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  1. Subhan Allah.I really needed this one.Ihave my exams and I didnt even start preparing.Iwas tired coz I have seen a roaler coaster ride since January.really tough time .i wanted to have peace.Icouldnt sleep properly.Till bakrid I was in lot of problems.I really need your dua and I want to meet Allah n tell him all.

  2. Thank you for that , I needed that inspiration to look at the Quran more often. Look forward to your next article

  3. MashaAllah :)
    This was a very heartfelt and much needed reminder. I’m glad I opened the link and read this today – really needed it.

    • Alhamdullilah !

      Allah swt guides whom He pleases :)
      “when Allah swt wishes good for some one, HE bestows upon him the understanding of Deen ” { bukhari, muslim}

  4. Masha Allah , very great article. This shows the greatness of the Holy Qur’an. We have everything in it and yet we are wandering hither and thither in search of lessons.
    One more thing that I found in the first ayah is that we are being told, no matter what you know, you cannot understand anything unless Allah wills. We are being advised to be humble, and not arrogant because of the little knowledge we human beings have.We are being shown our limitations. Subhan Allah.

    • Awesome lesson and so right !

      Jzk for sharing it with us .
      See , how amazing Quran is ? There is always something amazing to learn from it .

  5. Ma sha Allah !
    I liked this place : And you are not alone. We are all in this together.
    And i also agree, this was much needed.

  6. Jazakallahu khair. I cannot express how relieving it was to read this. Been so stressed out that I barely recognised the gratification that came with a simple reminder to open the Quran. Thank you so much. Allah bless you :-)

    • Assalam alai kum Sis Faiza,

      yes i share your feeling too!.. its a very simple, pure gratification that comes only by connecting to Allah swt.


  7. Jazakallahul khair for sharing this with us, May Allah make it a turning point for a continuous guidance to us all in sha Allah

  8. May Almighty Allah ease your task for you at productivemuslim to keep up your service to humanity.
    Waiting eagerly for the next productive article.

  9. Jazakillahu khairan for the excellent reminder. Please may I request that for all articles where the name of our beloved Messenger sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, is mentioned, we write: sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. This way, you will also remind readers to say salawaat.

  10. May u be rewarded bringing people back to focus and looking at the Quran with the inner heart zazakalla khair

    • Aww sis intention for myself and for others is the same … Getting connected to the Quran . It is the best friend a person could ever want -/ non judgemental , comforting , encouraging motivating entertaining, u name it and it is there


  11. Alhamdhulillah for this much needed reminder.Maintaining focus is one of my problems.waiting eagerly for more treasures from the Quran. Jazakallahu khairan.

    • It’s one of the main issues with my 8 year old too.. :) This just shows how timeless and universal Quran is and how it teaches us lessons we can implement at anytime .


  12. Jazaki Allah Khairan sister I’ve always had a special bond with this sura but sobhan Allah I have forgotten it along with many other surahs due to being unfortunately rather away from Quran the part couple of years :-(
    I hour by following these series I may reconnect. Just one small thing; ‘harf’ means letter not word as described in the first productivity tip.
    Jazaki Allah khairan again and please keep me in your prayers.

  13. As salaamualaikum ,
    Nice article about surah of Qur’an-e- kareem and ahadith as well. May Allah(s.w.t.) help us to read and implement the Qur’an-e-kareem.
    I would like to mention the point I feel so excellent about the Qur’an-e-kareem. It is the ayah’s of the Qur’an-e-kareem that enter the heart staightaway alhumdolillah. But when I relaized that Allah(s.w.t) has mentioned that the Qur’an-e-kareem is Bayyinah, Hidayat and Rehmat for us! Where will we get such things like Hidayat, Rehmat and Bayyinah in this world? These things are priceless! But Allah(s.w.t) has said that these are present in Qur’ane-ekareem! May Allah s.w.t help us to read the Qur’an-e-kareem abundantly and follow it in shaa Allah.
    Jazakallah for your nice article on Quran-e-kareem. May Allah s.w.t help you and prodmuslim in your efforts ameen.

  14. AsSalaamu alaikum
    What a wonderful article, ma sha Allah. This sura has always been special to me, as the part that is translated to mean “they would not have entered, but they have hope to” I can still hear my Islamic Studies teacher’s voice saying. I don’t know why it has remained in my memory since 1973. Then also I remember the promise of Iblis that he will attack us from the front, the back the right and the left is my reminder of his intense enmity that he will leave no stone unturned to see our ruin. So carry on, dear sister, and remind us of the next ayats, and may Allah reward you with the best of this life and the next, ameen.

    • yes sis, isn’t it amazing how things said to us just stay in our minds?

      In sha Allah many more lessons coming up as the Surah goes on !

      ameen to your dua

  15. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Sana, I believe that it can be hard to pay attention and focus with all the glittering distractions in our lives although those tips sound helpful. I realized that focus and paying attention could be one of the weakest points that need to be sorted before it’s too late in our lives. Jazaki Allah Khair sister. Thanks again.

    • Yes sis you are so right .

      I too realized its importantance some time back .

      Our focus has to be the straight path else we will land some where we don’t want to

      Jzk for sharing your thoughts with us

  16. Assalamu alaikum

    Jazakallahu khair for your article and it open our mind am eager and waiting for your next chapter allah bless your all efforts

  17. Sister/ Daughter,
    So inspiring. May He reward you and guide us all ! A little correction : HUROOF is equivalent of letters or characters and not words please( HARF is a letter or character).

