical school, has an Ivy MPH and MPA (her husband too), to say. She is tangible solution to imagined challenge. More importantly, she knows sisters of equal or greater education who have the same thoughts, and are equal in providing solutions.

      As the Sunnah instructs: “the best among you are those that balance five salah with work.” Alas, the basis of the solution: form a collective home schooling program, which allows each sister to teach, raise her children, and maintain her household & marriage. Half the day you teach, the other half ibaadah for your family. This is ideal for Men who work overnight shifts or always on-call for a 24 employer. Women are educated, therefore obtaining the teaching credential and home school certification is easier, and providing an Islamic education which provides the balance/guidance needed to live in a secular world.

      Islam allows interaction of men and women for the purposes of employment (direct quote from Imam Suhaib Webb at a 2014 forum). Quite frankly, are there any examples in the Sunnah of segregated Markets for male and females? No, the Muslims (wives and daughters) were allow to leave their homes to conduct their obligatory affairs. When Allah commands women to guard their husbands property in his absence, he is not talking about a lock/attack dog — it always means engaging in the business affairs in a halal manner, which ensures he returns to find his property in tact (by Allah’s decree always).

      The flaw in your recommendation is it does not take into account the education of the woman teaching the child. This was the WORST mistake of the Ummah in the 1950’s -1980’s, and still occurs until present day — assuming a person can teach a child Islam, when he/she is barely literate in their native language. How could they possible teach Tajweed, Fiqh, and the Seerah if you cannot conduct a basic transaction at the grocery store?

      This Ummah is attributed a 80 year life span by Allah’s azzawajal and marriage/children is not promised to anyone! Since we are not entitled to spouses and children, then we must be productive with our time and his gifts, in this Dunya for the sake of Allah. We are created to worship Allah ALONE (#1) and to fulfill our purpose according to the decree bestowed upon us in the womb of our mothers (#2), which does mean leaving the house and seeking knowledge of His created things.

      For some of us, Allah has decreed we will stay home and raise an Ummah of Believing Children
      For some of us, Allah has decreed we will build the Islamic edifices and halal policies for our Believing Children to inherit, when their education is complete
      For some of us, Allah has decreed we will be their Waliyyas between the womb and the grave.

      Inside and Outside the Home

      May Allah make us among the rightly guided and be a source of halal guidance to others

    • assalamu alykm sis, islam permits a woman to work outside her home so long as d job is nt haram, she doesn’t mix unnecessarily wt men, and she doesn’t violate d proper Islamic dress code. Allahu a’lam

  8. excellent advices you have given may Allah bless you and give us the ability to be productive muslimah like you :-)

  9. Thank u so much for ur valuable and wonderfull tips to make fast track my carrier.,,
    Insha will practise these steps as soon …
    jazhakallah khairan..

  10. As-salamu alaikum

    I disagree with this srticle in the politest way.

    I think sisters single or married should concentrate building their own businesses rather than careers. A career means free mixing, getting influenced by the non-muslims and becoming focussed on goals that suit the temporal nature of this life. This world is temporay and should be used to gain benefits for the Hereafter; an office environment is not best suited for this. Offices are places where people tend to be arrogant, career-driven selfish individuals. Sisters should listen to Yasmin Mugahed for better understanding on the roles in life.

    • Dear Adam
      Waalaikun salaam wa rahmatullah

      JazakAllahu khairun for your feedback and I agree businesses are an excellent way forward for sisters who are looking to build their own skills and income. As we can see from the examples of the pious predecessors and the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), like Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) that indeed sisters can succeed in business oriented careers. Of course, our intentions need to be purely to benefit our families and the Ummah – as mentioned in the article above and we encourage sisters to work in suitable Islamic environments where possible should they decide to work. Our society is in need of female teachers, nurses, midwives etc and such skills can be immensely beneficial to our faith, family and Ummah at large. Office environments can be difficult however a productive Muslimah should strive to find good companions who can help her in her worship and in being of benefit to society.

