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  1. Assalamu alaikum.
    Hey this really helped me a lot. I really enjoyed seeing this surah highlighted. It is.actually rather fundamental. JazakAllah Khair

  2. Alhamdoulillah,Allah s w t gave me this oppourtunity, to come across this wonderful article, to be ever conscious of our short life in this world, and strive hard for the Akirah, which is eternel, reminding ourselves the essence of the short Sura Al Asr; every human being will be at a loss.Allawou Alem.Jazakallah for sister Lilly S Mohsen and the entire group of Productive Muslim. Douas for the Ummah.

    • Javed, Nazir, Aziz, Mahbuba and Farzana… I’m grateful for you taking the time to read this article and comment on it…. May Allah bless you for this lovely encouragement and bless all your lives with peace and joy. Amen

  3. Jazaka Allahu Khair,this article has thrown more light on the sura for me.i have read the translation of the sura severally but did not find it as detailed as this,looking forward to seeing the remaining lessons in the other parts of the article.

    • As salaam alaikum sis.
      If you want to know this surah and fall in love with it check out the “Young And Courageous” video series on !! It’s that awesome :)))

  4. Reciting this Surah on Fridays is rewarding but of course learning lesson from it shapes us a firm believer.
    Memorize First ten Surahs for protection from ad dajjal

  5. Assalam o alikum.
    ALHAMDULILAH it’s very well.explained and the lessons you.concluded I never thought of it while.reading the sudah JAZAKALLAH khairan kaseeran

    • Ladies and gentlemen, my beloved sister in law… My sister and the sunshine of the family. Love you more Aya (aka Oyoy)

  6. Masterpiece!
    Mashallah :-)
    Outstanding talent!!!!!!!!
    Enjoyed it tremendously, I’m proud to see a a worthy role model like you continue to excel.
    I’m looking forward on reading the rest of the series.

  7. Mashallah !! Once again such an amazing article from the productive muslim jazakallah khayr!!! A much needed reminder on productivity

    • You always leave me speechless Julia and I’m a writer you know. I should be good with words:) A big huge power thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  8. You really amaze me by how every time I read one of your articles, I explore a new thought in my mind that opens a gate to a whole new meaning in life!! Thank you!

    • May your life be filled with blessed meanings and huge successes Doaa… And may you always shine like the brightest sun ❤️

  9. Mashallah…..this gives a very different and beautiful angle to the story of the men in the cave…a different perspective that our lazy ya dats the right word..lazy brains failed to reflect upon..

    • Oh Faiza just you reading this article and taking the time to comment shows you’re anything but Lazy :) thank you for your beautiful words…

  10. You have a gift for discussing the Quran in a truthful yet amusing way. MSA
    I am grateful that a Muslim sister like yourself has such a strong voice in the social media, someone who does not hesitate to speak her mind.

    • The one and only Bayyinah institute! I really don’t know what to say except that I’m probably your biggest fan in this entire world! Ustadth Nouman is one of my role models, I learnt so much from him. I’m beyond honored you took the time to read and comment on my article. Thank you so much and may Allah grant you all kinds of success, power and peace. May you always lead this beautiful ummah to a better place and help bring out a new generation of true Muslim leaders. Amen

  11. For the first time my entire family sat down to actually read an Islamic article without me stressing it out. Tnx u so much beloved sister u have made my children have a whole different view In Islam. They love all your articles and we all wonder if you have any books you wrote or will publish. Tnx u again for making my family bond stronger. Bless u Lilly!

    • This must be one of the most heart warming and cherished comments I ever received. All my love and utmost respect to El-Khatib family… A reflection of how all true Muslim families should be.
      My “Prophets to Islam” series for kids just came out alhamduAllah. It’s only in Egypt for now but hopefully will be distributed worldwide God willing.
      Please send my best to your lovely kids and tell them how happy it makes me that they enjoy my writings. May God bless you all and shower your family with endless love, joy and peace. Amen

  12. Your topics are always interesting and educational. I always enjoy reading your wonderful articles.
    God bless you dear Lily.

  13. WOW!!!!!
    I had never read Surat Al Kahf presented in that light. When are the next parts coming plz answer or tell me how I can know. I am speechless and can’t believe how tafseer Quran can be actually fun and understandable to read.

    • That makes two of us Sally! I’m speechless at your beautiful excitement and eagerness to learn. InshAllah (and as far as I know from this lovely Productive Muslim team) parts will be published weekly throughout the month of February. I hope you’ll keep us updated with your views on the upcoming episodes. Till then take care of yourself and thanks again…

  14. WAWWWWWWW really I love the way of your writing hunny.
    I read that you are a psychologist or something of the sort. Do you have a private website or something for sisters. Somewhere we can address issues we may have that is difficult to explain to other professionals. If not please consider it, as this can help many many sisters around the world that have problems and don’t get the right help.

