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  1. Social Media has taken our attention from Important things in our lives.The first step to words rebuilding our connection with Allah and our people around us is reduction of our contacts with our phones.Dump the phone some few minutes before salah..Do adhkar as heading towards Salah time.When meeting up with Friends or Family the phone should be away the entire meeting time not unless there is something important on it that has to be discussed.

    • I believe this is by far the best and most important advice towards the younger crowds, however we all need a share of our communities and social media so learn to control it and everything will be fine inshallah!

      • Good advice from most of you may Allah reward all those who gave sincere advice with Jannah. Amin. Another word of advice, pls for those writing In shaa Allah together pls write it in 3 separate words otherwise the meaning changes (according to Dr Zakir Naik) if written together “create Allah” but if written in 3 separate words ” if Allah wills”.

  2. Asalamualikum,
    I been struggling with this problem for years now. I feel I’m stuck and can’t get out. I been trying to go for grad school but last year I backed out in the last minute, I’m confused and lost about many decisions in my life like what program to study/ what school to go to/ to stay close to home or far and even about marriage.
    I think the main part of the problem is because I don’t want to “make a mistake” in my decision so I over think and try to consider all the options but there are so much uncertainty I’m just left not making any decisions. I know I should do my best and believe Allah will take care of the rest, and I do believe whatever Allah has plan for me is for the best but I’m just so lost I can’t get myself to make a choice.

    And I’m like this not just with the big decisions in my life but even something simple I take forever to make a choice

    I really hope you guys can offer some insight with the permission of Allah.

    • Assalaamu alaycom,

      It is indeed a common issue amongst others too.

      1 – The key is in understanding the pillars of true Tawakul upon Allah swt, and fully believe that indeed only Allah truly knows what is best for us.

      2 – Do the salahtul Hajjah – for guidance, strength and decisiveness.

      3 – We are indeed to ponder over decisions and to try to optimise balance between option/positives and negatives; once one is inclined to making the choice; combining this with the Istikharah duaa is key. What ever then happens we will know 100% that it was the best possible action and outcomes.

      4 – Always make ample duaa after/during each prayer for guidance upon the straight path, and to keep your heart firm upon the deen.

      And Allah swt knows best.

      May Allah swt make it easy for you, for all others on this forum and for the whole Ummah.


      • Assalamu alaikum fellow productive Muslim, you have actually said my mind; so I’ll add little – Allah s.w.t says: “Successful indeed are the believers. those who offer their salaat (prayers) with all humility and submissiveness” [Surat al-Mu’minoon 23:1&2] remembering these verses will make one who wants to be successful to worship with proper focus and humility. this is the best provision for the Hereafter. It gives a person will-power and helps to resolve difficulties and face hardship (in taking decision or averting distractions).

        Appreciate the moment you live in and Allaah will increase you in provision “la’in shakartum LA azeedannakum” (Surat Ibrahim v.8)

        Fear Allaah to the best of your ability and He will find a wayout for you “Wa man yattaqillaaha yaj’alu lahu makhrajaa”

        Seek forgiveness from Allaah and “…do not despair of the mercy of Allaah” Q39:53 “…certainly no one despairs of Allaah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve”. Q12:87

        Always remember, “…Nay! Verily, with me is my Lord, He will guide me”. Qur’an 26:62

        Wallaahul Musta’aan

      • That was a very helpful reply. My first time on here and i am loving it already. Finally a blog or whatever you call it, is full of optimistic brothers and sisters. :)

    • Assalamu alaikum,

      Someone I recently spoke to referred to a quote by French philosopher Voltaire that says, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” This means that we should not concentrate so much on trying to be perfect or make perfect decisions because we will prevent ourselves from being truly great. Only Allah is perfect. He has created a destiny for us and no matter what we choose is already a part of that plan because He, in His infinite wisdom, knows our choices before we do.

      First, make the intention to make good, healthy choices for yourself that will support your Iman and your Deen. Second, ask for Allah’s guidance frequently and with sincerity. Third, enlist the help of your support people, trusted friends, family, Imam, to help you make big decisions. Last, trust in Allah and make the best of your decision.

      Remember the dua we make when leaving the home: Bismillahi tawakaltu al Allah, wa la hawla wa la quwata illah billah. In the name of Allah, we put our trust in Allah, and there is no might or power except with Allah.