  18. In moments of depression articles like this really help to divert attention from the worldly things and back to the creator. Jazak Allah khair:)

    • yes, sis, I know, I have had my share of this too.. and i am amazed and humbled by the incredible mercy of Allah swt that surrounds us . HE doesn’t want us to be depressed, down and out. HE wants us to be happy and positive, So HE sends us these rays of lights, I have had my share too :)


  19. jazaki allahu khairan …
    subhana allah this article came in the perfect time for me , i am attending weekly lessons on the tafsir of surah al-a’raf , and it will prepare me and give me motivation on maintaining these lectures without laziness
    really helpful article ,I can’t wait for the next one ..

    • Assalam alai kum Sis Zeynep,

      Alhamdullilah, :)

      please share what you learn from your tafseer lessons with us.we would love to know them :)


  20. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu.

    Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe. I also get a lot from reading this surah. Praise be to Allah and thanks be to Allah. I’ve been helped by reading this surah when dealing with oppressive people and oppresive regimes. Praise be to Allah. It teaches me all about oppression and how to identify it and respond to it. I appreciate your making the effort to share your findings with us.

    Only with Allah’s help can we face oppression. War is a good way too, but only with the permission of Allah and with the support of Allah. I think that by facing oppression with faith, conscious awareness of the evil of it, and prayer, we can make our way to the right side of the A’raf. In sha Allah.

    May Allah give us the power to command the ma’ruf and prohibit the munkar. I see in this surah, from the special meeting between Moses and Allah, that we are no better than Israel if we can’t stop the wickedness when it appears amongst us. May we lead ma’ruf lives.

    Abdullah Reed
    Bogor, West Java

  21. Assalamu ‘alaikum
    Sana, Way to Go Lady! An excellent combination of ideas, words and Qur’an. I was wondering how you had framed it. Masha Allah! I relished every part of your article and waiting for the rest to come. The first part made me very curious as you stated how the Surah made silent footsteps into your heart. Really Amazing!!!

    • Wlai kum salam !

      It’s all a mercy of Our Lord that we are able to do these things.
      Without His mercy, what can we do?
      jzk for your encouraging words


  22. Assalaamu alaikum Sis!

    MashaAllah such a beautiful article. I have got an assignment due in 3 days and I’m unable to start due to poor understanding. In Shaa Allah I’ll start paying more attention and focus on my studies and make due to Allah SWT to open up my mind. This was much needed strength.

    May Allah bless you and us with the best understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah to lead this life and the life of the hereafter successfully.

    JazakAllah Khair sister.

  23. Salam alaykum,
    Alhamdulillahi for this article, it’s being wonderful reading it and also reflecting on the surah on my own cos av never done the tafsir before but through this medium yet I gained an additional knowledge from the noble Qur’an.
    Keep up the good work
    Lagos, Nig.

  24. jazakumullahu khairan. my problem is that I find it difficult to concentrate while reciting the Quran, so as to ponder it’s meanings. really want to have a better interaction with the quran.

    • may Allah swt make it easy for you sis,

      make dua and read Quran when you are not tired and preferably where the distractions are less. Keep a book of tafseer/notes of tafseer open, so you can simply look over as you finish reading your portion.

      in sha Allah Allah swt will make it easy for you.


  25. May peace be upon all of us
    Please my brothers and aisters i need your prayer am in much difficulty because i refuse to furnicate with some one. Please brothers add me to your dua. As i will add yours in mine. And please thank you about the information. May Allah reward and bless us all. Amen

  26. Jazakum Allahu Khair! It is a useful article, indeed. I am an absent-minded person, I surely need to try to pay attention and focus more. Any tips on how to understand the quran more? I am now using both English and my mother-tongue translation to understand the quran.

  27. Maa_shaa_Allah!
    Great insight into that ayah.
    Indeed attention and focus are the building blocks of productivity.

    Am really inspired by the piece…Jazaakum-Allah-khair!

  28. Assalamu Alaikum;

    Masha Allah.. such an inspiring and motivational piece of Knowledge.. Insha Allah.. i will put into practice.
    Being non- arabic, I feel depressed by the fact that I cannot understand the meaning of Holy Quran, Allhumdulillah trying to learn whole- heartedly. So for me, such articles are an immense source of wisdom to ponder on. Awaiting for more articles.

  29. kasum, 26 yrs, dear Muslim and Muslimsah,I ask u all to help me in dua as we know the best deed is to pray for some one even u know not. I try learning the Qur’an but wouldn’t stick in mind, may allah grant u all prayers and myself. ameen

  30. Subhanallah. I never realise the power on those words. Alim.Lam.Mim.Saad has teach us to focus on every works/tasks/ibadah we are doing.
    Thank you for the article!

  31. جزاكِ الله خيراً
    This is one of my favorite Surah/ suwar. I really enjoy the recitation of shaykh Tawfeeq asSayegh of this Surah.
    This series has brought the Surah to life for me.
    May الله keep you on HIS path and protect you and your family

  32. jazakamullahu khairan. this entire seires is amazing. subhanallah. May ALLAH always protect and keep you on His path. Is it possible to add the option for a printable version on the website without images. The topics covered on the website are really useful for halaqaat for young people
    Barakallahu feek