    • I’m so happy to hear that Arooba and I love your suggestion too! For now we can give it a try on my personal blog
      It would be my pleasure to help women in need of advice, just pray for me God grants me more wisdom and the ability to humbly guide others. Thank you so much for your comment

  15. I sincerely appreciated reading this vitally important topic. A clear depiction of the Verses in the Holy Quran. Such a concise explanation helped me see the verses more clearly. Your way of writing is easy to understand the important lessons revealed in this chapter. I am forever grateful for this information. A sincere Thank you!

    • And I’m sincerely grateful for your motivational support… May God bless you and your beautiful family Rhonda… Thank you from my heart ❤️

  16. Alhmdollilah
    This article is very inspiring for me..nd ofcourse every single ayaah in quran inspired us but the way u explain ,its outstanding.keep it on…May Allah bless u.

    • Glad to hear this Amina, you’re so sweet. I’m inspired by your and everyone else’s support. May God bless us all

  17. Assalaam Walikum! This is a very beautiful piece even though the writer has exceeded her word limit! It reminds me of wanting to succeed as bad as I want to breathe! Someone once told me that I do not have to see the entire stair-case, once I have my objective in mind I just have to trust Allah and take the first step! Oh yes, and like the Author said, there are no dead ends! If you think you fail, that is not true! The guy who invented the light bulb tried 101 times and he said he did not fail 100 time he just learnt 100 ways how not to make the light bulb work! The author, Lilly S. Mohsen is doing a great job! JazakAllah! P.S. I will be looking out for the continuation.

    • Oh Faa’izah you remind me of someone… Mmmmm who is it?
      Oh I know… Me! Hhhhhh
      May you find joy and success in every step you take and may your faith keep pushing you forward to the day when you finally see all your dreams come true…

  18. This article knock me more sense how the world works and give me usefull tips how to be more productive with brand new way, thank you for publishing this useful article. I’m looking forward for the next article :)

  19. Alhamdulillah.. this article really help me in understanding the surah and the verses. Jazakumullah. May Allah bless us.. ameen..

    • Very inspiring article. Very enlighing. Made us see the story we all know from a totally new perspective. Great job Lilli.

    • Rahmat, Nurul, Daisy and Immy… I’m humbled by your beautiful words and I hope you’ll find the upcoming parts just as beneficial ya Rab if not more. Thank you for your support and looking forward to reading your comments next week inshAllah

  20. Masahallah , this is exactly what we as muslims need to take lessons from the quran and make them practical in our current lives.
    Alhamdulliah may allah accept you pious efforts and may we as the ummah benefit from these efforts
    so that we as parents and our children may become good pious muslims that benefit the ummah
    insha allah ameen

    • Exactly Aarif…. May God help us reflect and learn from the beautiful meanings of the Holy Qur’an… The book of life and the only guide we would ever need… Thank you for your encouraging comment.

  21. Very inspiring and enlightening article. Made us see the story we all know from a new and different perspective. Great job Lilli

  22. Is really exciting, You are an constantly experienced tumblr kuat. I have joined up with ones rss feed and turn way up for inside the try to find additional of one’s spectacular publish. In addition, We have contributed your website during my myspace

  23. Subhan Allah !!! That’s a totally new way to see the surah. Amazing :D
    Your humour adds fun to the reading experience. Double amazing :D

    • Usman and Kuat thank you for your wonderful words and precious time. And double thank you for the lovely Iffat…. May God bless us all

  24. Salaam aleikum, this article is very motivating, especially for the youth of today. But I don’t feel it’s synchronised with the story of the sleepers. Using that story to highlight the above article just didn’t do either justice. The lesson from the sleepers is much more diverse. It’s about a message or lesson from a past to a present. It’s about avoiding shirk. It’s more about understanding the message not the messengers. This is my opinion. Shukran.

