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  1. MashaAllah, TabaarakaAllah sister Maria. JazakaAllah Khayr for the beautiful post. I request everyone who reads this to share this beautiful article. Let’s make use of the technology/digital era inshaAllah.

  2. Mashallah wonderful article…
    So informative n useful really benefits us n help us for busy mom on run
    May allah bless us all n keep us on straight path..aameen

  3. With the Rememberance of Allah in our mind and heart in all our acts and doings, Allah relieves from us our chores which become easy tasks and we find ourselves walking in His Path instead of running in ours. I took some two years to put this theory into practice and I can assure you that it works, with Allah’s Help. We are conscious that we are being directed by Him, Exhalted is He, so why do we stress?

  4. Jasakallahu kairan puts everything into to place, Allah forgive ur weaknesses and bless u with goodness. Allah bless u in abundance

  5. Assalamalaikum
    Alhamdulillah a good article on dhikr .May bless you with best of world and aakhira.
    in the “1” step 1 paragraph you wrote “in shaa Allah” in different way please correct it.

  6. Salams. I need help. My daughter has asked me if second cousins are like first cousins, as in are we allowed to talk to second cousins as with first cousins. please can i get a reply as soon as possible and my daughter is mature and so is her second cousin.

    • There is no difference between first and second and third and so on cousins I’m Islam. This is a foreign concept. The first cousins and all others are non mahram and thus strangers.

  7. Salams, could someone pls tell me if my daughter is allowed to talk and chat to my cousins son (my daughters second cousin) as she does with her normal cousins. It would rly help me as my daughter is mature and so is the second cousin.

  8. Maasha Allah,a very beneficient lecture for not only mums but for dad n children also.May Allah bless you n reward you jannah.Jazak Allah khairan.

  9. May Allah SWTA bless the author and productive Muslim for sharing and pray to Allah SWTA to make it easy for us to apply these useful tips

  10. This is a great article. I’m so thankful for the practical tips and advice. I can run with that! Pun intended ;). May Allah reward you for your time and efforts. Jazakallah khair!