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    • Br. Imran, you can click the “Download” link in the menu at the bottom of the embedded document, or you can click on the link “[Research Note] Sleep and Productivity” at the top of the document and you’ll be led to the document on Scribd where you’ll see the option to download.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you face any issues.

  1. The article is really excellent.I want to know what do u mean by crawling sensation in arm and legs. Also may i have email address of any sister sleep therapist or stress therapist who is here at the productivemuslim website?

  2. When you are talking about Naps, I’m slightly confused as to what this means. For example you say that a nap for 20 minutes is good. So when I go for a nap I sit there in my bed for 15 minutes eyes closed but not asleep. So should I get up in 5 minutes or wait till I fall asleep then my 20 minutes begins?

  3. Salam. can u give me a copy of this Research note? i can’t download it on scribd. is this for free? sukran :)