    • Aoa,
      I hope you are doing well and i hope this helps you. Unfortunately i don’t have an answer myself but there is a video i would like u to watch and that might help you. The video is called Trust Allah by noumal ali khan. I hope this website helps :)


    • Dear Sister,

      Whatever situation we are in, Allah has a better plan for us. Sometimes, we do think that we cant go through the hardship or indecisive on certain situation, but Allah is always near to us and HE will listen to our prayers. Let me share with you my experiences. The company that work for has requested me to transfer to the other state – which i’ll be far away from my family and travelling to home is 2 flights away. I have no family, friends and siblings in this foreign land. For the first few months after the transfer, i regret for what i did; but there is no turning back. Instead of grieving, I seek HIM. I know for sure HE has a greater plan for me. And HE does. After almost 10months here, I see positive improvement in myself – something that i wished for (i wrote my dream in my diary last year) has been granted.

      Your journey will be easy if you take HIM with you. We plan, and HE plan. And HIS plan is always the best for us.
      Trust HIM and HE will never let you fall.

  3. Reading this just saw myself in the mirror. I am a master at distracting myself – often with unnecessary tasks to avoid doing what is necessary – I will try to postponed it as much as possible. And the chooses – Imagine enrolling into “one” free online course 3 different times already and still not being able to finish/start it – I know I want to learn that subject (hence the enrolling) and then I don’t follow through.

    Looking forward to read through the comments to learn from everyone……….

      • I will add to dua, setting objectives and do our best to achieve them. Even small objectives in our day. Achieving our goals, represents small victories that will make us more self-confident, more motivated, less guilty and at peace. By attaining this, we can, by the permission of Allah, have more concentration in our worship. In fact, because of the peace in our hearts and the feeling of satisfaction about our concrete efforts to be more productive, we will be so immersed during our Salat into thankfulness and gratitude toward Allah.

        • Moreover, this will help us to have more trust in Allah. Because we are doing our part, whatever the decision we take (after salaat al istikhara) we will rely completely on Allah, hand Him over the reins and continue working on our goals. Finally, because hamduli’Allah we know that we are doing our best to achieve our objectives, and constantly working on this, we will be insh’Allah more present in our relationships, living the moment and enjoying it. May Allah grant us success and give us motivation to get started in setting goals and work hardly and constantly on them..Personally, I still have hard times with this issue..I give up, I get demotivated but I’m working on it..insha’Allah :)

  4. One major factor that contributes to the constant state of indecisiveness and turmoil is ‘lack of trust in Allah’s plan’. But, we the blessed muslims forget that He still continues to bless us from His divine knowledge and wisdom, if only we are ready to listen to it. One such way of getting us out of this state is ‘Salat al Istikhara’. If only we make our matters right with Him, His divine guidance will never cease to bless us. In short, Pray Istikhara, Repent, Trust in Him and keep moving. It is hardly a matter of few blinking moments until we are raised on the day of judgement. SubhanAllah :)

  5. As Salamualykum,
    These are my thoughts about the questions! However I’m gonna answer just one as I need to learn from u guys on the others as well.
    To focus better in our worship, errr well I’m not the best person to ask but hmm … Okay to start with,,we need to time our selves, set an alarm for prayer 10 minutes before it, hence we use 5 minutes for wudu and 5 minutes to throw everything we were thinking of before and concentrate on Allahs magnificence , his jannah… or death haha! Amean it’s a reality isn’t it. That way we become focused as to why and where we are going with the prayer. also try concentrating on each action or tone or meaning of what we are saying.means u gotta use tajweed man… Also, if u have one of those mats that have the Kaaba on them lol look at it and imagine you’re in the haram (mosque) and let that spirituality spring in. Lastly. Don’t rush, if possible take deep breaths between Surahs or verses cause we all know that the mental state of ourselves works hand in hand with oxygen. Now be at peace brothers and sisters,, BarakAllah feek

  6. I add a little more and suggest to the above article in addition to the above four solutions ” when the people are worried, disgusted, fed up with the life and etc In such cases they are not in a position to take correct decisions due to distractions for their problems as there is no peace of mind. The concrete solution is we have to worship Allah without pride in our Heart, respect others ideas, to take part in conversations and relationships in good faith and avoid indulging in vain wishes. Hope when times goes we will be alright with the society and people will start respecting us and our words.

    The above Productive Article was a good one and and we correct ourselves by those golden words.

  7. Constant distraction is life. Priorities, time management, relaxing and enjoying.
    Live for now with the blessings you have.
    Your goal. Will do what is within my capacity to the best of my ability.

