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  1. I’m not clear on how to distinguish between one’s nafs and the shaitan….please clarify. Jazakallahu khair

      If it’s a habit
      and you got used to it then it’s your nafs

      It it’s a sin
      you do every then and a while then it’s Shaitan who makes you fall in this sin

      But be careful bad habits always started by Shaitan
      till he makes you take it as a habit, so you must fight the sin.

    • Salam,
      Nafs is an Arabic word meaning self…
      Imam Ali (as) has said that: “The Nafs is like a wild horse and you are riding upon him, if you move your attention for one second, he will throw you off.”
      there are main types of nafs
      Ammara (Nafs-e-Ammara / Commanding Soul
      Lawwama (Nafs-e-Lawwama / self-accusing soul
      Malhama (Nafs-e-Malhama / Inspiring soul
      Mutmainnah (Nafs-al-Mutmainnah / satisfied soul

    • salamualkum
      i would like to enquirer my dearest friend as a very deep love for music and she has done a lot of research and knows a lot about satanism know there is an evil spirit which is troubling her and she realizes her mistakes and wants to change but she is unable to read quraan , sallah thikr or make dua and any form of prayer every time she tries she gets such unbearable headaches she cant even bear it and she goes into this different state at times where she draws these satanic symbol and she has these cuts on her hands and she wants to change but she doesn’t know how and when she tries she is stopped, please help me and advice e so i can tell her as i love her dearly and she is very close to me.

      • And ask God to relieve her from the headaches and harm, I’ve suffered somewhat similarly!
        She should try to say her morning + evening adhkar, especially Ayat AlKursi + the Mu’wadattayn, blowing into hands, and wiping over the whole body. It will protect her body from being too easy for devils to enter, if she cannot recite, a family member or you (you seem to be the same sex, so that should work!!) could recite, blowing into your gathered hands, and wiping over her body. بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الأرض و لا في السماء و هو السميع العليم

      • She should listen to at least once while awake, and once while sleeping, headphones are ideal! تفسير الأحلام on youtube has many short, but powerful ruqyah, and there are other ruqah with ruqyah videos specifically for satanic seals, masonic devils, etc.

        رقية طلاسم
        رقية اختام شيطانية
        رقية نوم عند الصلاة

        Listen to what comes up with these searches on youtube.

  2. interesting topic, Jazakom ALLAH Khyran 

    I have the same q as Umm Adam, and I didn’t understand the answer unfortunately, would you clarify it Marwa with Arabic ?

  3. my mind got totaly disterbd beacuse of Satanic whispering.. i am not able to think about any good women from islam it will re direct me in to very bad thinking…some times if i sit simply then also sudenly this kind of bad thinkings coming in to my mind…if i saw some one i am not able to think about them in positive way..if i try then also i am not able to do…please help..give me a solution for this…

  4. Brother if you are having issues with negative thoughts you can’t dispell them by thinking about them. You will need to focus on something else. You can’t fight evil within you by listening to it… You need to understand that whispers go away only when you’re not focused on them… For this some do meditation.. Some pray… Some divert / distract themselves.. Some start a creative habit.. You can do them altogether.. Keep urself busy..

  5. A very well written article with an incisive approach towards this epidemic of Was’was . You have successfully summed up the Solution of religious OCD is these words :

    “The Qur’an and Sunnah are our reference and guides for knowing what is permitted and forbidden in life as Muslims, it is therefore an obligation to learn about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and thus increasing in our pursuit of knowledge strengthens our faith. We should also turn to scholars when in doubt or needing clarification.”

    Although I Have myself researched a lot on the topic of Religious OCD , but your article has definitely helped me learn the new aspects which perhaps were amiss from my previous finds .

    As a Muslim By birth , I have embattled with was’was for a long time and Allhumduliallah ! I have been able to overcome them to the most part – My whole experience has been summed in my recently written Book :

    I really am hopeful that more and more Muslims can heal themselves from the emotional turmoil which a person undergoes as a result of these pervasive Was’was . And this is the prime Objective of writing this Book –

  6. listen to your heart and always being works on purification your heart.heart knows the universe.not give up to your mind.