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  1. jazak allah khyran bro .. it’s my first visit to your website .. really so inspiring and helpful .. i enjoyed by watching videos And reading articles 3 hours ago .. i am working as a graphic designer and i got an idea but want to ask you firstly, do you mind if i designed some wallpapers for advertising the website? .. thank u again & allah bless you :)

  2. Assalamu Alaicum varah. Brother,

    JazakAllahu Khair ! It was a beautiful post with great content. May Allah swt bless you & your family with best in both worlds.

  3. May Allah bless you and strengthen you to the best always..
    i find this site wonderful..and even thought my first language is Arabic but i love to read the articles and take more knowledge from them..

  4. may allah bless you for you’re efforts, in summarise we should make isthirfar when enver we are, and we should strat now! atsarforo allah

  5. extremely valuable! something we don’t think about, but is definitely a hamper in getting things done…jazakaallahu khairun for this article series :)

  6. Jazakaallahu khairun,  everything above is so true.  May Allah cause the above to be read by many and penetrate the hearts and minds of its readers to the point that it effects change in them.  Ameen.

  7. subhanallah such golden advice, couldn’t agree more when i sin i often realise i have this heavy feeling in my heart and this nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach its like every part of me knows i’m doing wrong and this keeps me from being productive all day. But when I repent i realise that uncomfortable feeling goes away.

  8. subhanallah. i learnt very much from this knowledge regarding productivity. i think it has had an enormoues impact on my life. i feel much better. alhamdulillah