  8. The easy answer is to put down the phone/gadgets right? The question becomes how sustainable is this really when we are more or less addicted to our devices, for better or worse.

    We will never achieve the essence of worship in our times because our very existence as suggested is bombarded with distraction. However, we will be held accountable only to our capabilities.

    As far as prayer, the times before and after prayer must be void of distraction if possible. I check my phone right before prayer starts, right after my sunnah, then after my fard, then after dua. Dua is very short because of desire to get back to ‘virtual convos’ as suggested. There must be times where we literally pull ourselves away from the world and the salaat alone is just not good enough. It’s just a final product.

    To be honest, it’s quite depressing how so much information exposes us to so many great ideas, trends, and events yet deep inside when we sit and reflect we feel overwhelminglydepressed and void of tasting the sweetness of Imaan. Perhaps I speak for myself but our heart has so many things in it….where is the room left for Allah? We read a million hadeeth and ayat online throughout the year. We don’t embody one. We just scroll…

    I know we are supposed to give tips but I am need of tips.

    One practical tip I do have is meditation….Muraqabah as some teachers call it….where we sit and leave the world and just remember Allah for a set time…e.g 15 minutes a day. Most of us will find this exhausting and it only shows our level of distraction.

    • JarZarKalAllah Brother for your input, the fact your heart honestly explained the mindset we sometime have is a blessing upon us.

      I agree meditation is a key to overcoming distractions, quietening the mind and allowing the souls wispers to be heard and acted upon Inshallah. Meditation is a skill that was taught at the time of Prophet PBUH as SuhanAllah this is how he came to be the messenger of Allah by the solitude mediation in the cave.

      It would be fruitful for all the Ummah to learn and practise meditation, I believe there are resources.

      May Allah forgive me if I have offended anyone by this post.


  9. The answer is to keep increasing your relationship with Allah and ask Him to guide. Nothing will shake you or distract you when you have a strong connection with Him.

    Keep being curious on how you can increase your ibadah and that is where technology can come in whereby knowledge is at the tip of your fingers. Understanding and being open about what you are learning and know that at the end of the day you have the intellect to sift through the input that you have received, hence the choice is to implement what is good which is from Allah while other thing that seems questionable you leave it aside because at the end of the day, everything on this Dunya belongs to God and His knowledge is all encompassing while our knowledge and understanding is limited.


  10. Assalaam Aleykum. Maa Shaa ALLAH….May ALLAH S.W.T reward you all for everything. I need advice on this…..I sometimes feel fear inside my heart…please advice me on how to handle this…..according to ISLAM.

  11. As salaam alaikum,
    We need to stay in the present! Easy to say? Yes, I know, not even close! But, if we just take baby steps to achieve this goal, it can work for us! Just start with one second with a set time in your mind, and it can be achieved. What I mean by that is to take one trial or thought about what maybe troubling you and just think about the many ways to change that thought into a solvable solution! Brain storm, write your ideas on paper so you can visualize it! By writing your idea on paper, allows you to take the thoughts out of your already cluttered mind and free up space to help think clearer. If you can incorporate this in your thinking, you will feel yourself coming up with results easier! Even if you have to reach out to family or friends to gain other helpful ideas, it too can help you become stress free! Insha’Allah, this may help some out! As salaam alaikum

  12. Doing away with worldly fantasies like our devices and gadgets before salaat and focusing on d fact that we are going on a trip with the almighty is something all Muslims should imbibe. May Allah make it easy for us.

  13. The most important key i learnt from my mentor in making effective decisions is to focus on one thing at a time…

    In life we always, and i mean it WILL ALWAYS miss something while doing something else, you may lose sleep because of working, loose time in travelling, fun with friends while cooking… So the lesson that one should always remember is to enjoy whatever you are doing right now and focus on it rather than trying to juggle things and end up in a mess.

    • Salam
      Very interesting advice and suggestions
      Jazakalau to all
      I am going through lot of family issues and would like a mentor
      How do I find one please

  14. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulah, Jazakillah Khair for this article & reminder that we are not alone in these modern problems as Muslims. A Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) was to turn his body & give his full attention to whosever he speaking or speaking to him. It is highly distracting when you walk past a sister & give Salaams only to realise there’s headphones stuck in her ear or she looks away & does respond to your Salaams! Yet unfortunately that sister will say hello or Good morning to a non-Muslim. We need to not just read but, practise the Sunnah of Muhammadur Rasoolulah… There will be less distractions as well in our Salaat because when reciting like the Prophet (saw) we would pause at the end of every sentence, we would pause in ruku & sujood, we would pray as though its our last Salaat & remember that we are reciting Darood of the Prophet (saw) as well. May Allah (SWT) increase us in knowledge that benefits. Ameen.

