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  1. Very helpful information for me and my family. I have a busy schedule and don’t get to do the important things with my family. I will try these out inshallah.

    • That is wonderful to hear. These are so simple, you can start today. Wishing you all the best, inshallah as we strive together to be productive Muslims!

  2. Alhamdulilah wasalatu wassalam álaa Rassululah,
    Sister Sobia, may Allah reward You, Your family and all who read this with Jannahtul Firdews al A´laa, Jazakilah khairan for this article dear sister and for highlighting the “Volunteering Together” .

    And to anybody with authority, I want to request, that they should use their connections to contribute beneficially to the society and volunteering. The Muslim Ummah used to be more powerful and respected once, when the persons with authority only did things to please their Creater Allah- Subhanahu wa taála.

    I recently read about Moroccan explorer – Ibn Battuta…” After returning home from his travels in 1354, and at the instigation of the Marinid ruler of Morocco, Abu Inan Faris, Ibn Battuta dictated an account (Rihla “The Journey” ) of his journeys to Ibn Juzayy, a scholar whom he had previously met in Granada. The account is the only source for Ibn Battuta’s adventures…”

    The ruler and the scholar played an important role as much as Ibn Battuta did to preserving Muslims history. They worked hard, in excellence and were humbeled when dealing with people in general.

    Just as Productive Muslim are doing in our days. May Allah reward all of them with Jannahtul Firdews al A´laa too.
    Let us care for each other as Muslim brothers and sister, let us be beneficial to each other as human beings no matter if you are a Muslim or a non Muslim.
    So if YOU are blessed from Allah with money, time, ability, authority, skills or a sound intellect You to can contribute to make the situation of the Muslim society better than it is with Allahs help, in sha Allah.
    Wasalam alaikum

  3. Jazakumallahu Khair sister Sobia for this very informative article which teaches us how to make a difference to people in our society with great actionable advice!may allah reward you for your efforts which all of us to become productive muslims!

  4. Jazak Allahu Khairum for this article. I’m very guilty as a student of neglecting my family and this has come at the right time.

  5. JazakAllah Khairan for these ideas & reminders. Best wishes on, InshaAllah continuing this type of work and expanding the Productive Muslim community to help & unite people.

  6. What a nice article, we’ve become so engrossed in our being and the need of other people, besides the people who actually matters. May Allah make it easy for All of us, InshaAllah, Aameen.

  7. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely think this ebsite needs far more attention. I’ll
    probably be returning to read more, thaqnks for the