    • I respect your opinion Nahla and to be perfectly honest, none of us can ever do the explanation of the Holy verses any justice. The Quran is miraculous in a way that’s far beyond our understanding. This was just a simple humble attempt to explain one of the lessons. Hopefully you’ll find the upcoming parts more to your liking inshAllah. Thank you for sharing your views

    So I am at the book fair yesterday and I find these books written by Lilly Mohsen. She wrote the prophet stories for kids. AMAZING!!!! These books are not your ‘thee and tho hardcore Islamic books’ that kids run away from, they are books that children would WANT to read. The illustration is amazing. Sister Lilly who ever you are, you’re a GENIUS. These kind of books will attract the young generation of today. Finally Islamic books your kids will beg you to read for bedtime stories. For those who live here in Egypt and have children you must go to the 46th Annual Cairo International Book Fair it’s running unit February 12, 2015 @ Corniche El Nile – Boulac – Cairo. I can’t wait until the rest of the book series is completed. Lilly these books will scatter like peanuts in the States. Gold mind Idea, brilliant work. You have a bright path ahead my friend. For those who think i’m advertising for this lady because I personally know her, I wish I did know her so I can pick out on that jackpot of a brain of hers hheehee it would be better than winning the 649 lottery. I will be taking as many books as possible with me to the States to help the Muslim kids out in the west, and to make some money ;) I also found her books on Amazon, here is a link for a sneak peak on what I am talking about. LOVE EM

    • Adham your comment made me smile from the heart. Two days have passed and I still can’t stop smiling. I don’t know how to thank you so I won’t hhhhh. I humbly ask God to open all kinds of doors for you to make a difference in this world and to also make a lot of money with your good deeds :) I’m honored and humbled by your overwhelming comment. You’re obviously a great muslim businessman MashAllah. May Allah fill your life with joy and happiness….
      All my love to your lovely kids. I hope they’ll enjoy the rest of the series (30 books so hopefully a lot of good business too is coming your way hhhh)
      Good luck and may we all find and remain on the right path

  26. Masha Allah! What a rich and very inspiring article. Alhamdullilah for our being muslims. May Allah reward you abundantly Lilly.

  27. Assalaamoalikum,
    A masterpiece once again. Alhamdulillah I am reciting Surah Khaf every Friday before the Friday
    Jummah Prayers from the last two years as ordained from one of the authentic hadith of the
    Prophet. I have heard the translation in Urdu a few times; I have seen a beautiful power point
    on this Surah in English and even heard a sermon by Mufti Menk on this Surah.
    But this article exceeds that as it is precise to the point and written in a very interactive easy
    Language, that people of all age can easily understand and comprehend. I am eagerly waiting
    for the remaining three parts to come.
    I would like to congratulate the author for this wonderful lucid article and also the entire
    Productive Muslim teams in helping the Ummah especially the youths in following
    the right path.
    Congratulations once again!
    Tasnim Faruqui

    • Grateful for your comment Tasnim and for the Productive Muslim team for allowing me to share my humble knowledge. I’m also grateful for all the Islamic scholars out there making a difference in this world, including Mufti Menk and of course Nouman Khan. May we always have the ability to learn and share what we learnt with each other. Thanks again and may Allah bless you for encouraging us to keep going

    • On my part I of course grant you permission with pleasure Ibrahim. I can’t speak for Mr. Abu Productive and the rest of the fabulous team so hopefully it’s okay with them too. May we all get the chance to spread the glory of this religion and show the world how beautiful Islam is

  28. Assalmu Alaikum, JazakAllah Khair for your article. The sleepers were effective. A society based upon fitr eventually collapses; there may be no Barakah in engaging with it. Better for young people to preserve themselves, refine their faith & wait for change.

  29. This is informative, i like it, may Allah continue to guide us to do His wishes
    Jazakallahu Khairan

  30. In Surat Al-Kahf we found out that the money they give to the guy when they woke up was made by paper exactly such today money where we all know that @ that time they do not use paper money and the disbeliever who are the same as today disbeliever “illuminati”

    isn’t strange ! so are we waiting for Allah execution!

    what a world

    بِوَرِقِكُمْ هَذِهِ إِلَى الْمَدِينَةِ فَلْيَنْظُرْ أَيُّهَا أَزْكَى طَعَامًا

    • Abdullah, Suliat Bander, Imran and Shuibibr…. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this articke… May Allah fill your lives with peace, faith and joy…

  31. Mash Allah sister. Thanks for your inspiring reflection of the surah. Wisely said and an amazing point. I found it helpful and I will mention your article for my group meetings at Saturday school for Arabic and quran studies. Jazaka ALLAH khaired to you and the prouductiveMuslims team.

    • Blessed to have people like you Leila who share what they learn and have a vital role in uplifting our beautiful ummah. God bless you honey and bless this lovely team

  32. Assalamualykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh… Ma cha Allah to be among such groups of muslims around the world and learning we all together as sole Oummah of our beloved ProphetSwa to become a REAL MUSLIM LEADER In Cha Allah. Hats off to all the team and the author of such Noble writings. Djazakalla kheyr also to all of you and i look forward IMPATIENTLY for the continuation.My duas to all of you.

