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  1. SubhanAllah.. an article and a motiational story for us. this story like a self reminder for us to stay humble although we did so much deeds. and we also have to remember that the Heaven is Allah’s. mabrook to the author. really touch my heart..

      • “Money comes and goes, but the best is still ahead of us, and will last forever.”

        this line is what motivated me the most. I really love you for this.

  2. Salaam productive friend indeed.
    Asalaam mu alykum w rahmatullahi w barakatuhu .
    your explanation of suratul kahf …the best ever…
    Shukran once again ….For I too had experienced a test of Faith … Allah’s Mercy …YOU ..have put it into perspective ….beautifully
    may u go from strength to strengh…
    fondest salaam and Duas
    ma Salaam
    may Allah Ta Allah reward you for sharing your knowledge

    • Fondest Salam all the way from Egypt dear Tisha. May you always pass every test will flying colors and be rewarded with the highest of heavens.

  3. This article has been a great way to start my day alhamdulilah.

    I’ve never had a problem with the poor man’s response, though. I felt that it was his way of reminding his companion that he should be humble and giving him examples of what could happen to this wealth with the rich man being completely helpless about it.

    The association between those lessons and the dajjal was right on spot for me. Thank you :]

    Jazaki Allah khairan sis, and may your beautiful dream come true !

  4. Sis. Lilly, what a lovely and entertaining article! I love your humor mixed with wisdom to keep it interesting. :) You touch on very important and relevant points for our current age, such as how people often judge themselves and others by how much money they have. I find the story of the man with two gardens very fascinating for many reasons. One reason is that the Quran describes this man as being “unjust to himself.” Also, later the man (when he loses his wealth) admits that he was committing shirk/associating others with Allah (swt). I wonder about these points. Perhaps the man was associating partners with Allah (swt) by thinking that he is the source of his wealth and success?

    • Sheima my partner in crime :) I’m kidding. You’re actually our partner in a blessed and beautiful mission to share knowledge of Islam. I really enjoyed your last article and looking forward to many more to come inshAllah. You’re right about the shirk part. The wealthy man gave himself importance thinking his money gives him a free pass to Jannah. Forgetting we are only slaves and thinking we get special treatment from Allah is a form of disbelief. The same way satan thought he was better coz he was made out of fire, and because of his arrogance he was forced out of heaven and doomed forever.

  5. Dearest sister , Assalaamu-alaikum. for me the most important thing i take from this story are the advices on remaining humble. Many at times in life when we buy something new, for example clothes or go on exotic holidays we think that we so special and awesome. Its times like these that we need to remind ourselves that we are nothing and that everything we have is by the grace and mercy of Allah. If anything we should remain grounded and contiuosly remind ourselfs that the wealth of the dunya is temporary and we should strive for the wealth of the akhira. Whenever we feel even a spot of “we better of than them” mentality we should engage in sincere Istighfaar.

    • I always look for your name within the comments of articles Ridwana. It brings all of us a lot of joy to read your lovely and heart warming thoughts and reflections. Thank you…

  6. Allahu Akbar… May Allah Subhawatala guide us towards his straight path till our last breath in this world & also for our upcoming generations-Aameen

  7. A job well done and good complement to earlier works in this modernity.

    I wish to tell also that a booklet titled “FAITH Versus MATERIALISM” by Abu Hassan Ali Nadwi remains the most SCHOLARLY & WONDERFULLY CONCISE EXPLANATION of Souratul-Kahf that I have ever come across. I suggest we look at it also.

    • Thank you for your suggestion AbduRahman. I would be very interested to read that book as I’m sure a lot of readers would too

  8. This article keep reminding me that life is nothing but an empty dreams. My question to all readers of this article lets’ us be sincere, how many of us can stand before a wealthy person’s and look straight into his eye and tell him the truth? Alhamdulillah!

  9. Masha Allah. Thanks for the write-up. I think this popular hadith further expantiate on the subject matter.
    Narrated Abdullah bin Mas’ud (r.a) :Allah’s Messenger (saw) said “Whosoever has pride in his heart equal to the weight of an atom shall not enter Paradise”. A person said “Verily a person loves that his dress should be beautiful, and his shoes should be beautiful”. The Prophet (saw) remarked, “Verily, Allah is the Most Beautiful and He loves beauty. Pride is to completely disregard the truth, and to scorn(to look down upon) the people.”. (Sahih Muslim, vol 1,Hadith No. 91)
    May Allah continue to Guide us. Amin.

  10. May Allah always guide us towards HIS deen,simplify it and purify our actions. Amin. To the writer may Allah reward you,keep up the good work.

