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  1. Salaams.. Dealing with the temptations of the world for example seeing all the tasty non-halal food around you, be patient and stay away from it, what helps is if you think that you have better and best ahead in Jannah for you..InshaAllah! Try and cook at home buying meat from a halal store. We should be careful of what we eat too.

    • thank you so much for those tips Huda :) I agree, temptations come in all forms and sometimes they take us by surprise, but beating them feels amazing so it’s worth the efforts Alhamdulillah :)

  2. Asak, Jazak Allah Khair for the precise tips. they came at the very right time for me. in sha Allah i will be travelling to another country after 2 days. request for dua’as.

    • alhamdualillah I’m so glad I could help love, may Allah make it easy for you and don’t worry, we’re all in this together :)

  3. amazing masha allah ,,,, thanks a lot for this topic …. it was very helpful,cause i am leaving my home soon in shaa allah … hope it becomes easy on me …. thanks again Faiza :)

    • it will become easy Yasmeen, trust me. It can see impossibly hard at times but really, you can handle it. You’re always welcome love :) Allah make it easy for you.

  4. Ur message came just on time. I was about to give up and escape by sleeping and eatingm much. I will start revising my goals
    We can also pray for each other بظهر الغيب
    Gzakom Allah khyran

    • Alhamdulillah! Consistency is key love, sometimes that’s the hardest thing but it’s always worth it :)

      May Allah grant you success :)

      Wa iyyakum!

  5. Jazakallah khair…was really helpful!…jazakallah for suggesting us surah taha and surah qasas to overcome these situations!…

  6. jazakiAllah khairan!! sis Faiza
    it waz a wonderful& defntly vry useful info…
    May Allah(swt) bestow his Mercy on u & grant u wid best!!!
    In shaa Allah’ do share ua knowledge of Islam in future olso…
    in shaa Allah ua gng 2 join Medical school” May u excel in ua job with d help of Allah Almighty.. & give ua bst 2 serve d best….

  7. jazakAllahulkhair may Allah bless u and guide the muslim ummah i will Insha Allah do dua that Allah helps me to follow and do all that which will bring me closer to Allah and Jannah and keep me away from all that which is of no benifit for me in both worlds.Salamwalikum wa rahmatulla wa barakatu

  8. I remember the very first time I left home for my studies. If I didn’t have faith in ALmighty ALLAH I would have come back within the first week itself.I kept praying asking HIM to give me the strength to carry on& to finish what I have started. You are going to study one of the wonders(medicine) of his creations. When I saw the anatomy cadaver with its tiny nerves, praise be to HIM,it’s indeed the work of a super power.I wish you all the best sister& may ALLAH grant you success.AMEEN

  9. The article is amazing and the thoughts are very practical.
    Keep it up sister!
    May Allah increase your Knowledge. Amin

  10. Asak, it seems there is some typo. Quran, chapter 25, verse 28 is different as given against for pharoah……

  11. Thank You so much for your nice article. May Allah bless you for it!!! I wouls like to add an issue you did not notice.
    Namely,our İNTENTİON with with we move to an other place, country,or where ever, is off a big importance. When our intention is not clear for the sake of Allah, but in fact for our ego, the move we make, can hit us as a bumarang. There are lot of examples about a ‘dubble agenda’ intention which will not work out fine and even against us.
    My family and I moved from Holland to Turkye, 16 years ago. Our intention was to let our 2 children grow in a islamitic surrounding so that they would not split up between the religious (islamic) education at home and the modern secular life in society. We have had a lot of troubles, but we always feld the help of Allah was around us. A lot of the advices in your article was practised by us and for so far we made it and indeed our son and daugther are now balanced youngsters ( 23 and 22 years old) living as muslims, Alhamdullilah!
    The choice to move to Turkye, to an islamic country was a good decision,because of our pure and clean intention.
    Maryam Atabay-Scholten

  12. Thanks sister for this motivating and focusing post. Just what I need at the moment.
    May Allah reward you for your good work.

  13. Subhanallah , it’s like this article was written for me, I really enjoyed reading it and it has motivated me a lot. May Allah reward you immensely.

  14. jazakallah…may Allah bless u reward for such an excellent piece of writing…all this stuff is not only helpful for a new environment but also our day to day changing life and new challenges

  15. And an advice, a very important one in my opinion:
    before moving out, don’t forget the ISTIKHARA prayer!

  16. Jazakumullah for your inspiring article. This indeed is the way Islam ought to be practiced. This indeed is the way Islam ought to be preached. Contextual and relevant to the times. Your tips have been very helpful and indeed work towards making us productive Muslims. I liked the bit about “I am human but a Muslim”. Being Muslim means we have certain values we hold dear to and being human means despite the circumstances (conducive or otherwise) our Muslim values will make us behave consistent with those values. In the end we are humans who will stand out because of our Muslim values. May Allah (SWT) increase our understanding of deen and may He make us exemplary models of our deen.

  17. MasyAllah. I used to think for my loneliness, but sure i must not think that. “Behold in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” [Qur’an: Chapter 13, Verse 28]
    thanks you dear

  18. masha allah, its a wonderful article. i stayed in a hostel for 3 months and the first day of my hostel was ramadan. all ramadan i dint have any proper food to eat for iftar or muslim friends to turn for help. i cried to read the quran. only and only ALLAH was my solace.

  19. MashaAllah! It was a pleasure reading your article. I’m sure you inspire and motivate your friends and family on a regular basis. JazakAllah khairan… for everything.

  20. Jazakillah Khair ukhti Faiza. It was a wonderful piece. Thank u so much. May Allah reward u immensely. Aameen

  21. Assalam-o-alaikum sister, I like the heading HUMAN BUT MUSLIM. This salogon is really helpful in every situation whether good or bad, that Iam human but iahave to behave as a muslim. Jizakil Allah Khair.

  22. Awesome! Masya’allah!

    This article really motivates me physically and spiritually and mentally, alhamdulillah. :)

    It is because we are human & Muslim! :D

  23. Alhamdulillah this message came to me at the right time when I am about to leave my mother (with her blessings) to move to another country. Having my mothers blessings and understanding was supposed to make things easier but it got harder. Allah (SWT) knows best.