    • Salaams Adam:

      I believe you disagree because you have not seen the BEST of the Ummah in action. More importantly, you are accepting society’s definition of “career” and “business” as absolute — when only Allah’s words have this status. When we begin by asking ourselves the source of the info we are acting upon (Man vs Allah), we can make better suggestions to each other.

      A career does not mean “free mixing of Men and Women in haram environments” — it means, obtaining the education and credentials to establish YOUR vision of a Halal, Human workplace. So, if I want to establish halal financial services, I have to learn what is legal in the country I live and how I can establish a business according to the Shariah. Learn it, build a business, and employ others who share your ethics and principles.

      I have seen clusters of Jewish women support each other through their journey’s with the sole focus of creating their own business, to protect their modesty and practice. They have their own ambulance service of only women, to service women clients in need. You can not be an EMT without the proper training and certifications…

      I am in agreement of PM reply of what we need in our Ummah, because Malcolm X said it best “Only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children.” Muslim teachers for Muslim children makes sense to me…

      Would you prefer your wife/daughter/sister/mother to go to a healthcare provider who practices Islam and will provide her treatment she needs, under the submission of Allah? Or, would you prefer them to be asked “You are a Virgin? You have not had sex with a Man or a Woman?”

      I prefer the Muqminah who read those medical intake forms at 18 years old (needed a physical exam / medical clearance for a Summer internship) and was shocked enough to decide to have a “career” in medicine, to open a business (Women’s Health Center) for the Believing Women and the peace of mind of the Believing Men who love and protect them.

      I encourage Believers to:
      – Stop following the mass media’s definition of a societal condition/word and find its true meaning in Al-Qur’an, Hadith, and Shariah (We dirty words which Allah has made pure).

      – Understand, Allah grants us blessings/gifts at designated times and places. This differs for each of us, which means I might find mine in Atlanta GA and another may find theirs in Alexandria Egypt. Some will gain it at home, school, masajids, and work.

      – Please find employment and a workplace which fulfills the purpose Allah created you for, whereby every temporary success in this Dunya = 100 permanent in the Aakhirah. When you find a Muslim who is happy with his/her workplace because it is conducive to their Ibaadah, ask him/her to share.

      When I was hired as a Senior Leader by my previous employers, it was the answer to employees supplications for diversity and equality. Seeing my “Hijab in Action” was a source of GREAT ease to an otherwise oppressive environment, of sexism, racism, nepotism, greed and exclusion. My adab made it clear that I would not participate and/or encourage an environment which was destructive to my soul or anyone else’s. Only three options: Resign, Transfer or save it for your personal time before/after work.

      These sincere intentions have protected me from many of Shaytan’s deceptions: why did Allah bring me here and what am I to accomplish for his sake only?


  11. Aslm I really appreciate this advice sister but..this will mean
    we keep on doing things for dunya . Instead I should like
    sisters after being financially independent. assure
    family life smooth running ….otherwise the craze for success
    can be harmful.

    • Thank you for your comment Sr Hida. I can appreciate your concerns but one of the key practical ways we can ensure we are not consumed by the world is by ensuring our work is halal and making our intentions for work pure. There are many examples in the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) like Aisha (ra) who both maintained the homes and kept her family duties whilst excelling in the Islamic Law field. I encourage sisters to be productive by making their intentions sincere in their work, for example teachers will be rewarded immensely for the knowledge they impart and the generations of future children they can be a positive role model for like Aisha (ra).

  12. thank you so much for these tips, they re really fabulous indeed, am inspired and will in shaa Allah put them to use. But, there re other reasons that keep people glued to a job even if they aren’t fully satisfied with it eg accommodation, kind/good boss etc, some jobs provide accommodation to their employees at a token while others, most of what an employee earns will end up going to accommodation fee. Therefore, even though change is good, one really has to think deep on some other factors before moving from one job to another.
    I thank u ones more for the tips, I have surely learnt from it and looking forward to more useful tip. May Allah help us all.

