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  1. Great post. JazakAllah for sharing. Recently heard a speaker address this topic and he taught a prayer to help.

    Allahu hadhiri, Allahu nathiri, Allahu shahidi, Allahu ma’i.

    Allah is present with me, Allah is watching me, Allah is witnessing me, Allah is with me.

    My apologies I cud not find the Arabic script.

  2. Jazak Allah. One of my observation is that in places like Malaysia, Singapore, etc, women move around without being stared. Whereas in places like Pakistan, even women in hijab are stared at. Couldn’t find a reason for this phenomenon. Regards

  3. A very good and thought provocating article, masha Allah. But the author forgot to mention the most important point is the invasion of TV in our homes. When we get outside, yes we can practice these points but when we stay in our homes we watch Indian movies, which are very popular in many Muslim countries and watch them with our elders and youngester as well and nobody bother to “Lower their Gaze”. This has desensatized us and in my opinion the root cause is the abuse of modern technology.
    Jazak allah khairun.
    Arshad Ahmad

    • A relevant and ever present challenge. Good addition Brother Irshad. The rule of thumb me and spouses have adopted is that if the TV program is not appropriate for the kids/children it is not appropriate for us, period.It is the worst form of invasion after the mobile telephony innovation and easy internet connectivity. Another rule of the thumb a scholar once shared was that these media (TV, iphones, ipads) are like a glass: if you put water/milk it is Halaal but if you put wine/intoxicants then it becomes haraam

  4. Nice article; to the point and very well written. I really like your tip #2. In fact, our guard tend to be lowered (from shaytan) in spare time. Therefore, it is essential to keep with a “halal” leisure activity such as reading a book or playing with one’s wife or friends. I discourage turning to the internet and other social media in this sense as it can be another venue for shaytan.

    May Allah Ta’ala protect us. Ameen

  5. Another tip, which is kind of a post-mistake technique, is to ‘erase the memory’ immediately:

    if you see a non-mahram of the opposite sex in indecent clothing (or even dressed normally, but inciting your desires), immediately look at something else (halaal). Try to make THAT the image that sticks in your mind. By doing this IMMEDIATELY, insha-Allah you can replace the bad visual with a good visual, and your memory will hopefully hold on to the good.

    Shaytaan uses your senses as the gateway to corrupting your heart in a slow and gradual way, so if you slip up – which is very easy in the societies we live in, and in our weak states – have your spiritual eraser ready.

  6. Masha Allah,JazakAllahu khayran for the beautiful thoughtful piece.For those unfortunate of us who live in purely Christian/Secular country it’s so hard to lower our gaze but we do try.So much much fitna,while in the house you turn on the TV and flip through the channels there are those almost pornographic music,then Nigerian and Mexican soaps that have ensnared whole families,when i step out on the road fitna verywhere,when i board the public vehicles fitna,Astghfirulullah!It is sure hard.May Allah help us and strengthen our eeman.

  7. An easy way to protect you from bad look and bad feelings //:SAY AAOODHU BILLAHI MINASH SHAITHANIR RAJEEM , often , you will see peace

  8. Mashaa Allah a brilliant post. Zikr is the best way to fight against such shaitani aamaal.
    In such an age, book reading is really a help ful way ro avoid sins. May
    ALLAH blessed all of us with TAQWA..aameen. Duas for ptesent here as well may
    Allah bless every member of ummat e muslima.

  9. assalam alaikum brother. born and raised in manchester, gazing at women is a normality. jazak ALLAH kheir for this wonderful post…i love all your suggestions but particularly numbers 5 and 6. may ALLAH bless you and make you successful in this life and the akhirah.

  10. Assalaam Alaykum, the best way is to keep your gaze low when walking, low enough so that you dont run into something coming towards you. Also i try to continously do dhikr…so incase if you happen to look at something then it acts as a reminder and you automatically look downwards…..this is what i do and find regularly……sometimes people may think that you are arrogant if you dont make an eye contact or think that you are shy but Allah likes Modesty and shyness..

  11. JazakALLAH!
    Ref to point 2: You can also have some QURAN and its Translation in MP3 format and put in your cell phones/tabs etc. This way you will not only avoid the SIN but will also earn reward INSHALLAH!

  12. JK brother; this is a much needed article specially for Muslims living in the west. I would like to add one/two more points:

    * Keep yourself REALLY REALLY busy with some project, study, or hobby (you can find the relevant articles in productivemuslims to get specific tips on these) — whatever you like. This is to make sure that not even a second of your life is wasted on looking at and then thinking about something which is HARAM. We Muslims often forget that our time is so precious and we will be asked about how did we utilized our life (and specifically our youth) for the sake of Allah. One particular way that I find very useful is to reading and/or listening to Quran and thus memorizing/revising it while I am walking on the street. This way I can keep my eye+mind/attention towards something beneficial on one hand and on the other hand avoid seeing Haram, Alhamdulillah.

    * Always have some deadlines and have somebody who can make sure that you must meet the deadline. This will help you to engage your mind something useful and thereby avoiding fantasies even if you accidentally see something Haram, thereby replacing bad thoughts with good/useful ones, as Allah commanded us to replace bad with good.