    • I really hope you’ll enjoy the rest of this series Razia. Promise me you’ll keep sharing your thoughts with us though! Have a lovely weekend

  33. Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh °^_^°

    This website must be a blessing and the team(Authors)
    must be blessed. May ALLAH make this website beneficial to all of us (writers and readers) and grant us Paradise. Ameen

    SubhaanALLAH wa Alhamdulillah

    • Ahsan, Shuaib and Uffah… Very pleased to read your wonderful comments. May you always be a source of motivation and inspiration for the rest of us. God bless you all

  34. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Walaa Mohsen, Assalamu Alaikum. This is how its done. My style, It’s about time you decided to share that talent of yours missy. Welcome to the preaching club.
    I am super proud of you.

    • Proud to be a member of the club sir! I once heard a lecture by an Islamic speaker quoting the Lion King movie: Remember who you are. I suddenly realized that was the first step to becoming who you wish to be…. And that the only way to move was forward…
      So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, stay tuned! I humbly ask you to pray for me and the entire ummah to use our talents and gifts from Allah wisely… For those are the treasures we will be asked about one day…

  35. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Very nice article , MashaALLAH. A good innovation to connect Surah kahf with modern times, especially the teens, which is really needed in our times. JazakAllahu Khair.
    Looking forward to remaining parts.

    • Siti, Shahzia, Mohammedrabiu and Mohamed… May Allah reward you all immensely for your positive vibes and support. Amen

  36. Subhanallah, what a beautiful, thought-provoking article. I love reading Surah Kahf and it is one of my favourite Surahs. Your explanation of the story of the young boys and their goal to keep their Imaan intact during a time of immorality and fitnah even applies to this day. May we take lessons from this story and for me one of them is time management. After all, we have to account to Allah for every second in this dunya. Lets spend it wisely and productively.
    Lilly Mohsen , this is the first time i hear of you. looking forward to read more of your beautiful articles. Ameen

    • InshAllah it won’t be the last time ya Rab :) Thank you Ridwana for your beautiful words and hoping to hear from you again and again. God bless you and all the writers and readers on this lovely website. Amen

  37. MashaAllah this is a beautifully written piece. Lilly is certainly gifted by Allah swt to extract meaning from Quran and deliver it with simplicity and thoughtfulness. MashaAllah Lilly! I’m so happy and thankful I found this website elhamdulillah

    • May you find happiness and grace in everything you see or touch Dena. Thank you for your heart warming comment

  38. Great article sister Lilly,you make this story very easy to learn and understand, may Allah reward and increase you in knowledge. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.
    Jazakallah kair.

  39. Every new comment brings me a new smile. Thank you Peju and I hope you’ll keep posting your encouraging comments for they bring us so much happiness


    • Honored to be a guest writer in this beautiful development. We do the simple work but the team behind the scenes are our real heroes! The CEO, editor in chief and managing editors and artists…. All my respect to your tremendous work. Thank you for your comment Dr. Abdulrahman… May we all unite to make a difference in this world

  41. Mashaa Allah! This article helps me a lot! Really inspiring, Lilly! Wht should i do to motivate and inspire people, just like you? May Allah makes it easier for all of us.

    • Oh Silmi… First, thank you for saying my writings can motivate and inspire people. My heart skipped a beat when I read your comment I swear to Allah! And secondly, let me tell you I’ve been asking your exact same question since I was eleven years old! Looks like we share the same dream…
      I’ll just quote my mentor here coz that’s what helped me take my first step: “Allah gave each and every one of us a unique talent… Find out what it is, learn how to perfect it with passion, then use it to benefit yourself, others around you and most of all, use it to please Allah, for He will ask you about it and how you utilized it on Judgment Day”
      There’s so much I learnt during my journey that I can’t wait to share with you. I had support thanks to Allah and I would love to get the chance to pay it forward. So tell me more about your talent and then let’s go from there inshAllah…. All my best wishes for success. May you always be a source of inspiration Silmi

  42. AssalamoAlaikum!

    SubhanAllaah! Every time I read an article on my views change!
    The article gives a new meaning to the Surah. Waiting for the next parts.
    Jazakumullahu Khayran!