  13. As-Salamu alaikum

    Great article, barakaLlahu fieki Lotifa for sharing it with us! However, I feel like this article is more directed to middle-class or higher-class muslimah’s. Muslimah’s with a lower socioeconomic status (lower education, single parenting, …) for example, can’t just decide to move on from a job or they haven’t got enough time to take an extra course. Do you also have tips and tricks for these woman maybe?

    May God bless you for your effort!

  14. Assalmu alykom,
    Jazki allahu khayran for the great aricle and for the fablous tips.
    Personally I’m facing some difficulty on getting myself popualr as I’m introvert so Could you please indicate me with further tips on this point ?!
    Thank you in advance. :))

  15. Dear Lotifa,

    Thank you for writing such an inspiring and honest article! Just what I needed!

    If you don’t mind me asking, may I add you on LinkedIn?



  16. Jazak Allah for nice tips.

    I have an observation on point 2 “Put yourself out there and forward”. There are specailize areas for different departments/people, if you interfere in other’s areas, they don’t consider it appropriate.

    What are thoughts on this?


  17. I believe that first and primary responsibility of a woman is to look after the kids and husband. Looking after the kids in a way to make them strong/educated muslim/muslimas. If both husband and wife start working outside then who will take care of their kids. Any job a person does will require time, effort, dedication. If a woman is working for a company and at the same time taking care of kids it will be like torturing oneself. People are the biggest asset or biggest liability. Make your kids an asset by giving them proper time, care, affection. At the same time let your husbands concentrate on outside carreier so that he can excel in it and provide a decent lifestyle to all the family members.

    Having said this I do not mean that a woman should not acquire skills and education. The more educated and skilful they are the more benefit they will give to their children and husband. I also do not mean that they should not work outside of their home if their conditions permit this in a proper halal way. Please forgive me my sisters if my thoughts do not match yours or is coming in between your great ambitions. But I strongly believe if a sister is married then she should give prime importance to their children and husband before any outside job.

    • Salaams Abu Fatima:

      Shukran for sharing your beliefs. Unfortunately, your extension of forgiveness was cancelled by the patronizing comment of “…coming in between your great ambitions.” This is an Kibr/Arrogance subtlety disguised as acceptance, which is not the Sunnah.

      This is actually insulting to Allah’s Qadr because you do not know why each female was created and what she is commanded to accomplish during her life in this Dunya. What you phrase as “great ambitions” seems to translate into “Deception of Dunya” when I see a sister fulfilling her obligation to Allah, through an education and the practice of medicine, law, teaching, and business.

      None of us has a right to tell any of Allah’s creations what they are to do with their time in this Dunya; simply be compassionate, consistent reminders to each other of the Aakhirah. Marriage and Children is not promised to anyone! This is perfectly shown to us by Allah with the perfect women of Islam (Maryam, 1 child, Khadijah, buried 2 children, Aishah, 0 children), so to tell sisters to stay home and solely tend to their husband and children is against Islam. There have been many women who died virgins and many more who will, for the sake of Allah. Many who Allah decreed cannot anatomically produce children, restricted by Islam in adopting, and we need to be kind them and their families, in the words that we say and write…about what they should do with their time in this Dunya.

      Since we are not entitled to spouses and children, then we must be productive with our time and his gifts, in this Dunya for the sake of Allah. We are created to worship Allah ALONE (#1) and to fulfill our purpose according to the decree bestowed upon us in the womb of our mothers (#2), which does mean leaving the house and seeking knowledge of His created things. One can only know his/her Qadr, by seeking guidance from Allah through Qiyam al-Layl and Salatul Istikharah.

      One day, Allah may bring you to the very places I work and volunteer for the sake of Allah, in pain, grief, hunger, poverty, sickness, or fear. You will see my hijab and modest clothes, observe my adab and submission, and receive all the assistance you asked Allah for. You will arrive and leave with your Islam and modesty in tact; will your du’a be: “Ya Rabb, forgive her for having great ambitions to use your gifts to serve the Ummah, when and where ever their need arises.”

      The “Ego” of knowing/believing what is best for ALL Believing women is a lack of appreciation of Allah and a refusing to submit to WHO He is and WHAT He has chosen for each of us in the womb.