  15. Assalamualaikum,

    May Allah bless all of you and put Barakah in your lives.

    One thing that is missing here is :

    “Journal Writing”

    This is one thing that I wish every one should do. Initially it looks boring. But you continue doing it for 6-8 months and you see the ‘magic’ . just sit and write a page or two without any conscious effort. Write whatever comes to your mind. Continue writing till you feel the need to take a deep breath.

    Read those pages regularly (weekly maybe).
    You know your thoughts and now are better prepared to deal with distractions.


    • Salaam Alaikum, this is a very useful thing to do. I used to keep a journal many years ago and it helped. Should help with all the distractions and thoughts as you can just dump them there.

  16. Assalam’Alaykum
    Thanks for bringin’ up the subject .
    We v lost not only our time trying to decide on things amongs that swarm of choices we meet each day. But our identity as muslims, we forgot about the basic pole of Islam -believe-Iman . if we really believe in Allah we ll no be anxious about worldly matters.Allah subhanah wata’ala makes Istikhara to make things clearer for us whenever we feel lost ..if only we stuck to Islamic commandments we ll make our lifes work out .

  17. It is my sincere hope that brothers and sisters in islam wake up to the realities and mere distractions of this short life in this dunya and stand up for thetrue religion, ISLAM.

  18. Alsalam alykum everybody, it is wonderful to share you feeling and experience with Muslim Ummah in a trial to define the signs and symptoms of such problem.
    We have not to forget that we are not a lone who are living in this world, there are other invisible creatures (angels, jinn and other creatures) that affect on us and our lives without any previous notice.
    It is the act of devil to distract you and make you confused all the time, you have been created for a purpose and it is the job of devil to convince you to stay away from that purpose, the devil will provide you with all tools and ways to do that.
    Don’t worry you are not a lone, as long you keep your faith, prayers and hope in ALLAH Almighty, Angels are around you trying their best to help you see your way to that purpose, they will let you read and listen to advice of good people, they will help you to remember your prayer, to meet good people, trust me you are not alone, just be patient, keep praying, accept what you have and don’t be over-ambitious (greedy), help the needy people, be kind to the animals, plants and whatever ALLAH created, and continue learning your religion, may ALLAH Almighty accept us and our deeds.

  19. MashaAllah very good discussion.I m in the same boat of distraction.Its not only technology its our thoughts which take us to this then that way n this in my opinion is just coze of not having tru trust on Allah .we say it but actually we dont so I say first build our trust with our creator n have firm faith that He do the best asking His help all the time
    Pray , pray , and pray with this notion that He listen and respond

  20. Salaam in terms of tips for concentration in salah always remember our purpose in life is to worship Allah and this is our opportunity to talk to Allah, seek protection and focus on the akhira and how our salah will be judged by Allah on the day of judgement and a protection from the grave insha Allah.
    What has helped me is to understand the meanings of what we say in salah we are praising Allah and saying Allahu akbar- he is greater than what we worry about for example

  21. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatULLAAH wa barakaatuh.
    AlhamduliLLaah. May ALLAAH bless us all. Aameen.
    One of the ways to be free from indecision is to imbibe the sunnah of observing istikhaarah and consulting with the believers, as reported in a hadeeth of the Rasuul,SalaLLaahu alayhi wa sallam.
    The good thing about this sunnatic approach is that, one won’t regret whatever is the outcome of such decision, because one has done the needful.
    As for distractions especially in salaah, I am implementing these two tips: frequent dhikr and going for salaah early. Alhamdulillaah, they are working for me.
    Allaah knows best.

    Please, we need more tips to overcome these problems that are bedeviling the ummah.
    JazaakumuLLAAHU khayran.