  43. Assalamu’Alykum,

    Regarding Sure Khaf the most important surah such a very nice things clear with all reader –
    need to more more sure will b countinus dont break this good line – very well good job-

    one of ur muslim brother,

    • Rahmon, Majida and Sayed…. I’m so happy you’re finding new meaning here and enjoying my humble efforts to reflect the glory of some of the verses in the Holy Quran. May you always find peace and tranquility in everything you do. God bless you all

  44. I loved the very idea of ‘productive sleeping’. This is a reflection of not just the men in the cave but our lives. Very creative sister Lilly. And along with the article, I loved they way you responded to the comments. Masha Allah this shows your caring attitude and that your concern. No wonder you work with kids. You follow my fav quote to the tee, ‘Children don’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care.’
    Loved your books on Amazon. Sure enough I would be recommending them in my parenting workshops!

    • And I love the quote in your comment Dawood! I’ve never heard it before honestly but it’s really meaningful. Thank you for your lovely comment and please tell us more about your workshops, maybe parents here can benefit from them. I tried logging on to your website but it wouldn’t go through. Wishing you all the best

  45. Mashaa Allah , After joining Productive muslim I’m trying to make my most of it. Very well explained , infact in this much detail I didn’t know. Jazak Allah Khairan

  46. BarakalLahu fiyki dear sister for this guidance. Looking forward to follow up pieces on this subject matter and more in shaa Allah.

  47. Assalamualaikum
    mashaallah..gud one…I always think why d proper number of men was not mentioned. …now I got the answer for that clearly through this beautiful article.

  48. Nishath, Ibrahim, Sajna and S M…. God bless you and your lovely families for giving me such joy by reading and commenting on this article. More and more proof of how Muslims uplift each other and how we are all one unity….

  49. Assalamu Alaikum. After so many comments I was in doubt if I should also comment, because I will not say something new from what has been said. But I had to also congratulate the writter of this great article, which alhamdulillah enriched me so much and made understand the knowledge behing this Surah. Many tafsir of it I heard, but none enlighted me on the real wisdom behind this boys story than your article. May Allah bless you abundantly and increase you in more benefitial knowledge. Ameen

  50. My humble advice Katia… When in doubt, always comment :)
    You’ll never know how much joy we get from the positive feedback. It really pushes the whole team forward and makes them wanna do better. So thank you for deciding to post your lovely words… And yes to me at least you gave me something new this very moment… A smile….

  51. Salam from UK

    This article is very good with a lot of great reminders, especially for young people like me

    I look foward to reading the next three parts

    Keep up the excellent work and may Allah reward you

    • Thank you Akib, and I’ll be looking forward to your feedback on the upcoming parts too. I really hope you’ll enjoy them

  52. as salaam alaykum,
    What a fantastic article masha’Allah! I completely agree with Katia, I feel the same way. Love the style of the article, the way it’s been written and I learned a lot alhamdulillah!
    May Allah reward you for the good work you’re doing.

    • Wallahy it’s all of you guys that are beyond fantastic! Thank you for the motivation Hayat. I hope you’ll keep reading the rest of the series and letting us know what you think

  53. MashaAllah very inspiring article realy motivating.. Jazakallahu Kheyr. May Allah Guide us & Grant us Success here in Dun’ya & Akh’era.

  54. Assalamualaikum..

    Don’t forget to recite surah al-kahf at least 10 verse every Friday.

    Jazakummullah khoir.

    May Allah guide us to the straight path.

    • Khalid, Ari and Nikhath… God bless you all for your wonderful comments. Thank you and hoping you’ll enjoy the upcoming parts too

  55. Assalamu A3leykum wa rahma tu Allahi, baraka Allah u fik sister for this article ! That’s gave me another reflexion on the Surah al Kahf ! It’s very significant and clear, I love how you explained what kind of results the determination can gives . I think that determination is the key of success: NEVER GIVES UP and have faith on Allah.
    Hurry to read the next articles..
    Jazak Allahou Khayr to the productive ummah who wanna always be better !!! Love you all, May Allah Bless you


  56. Im confused about this story. I thought the quran mentions not to break ties with blood relations- to not obey them if they force shirk but to live with them in fairness. Did the youth of the cave not have parents/families? Is it not considered breaking ties by leaving them?

    • Thank you for your question Khush.
      You’re right, keeping family ties is very important in Islam. In this story though, the teenagers were put in a life threatening situation and they had no options but to run away. They had no idea they would end up sleeping for 309 years, for their intention was to pause, hide, calculate risks and come up with a new plan. Of course Allah knows best.

  57. Asalam alaikum, I have always enjoyed reading all your mails because they are enlightening and motivating. may Allah swt increase all of you in knowledge and understanding.amin

  58. Beautifullying and succinctly written article. I’ve already fallen in love with your style of writing. It’s deliciously refreshing! 😋😊