    * If you slip, even after all your attempts of remaining good, don’t despair and don’t think that you must be a bad person/jahannami, or that what’s the point, I tried but it doesn’t work, I will slip again, etc. Rather, have faith in Allah and believe that He SWT can forgive all the sins, He is way too greater than our sins and He WILL help us to be good Muslims if we NEVER despair of his mercy AND CONTINUOUSLY try our best to be good. Recall that, nobody can raise their standard within a short time; even Sahaba (R) needed a long time to get rid of alcohol. Raise your standard gradually; here is a tentative sequence: stop looking at Haram in the internet (which is easier and has less risk of being ashamed in public than roaming our eyes in the street), then stop watching movies/shows/videos that have bad effects on your mind, then start lowering your gaze unless you have to talk to a woman, then start lowering your gaze even while talking to a woman, then stop fantasizing about Haram relationships. It may take a long time to reach this level of spiritual purity, but it totally worths it and only at this stage we will be able to get proper khushu in Salah, as Prophet (S) promised us, Insha’allah.


    • Well said brither whivh make me feel raised imaan…
      May Allah make us His beloved servants.. it is possible only when the Eyes look at things which He has ordered.. the ear hear which He want… the hand, legs and each part of body come in to action (zikr) as per His wish…

  13. I work in a university where it’s “summer and youthful” all year round.
    One of the things I actually tell myself….
    “Allah sees me and Allah reserves better things for me in Jannah.”

  14. Jazakallah Khair for such a beautiful article. Allah is All-Seeing and All-Hearing, if we have a staunch believe on this, we wouldn’t be committing any sins in the first place. Secondly, keeping oneself really busy and intact in Allah’s remembrance, erases all urges to commit a sin. Great article indeed!
    May Allah bless you.

  15. Jazaakallah khayr for the article.
    One useful tip that I found works for males, is that if your eyes glance towards a women, at that moment make dua for them. For example, “Oh Allah grant them khayr, and protect them”. I find it helps divert you from the initial reason you looked.

  16. Thank you so much for your valuable and useful tips. However, I suggest placing the “niyah” or intention as the beginning of all mentioned tips, because even if a person is accompanied with good friends, and even if he never walks without a book, he won’t succeed unless he’s truthfully willing to diminish this bad habbit. Of course making Dua is pretty essential as well.

  17. Jazakallah for the post.. Need of the hour especially for men who’s naturally inclined to this act… Whenever i find myself in this situation, I learned to say itaqullah (fear allah).. It always pops up whenever I desired the second gaze and it’s very effective for me.

  18. Why would anyone get married to someone when there is any chance they will prefer looking at someone else? If my husband was among that part of the article was written about, I would want to run, not walk away from him forever.

  19. Jazakallah

    this is a very good message and hope to ponder more on our gaze. may Allah forgive us and make it easy for us all…

  20. One way I always try practice controll is by: remembering that
    – one day am going to stand before Allaah so how will a person answer to having looked at forbidden things.
    – surah muminoon begins with qualities of true believers they include sels restraint

  21. Once Sahaba asked Prophet S.A.W.S … Can we do what ever we want to ? So Prophet got up from the gathering came in the center and lifted his one leg up and kept the other leg on ground. And he said This is how much you are free. Can you lift your second leg now… Similarly Allah has given us some freedom in life but not fully….
    Therefore keep reciting Astaghfaar more often.
    There are some people who look at woman and scan them nicely and then turn their heads & again look at the woman back. When asked , they will say My first scanning is not done yet. (by this they are being oversmart because Allah said first viewing is exempted or forgiven)… Stay Safe Recite astaghfaar…

    Wama Alaina Illal Balaul Mubeen ( And thereis no responsbility on us except to convey the message)

  22. Masha allah,
    Thank you for the tips. Alhamdulillah i manage to improve abit. I have some worries abt this thing. Will lowering my gaze affect my jodoh or future wife to be?

  23. This is realy significan’t and helpfull. Imam you forget to mention about ponorgraphy which it seems the shadow has cross the habit of teenagers and even elders. Thank you very much jazakallahu khairan.

  24. Jazakallahu Khira kaseera kaseera fedeeni wa dunya to all.
    The beast Article to read and use in life.

  25. jazakumullahu khairan.a good post for a striving muslim.1more thing: avoid being in private with media:phones,television… Shaytan whisper is stronger in private. 2:making dhikr ,and dua for destroying shaytan whispers while loosing lust

  26. mashaAllah for the positive efforts you have made towards gazing our sights by giving the best tips

    May Allah(s.w) makes us those who put into their practices

  27. JazakaAllah,now i feel some confidence to lower my gazing.This is really a wonderful article.may Allah forgive all of our sins…….Asthaghfirullah,Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin

  28. Asalamaalekum Brothers and sisters. Please make Dua for my father he is ill, he is in the hospital.Please Make Dua that Allah Talah give him Shifa and Healthy life jazakalllah Khair

  29. Reminding my friends to lower their gaze will annoy them. It’s either I lose their friendship or stay quiet. What can i do? I care about them but they don’t see it.

  30. Very true and good information specifically for young girls and boys of the day to refrain from committing the Zina.

  31. MashaAllah, Very beneficial. May Allah bless you. One is even I personally do “Reading on mobile / looking at my mobile screen to read comments / notes”