  22. As Salaamu alaikum
    I am fascinated with the ayats in sura al a’raf where Iblies promised to Allah that he would wait for us on the straight
    path and approach us from in front, behind, on our right and on our left…I thought it was literal until looking in the tafsir
    which explained that the frontal approach is to make doubt in the hereafter, the back is to ENTICE US TO THIS LIFE AND THE THINGS IN IT ( always a sale, and get the newest one now, now, now!,), from the right is to make confusion in our religion, and from the left is to call us to sin. If these present day concerns of ours is not from our
    enemy, then what is? His game has just stepped up, and it is imperative that we do the same with our ibadah. I try dressing up like for royalty, as we are in the court of Allah while in salat. (also from this sura to wear our best at every occasion of salat), I try reciting with tajweed, and try to understand the meanings. also make plenty of dua in sajdah relating to those things which distract…
    May Allah strengthen all of us, and give us the best of this life and the next, ameen.
    wa alaikum as salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

    • I really needed this post. I found all the comments very helpful.The “key” to overcome distractions is by making a strong connection with Almighty ALLAH.I want to add some points or actions which helped me in my bad days and opened up pathway of happiness ALHUMDULILAH
      1.Repent alot.
      2.Listen to the Adhan and reply to it.Afterwards make dua.
      3.Offer Tahajjud Salah and open up your heart and feelings in front of Almighty ALLAH.
      4.Follow the Sunnah of morning and evening supplications.
      5.Recite Quran and try to understand it.
      A strong connection with ALLAH makes the difficult time easy and opens up those pathways which never even existed.

  23. Assalam alaikum.
    Masha Allah great opinions and ideas.I have been through distractions and indecision and this issues had a severe effect
    on my life till date.As I experienced and still chasing to follow that lack of consistency,perseverance in whatever we do
    and unable to hold on the ground leads to above mentioned issues. I am unable to concentrate in prayers so what that means – leave the prayers,No a big NOOOOOOOOOO……..We must strive to continue with our prayers.
    But the reality is we just break away and again we want to be in line rather struggling to be in line.
    i gave Salah as an example but as we look in our daily activities the same cycle continues.
    I am awaiting for more innovative ideas yet to explore Insha Allah.


  24. as salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
    Focusing better in our worship is really serious today. We have way too many distractions! When I make the salah, I try to think of what I am reciting. This makes me more conscientious about the prayer. Insha Allah I can remain focused.
    Someone gave me the suggestion to disconnect from phone, computer at least once a week. No talking on the phone, no texting, no conversations of what would take you from ibadah. I think this is a super awesome way to stay in-tuned to what is important. Allah subhanna wa tal ala constantly sends to us loving reminders on how and what to do to be closer to him. I was recently in a conversation with a woman speaking about Islam in America and she said “…sis I’m trying to learn the Arabic cuz I need to know what Allah is saying…”. Let me tell you, if I could have stood beside myself and kicked myself I would be sporting a bruise today! We have to pay attention and make good on whatever our heart and mind utter. Being present in the moment when your child, spouse and parents communicates or does something is priceless…nothing like reflecting at the end of the day and smiling to yourself knowing and feeling that you’ve connected to those whom you love and are luved by. Medicine for me and anyone who needs it…rahmah

  25. Entire Ummah is trapped in this cage.
    And we need to find a way out.
    This is what HUMAN life is all about. Alhamdulillah! That we have realized that we have strayed.
    Alhamdulillah! That we are eager and earnest to walk on the path of righteousness.
    Alhamdulillah! This is also by His permission.
    It is said and believed that if we really have ‘ fikr ‘ it can work wonders. When there is fikr, there is dua.
    And Allah always accepts the prayers of those seeking guidance.
    Without asking He blessed us with everything that we have..(even if we appreciate or not.)
    With our pleading He will surely help us out of the marshes of distractions.
    There is a need of a strong will, a desire to change for good.
    There can be no shortcuts.
    The solution has to come from Allah and we need to pray to Him.
    Life is made up of alternate seasons of joys and pains, concentration and distractions. …
    We must be careful that the one of distractions doesn’t goes so long that we meet the inevitable end.
    Now is the best time to promise ourselves that we’ll take care of our soul… towards which we’ve been so indifferent of late.. poor thing said not a word when we were just killing it by our BUSY-NESS in mortal affairs.
    I make you people witness to my pledge that from now on I’ll try my best to connect my heart with my Master.
    But how?
    InShaAllah! I’ll remember the masnoon duas and pray them on respective situations.
    InShaAllah! On the face of making decisions, I’ll pray “YaALLAH! Put in my heart thoughts that are best for me and save me from the sharr of my nafs.”
    I’ll start everything with Bismillah and end with Alhamdulillah.
    At least two rakahs with proper khushu and khuzu. InShaAllah! Pray that the delight of those 2 rakahs lure me to increase upon it. And one day, sooner or later my farz namaz becomes so. Ameen.
    Pray that Allah makes me steadfast.Ameen
    Remember in prayers….
    Now that I have given my word, pray that I keep it up.
    YaAllah! It is Your power and grace and mercy that I depend on… plzz don’t let me down. Ameen.

