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  1. This was a great article! It was a great read and very informative. I definitely feel uplifted after having read it! Jazakallahu Khairan!

  2. Salam alaik. jazakallah khair for a beautifully written article. i was really sad by an issue i was facing today. i crossed over this article on twitter and subhanallah the words just comfort me so much. thanks! and May Allah swt bless all of us inshaAllah :)

  3. AlhamdulILLAH wa maa shaa ALLAHU laa quwwata illaa biLLAH. May The Beneficent, The Merciful reward you abundantly. Remind, for reminding benefits the believers. A statement of Truth and this writeup exemplified it. Additionally, “Surely, with every difficulty there is/are ease”.I read this article in my weekend relaxation time and it is heartwarming. Thank you.

  4. Alhamdullilah I am very humbled by all of your comments and grateful to Allah for enabling me to share some thoughts with you, which only by His Grace (SwT), may have brought some comfort.I pray Allah bless you all. Ameen.

  5. I am so humble after finish reading this article
    and feel so relieved and at peace.
    And I Thank Allah everyday with love
    and so grateful.

  6. Jazak’Allah khair… For such an uplifting and an amazing article…. I… really… Truly… needed to read this… May Allah bless you… :)

  7. Amazing article. Just so comforting. Gonna save it, so I can turn to this whenever my faith needs restoration. May Allah bless you.

  8. Qala Qadr- predestination! Almighty Allah had planned out everything before our birth.There is also the freewill given to all mankind.Then there are the satans, iblis and the jinns amongst us with allocated different functions.Then he gives us the Quran,and expects us to follow His Commands with the help of the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal).
    After attaining maturity, we grow up being prompted (by HIM) and we are led along the Straight Path-which is hard and the easy Path which is easy.Freewill comes into play, some attaining the Sirathal musthakeen and some not, as they selected the easy path.
    The light is the Quran, read regularly and understood and followed, gradually takes you along the Straightpath and Peace is achieved with minor interruptions now and then which leaves you without much trouble.
    On the whole, life is a success, with supreme felicity.

  9. MashAllah what a great article. It came as an advice at the perfect time. JazakAllah khair! May Allah bless all of us, and InshAllah we all reach Jannah!

  10. jazakallahu khairan this was sucha a eye opener for me and has really inspired me on how to deal with my down moments articles like this really does help those like my self who are in need but are unable to recieve it from people in person it really does help us move on in life when we dont have the support may allah bless u with the help u have offered and save from the fire of jahannum may allah grant u the highest of this dunya and akhira

  11. Alhamdulillah it is very educative and uplifting, it will surely touch and change many life across religion, for it is very important to be forwarding such a message to non-Muslims aswell. May Allah Bless abundantly the writer and family, and the entire Muslim Ummah.

  12. Assalamu alaikum. I have learned that in life the greatest teacher is experience. And our ability to rise above the negative ones is the best way of improving our character. Failure, setbacks, disappointments, loss etc all provide us with opportunities to become better people, because our reaction to these negatives help us to know ourselves in the most intimate way possible. Our ability to rise above these negatives against all odds/ or in spite of them gives success its true value and makes it truly sweet. Jazaakumullahu khairan.

    • Wa alaikum assalam Aminatu,

      Thank you for your comment – I absolutely agree and am reminded of a part of another article I wrote about cultivating courage for a better world:

      “Every ‘failure’ taught you a great lesson that you may have not learned elsewhere. Every ‘criticism’ can either be constructive feedback that you take to improve yourself or simply idol talk that you ignore and that strengthens your ability to not define yourself by the opinion of others, but only through the opinion of God. And every ‘setback’ that you experience can actually be a ‘stepping stone’ to something greater that you will achieve because of that particular situation and once again a way to build your courage because you do not allow difficult circumstances to diminish your mental and spiritual power.”

      The full article can be found below:

      All the best,

  13. Assalam o Alaykum. The article is excellent. Give me a new hope to live and courage to purify my innerself and come nearer towards the long been forgotten cornor in my body, my heart, the place
    where MY CREATOR lives in. I wish and praying to feel and see my Allah inside my heart, im praying
    To find my lost path “the siraat i mystaqeem … O Allah ! Heal my wounded soul and blessed me, my family and ummat i muslima with your KARAM. aameen.

  14. Remember also brothers and sisters if you or anyone is dealing with sickness or disease that the body we have is temporary. The soul we are granted is forever. Although we pray for health in both, remember the body is just a shell – do we take care of our souls as much as or even more than we take care of our bodies? The reality is the entire body is interconnected subhana’Allah – body, soul, heart and mind.

    Cleanse them. Take care of them. Pray for health in all of them. It starts with healthy diet and exercise for our body; prayer, quran, good deeds, being God conscious and aligning ourselves with Allah’s guidelines for our soul; cleansing our hearts of any hatred or miserliness or envy and filling it with love, forgiveness, and generosity; and clearing our mind of ‘clutter’ – vain talk, vain matters, worry, fear and filling it with intellectually stimulating, thoughtful,and useful matters and relying on Allah to overcome worry and fear.