  11. In the entire Surathul Kahf there are wonders and lot of benefits for the mankind but as we muslims we have to put in action practice this is the difficult task because Shaitan comes and disturb us where ever we do a good amal Shaitan opposes it and we get caught to him. Anyway good Article we are always with Productice Muslim- JAZAKHALLAH KHAIRAN

  12. Masha Allah, very touching and educating story, jazakhalahu khairan. it teaches us to remain humble and shown arrogance and proudness of ones wealth of ones self. May Allah help us to remember and keep doing the good deeds amin , may Allah continue to bless u and guide us all amin.

  13. Subhanallah my heart weeps in shame, it feels like water has been poured on me. we get caught up in the worldly activities and tend to forget al ahira. We want to show of what we are, what we have at every point in time and forget who gave it to us. Ya rabb lower our gaze and our ambitions and make us HUMBLE HUMBLE.

    • May your beautiful pure heart weep tears of joy from now on Zainab…. God bless you and strengthen yours and our faith. Amen

  14. SubhanAllah…and Masha’Allah what an article and I really impressed with the insight on each verse. May Allah bless you.

  15. This topic is full of beauty, truth and goodness . . . Thank you for your lovely contribution to making the world a better place.
    You have a way of explaining things that is easy to understand. Not everyone has such a talented gift, I’m sure others feel the same way I do.
    Magnificent MashAllah!

  16. Very nice and highly appreciated with detail teachings of Suratil Kahf…Pls post it in my mail box to share it with Muslim brothers

  17. Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

    A very inspirational article and has a lot of reminded to all of us. In Shaa Allah may we take heed and do what we are here to do. which is to worship Allah subhanahu Wa ta’ala. may I also take heed before I remind others to do so.

  18. Assalam Alaikum

    Masha’Allah it was such a beautifull explanation of suratul Kahf

    I have learnt alot from this.

    Jazzakallahu kheir

    • Hashilty thank you so much for saying you learnt from this writing. This comment never fails to bring us all so much joy

  19. A very beautiful article reminding us not to be greedy and proud of our wealth and blessings given to us by Allah. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone may involve in such talks. May Allah swt protect us from them and make us humble and kind to the needy. Aameen….

  20. Amen Sameera. Everyone does it and perhaps we cause a lot of hurt in the process. May Allah purify our hearts and make us faithful and humble.

    • Wa eyakom Owais… I’m honored to be one of the people sharing knowledge of our glorious religion. May we always be up to the blessed task

  21. Very well written! It amazes me how we read it every Friday and never asked ourselves why we were asked to read this surah every week! Thank you for your thorough explanation, can wait to read the rest! Very proud of you…

  22. Mashallah…seriously this was an awesome post ive ever read..we all should know what leads us to heaven n what leads us to hell..really a good job..nothing is permanant in this dunya…

  23. What a lesson. Haven’t read something like this in a “long” while. May Allah in His Infinite Mercy guide you more and elevate you intellectually. Thank you really.

  24. Masha allah….I was waiting for your second part..what a beautiful article..subhanallah.well written and explained.jazakaallah khair…for reminding us where we stand and what we are.

    • It’s my pleasure Sajna… I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Please let us know your thoughts on the remaining parts too… Thank you for the encouragement

  25. JazakAllah for expalaining it so beautifully. May we always remember this temporay world is a test for all of us with its riches and shine and stay humble always , in sha allah. Beautiful indeed :)

  26. S.A,

    I admire the way your simple language brings out so much life in the story. I wish it would go on and on. in these short paragraphs, I have learnt so much. Jzaakillah kheir sister.

  27. So I was checking the comments before going to bed and I read yours. I think I’ll have a peaceful sleep inshAllah with a smile all night because of you Bushra… Thank you

  28. mashaAllah…..i had never read the details of surah kahf but brother you have explained it in a fantastic way may Allah swt reward you wih his mercy Ameen :-)

    • No worries Anjum hhhhh you won’t believe how many typing mistakes I make and I’m a writer! Anyways thank you so much for your lovely comment. May Allah reward us all, especially the readers who give us this huge boost to keep going.

  29. Alhamdulilahi for this article, it makes someone to be in the right frame of mind, remember your positon in front of Allah and always show kindness towards the need. May Allah continue to increase you in knowledge, Amin, Jazakum lahu khairan

  30. Both of them involved in unrelated conversion their title is different according to topic. You have not show proper way for solution that we that for this topic. I came here just wasting the time.

    • Oops so sorry you feel this way
      I hope you’ll keep coming back to Productuve Muslim though. I’m only one of many writers and I’m sure you’ll find lots of articles here by other contributors who won’t waste your time.
      Thank you for your honesty and hopefully I won’t let you down again

  31. SubhanAllah…
    I think it was much needed for me. Jazakallahu khaira for the articles n esp the lessons form the parts of the Surah. Really beneficial reverent sister. Love you for the sake of Allah!