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  1. I have a very small yard (about eight feet X three feet) where I would love to plant but there is absolutely no sunshine. only thing that grows is some weeds. Please help me utilize this piece of land most effectively. If Allah has destined this piece of land to be like this then He must have created plants that would grow in such places. It is my ignorance that is hampering the development of this spot right in front of my house.

    • Good question, Mahwash! Would the plants be exposed to sunshine if you did vertical gardening? What is blocking the sun? A fence? Trees? Any information is helpful. Maybe we can find a solution In sha Allah.

      • Thank you for responding Wendy it is actually the direction of the house which stops the sun especially during winters and only a small portion of a wall gets sunshine.I would like to grow strawberries. Will that be possible. the best time to plant the runners in my part of the world is late October. will limited sunshine be a problem if I plant some runners in small beds and mount them on the wall?

    • A wormery or bokashi composting system would be more efficient for such a small yard.

      You won’t have success planting things that require lots of sun, like tomatoes and potatoes, but there are things that grow well in shade, like mint, cilantro/coriander, spinach, kale, salad greens like rocket/arugula, mustard/collard greens, chervil, parsley, some types of broccoli, cabbage, beets, carrots, and turnips.

      You can always go to a local gardening centre for help finding plants that will do well in your yard. And there are plenty of these plants that actually thrive in colder weather as well.

      • Jazakallah Yasmin that is a lot of variety. I am already growing basil, rosemary, stevia, mint cilantro, green chillies, tomatoes, curry leaves, aniseeds, lemons, lemon grass, oranges, plums and guavas and . I would like to try growing strawberries if Allah permits

  2. Masha Allah, great article! We need more such articles to save the earth. It will be good some tips are given to people living in apartments.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Samshath. Yes, we can all do a part in helping with the health of our planet. Have you ever thought about worm composting? It is also know as vermicomposting. You don’t need much to get started and worms (usually red wigglers) do all the work!

  3. A very enlightening read. I have started my own compost heap but this article has put me on the right path! Hope there will be many more

    • Rashida, that is great that you are composting. I am glad you found the information useful and I hope you have much success In sha Allah.

    • Thanks so much, Nikhath. Collectively we can all so simple things that can impact the health of our planet In Sha Alllah.

  4. As salaam alaikum, please if you can post an article on wormeries because they’re a really good composting system. My neighbour down the road has one, and I am going to start one in a few weeks inshaa Allah.