    ( you can also make such commitments )

    Pardon My Inexperience.

  26. Alhamdulillah many effective tips are given there..jzk
    I am also struggling to get rid of distraction during Salah..l think it is very useful to remember that ALLAH subhanahu taala is watching me and i am seeing Him..if I am standing before a powerful person what should be my attitude..i must be polite and attentive so in case of ALLAH who is greatest, our outmost attention should be given. Maa aas salam

  27. Great discussion. Reading all your comments makes me feel I am not alone. I am really guilty of indecision. I find myself “futurizing” most of the time, rather than thinking about the present moment. This is very distracting.
    I spend a lot of time feeling disappointed of myself for not focusing more in prayer, being really there for family members. But, I just “think”, rather than “do” anything about it.
    I think that breaking up goals and taking one baby step at a time is a good way to help ourselves stay focused on the present.
    I like the idea of keeping a journal. I think I will try doing that but in a different way. I will write that went wrong, what went well every night. I hope that by reflecting on that the next day, I can have a clear idea about what I need to improve. Also, highlighting what went well , will probably encourage me and give me confidence to make the right choices.

  28. Assalamualikum
    If you have a goal the how do you save yourself from distractions. Like currently i do have a goal. But i am so distracted and troubled by everything going around me in my life in general. I sometimes get so frustrated. Can i please get some advice. Jazakallah khair

  29. Bismillaah. Salaamu alaykum. Regarding lack of focus during salat, the devils have encroached on Muslim prayer as part of the effort to eliminate any and all forms of religion. It is best to check for this before prayer is begun, as this interference is very disturbing to the prayer. Wassalaam. Abdul

  30. i think what helps me is taking a few minutes just before prayer time to think about what i m about to do. taking a few breaths help me distant myself from what is going on in my mind. then most importantly to think about death… for sure one day i m going to die and none of the worries that i m worried about or the plans that i m planning in this world will be of any use to me when i meet my lord after i die. the only thing that will be important at that moment is this very prayer that i m about to offer. then start offering your prayer knowing that this may very well be your last.

  31. Jazakallahu Khair for such a nice article & asking users to share thier views on this :-

    Focusing better in our worship :-
    – Try to perform Salah as soon as possible when time is up
    – Spend more quality time in Masjid
    – Try for Imam Jamaat all 5 times Salah
    – Whenever we offer Salah, think as if it is the last Salah of our lifetime

    Technology can make you or break you.

    Whatever the act we do, make our intentions clear . Our intention is only for the sake of gaining pleasure of Allah

  32. Guys I am really happy by looking at your keen intrest in this common problem its really distraction. But there are real simple steps through which we can overcome it. In any difficult situation spiritual connection is most important.
    Recite following duas:
    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajiun.
    (Surat Al Bakarah).
    Hasbi Allahu Wa Niamal Ewakil Wa Allallahi Tawakkalna.
    If you are not Sure between two choices Perform Istekhara which is yet simple to be performed.
    We have to know that this is life and it waits for no one. Time is running, every second is bringing a new change. Life is a inevitable reality which cannot be altered everyrhing has been predefined and planned. Hurdles will come and thus you jave to overcome. Life can go extreme even, so extreme That we will not get a chance to access its track. It would seem really tough. Thats why spiritually Seek guidance from Allah in your affairs, seek guidance from your near relatives, your parents comes first in this. We should thank Allah Of what he has given to us let it be a single small broken thing which is outdated, it will become far more precious than latust versions. Ha! let it be this is out of topic but still. InshaAllah may Allah help us in our affairs.

  33. alhamdulillah, maa shaa Allah …
    many great lessons to be taken from comments thus far.
    what I can also add, is that we should not seek to be victims of “choice crisis ” … it is OK to weigh some options , but sometimes we really know what we want and that should be enough . prioritization is key for success .
    we should differentiate between “should do” , “must do ” and “nice to do ” acts …
    we should reflect more on the passage of time and consequence of wasting significant part of our times is choice analysis
    Baarakallahu feekum