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  1. Really Gazaky Allah 7’ayran for this article.

    I’m from Egypt and I’m Muslim & a proud …
    I’m really a proud for this site’s article & videos and all things in it
    I wish for you Ganna (and not any paradise but it is El-Fardows) ISA
    God with you & bless all.

  2. Wow, this is what I was thinking about yesterday! Motivation to study…sometimes, just learning and by-hearting is not enough, we have to understand the techniques to study. yes, and sometimes, studying for the sake of grades is not enough, seek excellence, understanding what you are learning is important too! We have to be consistent in our studies, as ‘Consistency is a mark of a true professionals’ :) 
    Insha’ Allah, I will be a fresher in uni soon, n hope to implement your ideas.May Allah bless our Ummah. -Seeking Knowledge is obligatory for every muslim- Al Tirmidhi.

  3. Very nice article, jazakallah khair :) I would really appreciate it if you created a wallpaper of that verse: “And whoever saves one (soul) – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Qur’an 5:32], since I want to study medicine insha’allah, and it would really serve to motivate me if I saw that beautiful verse everyday :D

  4. how about doing chemistry? can you give me surah or ayah that relates to it? please share with me, anybody. thank you in advance.

    • I personally don’t know of an ayah about it but you can gain reward insha’Allah from studying chemistry – it depends what your intentions and aims are

      as mentioned in the article, your intentions/aims that could bring you reward insha’Allah:

      -intention: studying chemistry to please your parents

      -intention: studying chemistry to be able to provide for your family (if you/will be the provider); aim: find halaal job to provide for family and you will be rewarded for that insha’Allah

      -intention: contributing to society/humanity; aim: perhaps you want to make a scientific discovery or advancement… perhaps you want to work for a humanitarian organization

      Many times in the Qu’ran we read that those who are successful are those who have emaan and amaal salih (righteous actions/works) – so you can use your degree for that purpose

      all of the above can fall under the larger intention of pleasing Allah Subhanahu wa  Ta’ala

  5. has there been any muslim invertors in past? i want to study biomedical engineering and invent stuff :D inshAllah

  6. Jazaka Allahu Khairan for this article, even if I’m late for the “before classes start”, it was really helpful to realice what was my intention. Thank you.

    • My sister, If you aren’t going to work then you can share your knowledge, you can teach other students who may work Muslim or non Muslim, this will give them better image of Muslims, can be good way of giving dawah.