  15. Asalamoalaikum wa rahmatullah…
    Alhumdulilahi Ya Rab!…
    Its just soo true that Allah is right there for you..watching over you, listening to you, knows your thoughts whether you voice them or not…
    I was tensed and disoriented about not being productive regarding various things in life..
    Alhumdulilah…I had the conviction in Allah that is utterly required for every human being..
    I also believed in the power of dua’a…alhumdulilah..
    But shaytan is all geared up to deviate our hearts…
    Just as I was beginning to question the possibilities of the duas I make..whether the duas I make…are ever going to be accepted….[astaghfirullah..may Allah(s.w.t) forgive me for all such thoughts]…Allah(s.w.t) nudged me and directed me towards this article…which clearly showed me the way back to believing in the Greatness of Allah …and the power of dua’a…the very fact that Allah is ‘Samee Ad Dua’…Alhumdulilah…
    The thought of Allah(s.w.t) listening to you and being near to you at all times..and Allah (s.w.t) is also near to all His creations at the same time….simply speaks about the Might of Allah (s.w.t) and all that He is able to do…- ‘inal Allah ala kulli shai ein Qadeer’.. Alhumdulilah…
    For the One who can create the Heavens and the Earth with just a single word ‘Kun’….what on this Earth can be impossible for Him..Ya Allah…Ya Rabbi…Alhumdulilah…
    JAZAKALLAH khayran kaseera to the author..May Allah help you positively reinforce others lives and make you a source by which people can get closer to the One who loves them the Most!
    Alhumdulilahi Ya rab…! ♥
    I request you all to pray that Allah(s.w.t) is pleased with me and for ease in every aspect of my life of this world and the next…ameen..
    JazakAllah khayr….!

    • Ameen binte ehtesham – your words are beautiful and heartfelt ma sha Allah. There’s a beautiful dua that I heard and is attributed to a dua that the righteous used to make – which is “Ya Jabir Kul Kaseer” – Oh “The Mender of everything broken” – as you said Allah, The Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe with all of the miraculous creations in it, Has the Power to heal and mend the grief in a heart and replace it with serenity and relief, at anytime He wishes. We just have to ask, pray, believe, persevere.

  16. JazakAllah khairan for a much needed reminder. The best thing I learned from your article is that we have been blessed with this “will” to change. But many times when we think of change we feel overwhelmed by fear… thinking that maybe we need to take some gigantic steps which we are not capable of… and so we put our conscience back to sleep and try to quiet our mind by giving it a false comfort that things are ok as they are… while in our hearts we know that its not ok and we do need to change… SubhanAllah your article has opened my eyes to the fact that change does not necessarily mean some great revolution overnight… rather it can be just a small step in the right direction… and so these little steps taken daily will make us achieve that change which we so dream for…
    jazakAllah khairan kaseeran:)

    • Alihamdulilah, this article really uplifted my soul and i praise ALLAH for this article ,it really change my emotional challenges ,jazaakumullahu khairan

    • Assalamu alaikum,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes absolutely – part of my philosophy on life is think big but start small. Anything great that anyone has achieved started with an intention, a strong will to change, small, consistent steps, and lots of patience, persistence, and alhamdullilah in our case, faith in Allah (SwT). That strong will is so important because we may fail, several times, before reaching our goals but once again those ‘failures’ can be used as life lessons and stepping stones to something greater and more valuable in sha Allah.

      All the best,

  17. A lovely article to give direction when work life is difficult. Great for a new Muslim as it summarises a lot of verses in one article and linking it to productivity. I love this website !! L

    • That’s great Lee Ann- and welcome to Islam:) Ma sha Allah, may Allah continue to bless your heart with guidance and faith and your life with contentment and success. Ameen.

  18. Thank you for sharing this with us. This has come at a perfect time for me to read. I am experiencing a sharp and sudden grief.. Something I did not think I would ever go through. Reading this reaffirmed to me to me that Allah (swt) has a bigger plan for all us.. ones that we may not be aware of. I also realized that being good to my friends and family and being the “wounded healer” really helps. Even when I am feeling low, I take time to call my friends, listen to their woes and worries, tell my mom how beautiful she looks today, interact positively with those who matter to me. All this helps. Consistent prayer on time and making Dua in every prayer has also helped me come to terms with my unfortunate situation. I have also been documenting my thoughts and feelings in a journal… InshaAllah all this will help me reach the peace of mind I am striving for…

    • Dear Lena
      Alhamdillah I am glad you were able to find some comfort with the article and remember to trust 100% that Allah has the power to replace the grief you are feeling with contentment and serenity and that nothing is permanent in this world – it will pass insha Allah. I love that you are reaching out and helping others even though you are experiencing grief and not closing yourself off – this indeed can be one of the most effective ways to help yourself – which is to help others too subhanallah – this is the beauty of a generous spirit and a big heart that can still give even when it is experiencing some sort of trial. I pray Allah will replace your grief with contentment and reward you for your patience.

  19. Subhan-Allah! JazakAllah khair for such an amazing article. I really hope that it may help me in combating againts such barriers in shaa Allah. May Allah (s.w.t) bless us!

  20. Assalamu alaikum can u write an article on the methodology on studying… please! It would be very beneficial. Because though i have all the resources im confused on how to start, what to start. And mostly im stressed thinking and planning…. jazakallahu khairan

  21. Beautifully written in these times when one is hurt by near ones more & carrying on with life as normal is trying its articles like yours that provide the needed motivation to continue on the straight path & not fall into despair Jazakumallah May Allah swt enable you to do more good Ameen

  22. Salam, each time I’m feeling a bit down I come back to refer to your article. I feel much better than before reading it, JazakAllah

    • Alhamdillah my dear sister shehla this is truly from the grace of Allah – jazaki Allah khair and all the best always.

      And jazakum allah khair everyone for your kind words – this is all from the favour of Allah upon us.

  23. As salamoalaikum, a good reminder. Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me to read good articles on the plateform of ProductiveMuslim and may Allah give me taufeeq to be a productive muslim. May Allah bless u all with happiness in this world and the hereafter. Jizakal Allah kharain khathir. Ameen