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  1. This is a wonderful article, and I think many of these tips can also be applied to my life in high school. However, I was a bit confused by Tip #13. The Prophet (peace be upon him), actually did share the household chores with the members of his family, so why would people ask why you didn’t share the chores? And although the concept of having a mahram with you is a valid one in unsafe environments, how is one supposed to find one on a college campus where they don’t know anyone there? These are just questions stemming from my personal interpretation of Islam, so I’m not attacking what you think; just curious about why you said those things.

    • Salam Alaikum Aafia,
      It just common questions I used to be asked when I was abroad. A lot of people raised the question of equality in Islam and with Women’s Right being a hot topic in the west a lot of questions and fingers have been pointed at Islam. Yes, indeed the Rasool (pbuh) did share house chores. But this is not what non Muslims know about our prophet or about Islam. This is where we as Muslims jump in to clarify any misconceptions about Islam. Islam is not a religion of oppression nor does it degrade woman nor make a submissive to her husband. If there are wrong practices it is then stemmed from those who practice it not from Islamic Belief. As for finding a Mahram on campus might be hard for different subjective reasons, you can always surround yourself with good righteous companions and make sure you go no where without them. I ask God to forgive us for shortcomings and always guide us for what pleases Him (swt).

    • I have responded earlier, but for some reason it is not showing up. Anyways, I wrote this because of the countless times I have been asked about abusive treatment that is encouraged by Islam against Muslim women. It was the rise of the so called hot topic of women’s right in the west. Unfortunately people couldn’t differentiate between practices of individuals that might go against Islamic beliefs and the Islamic ideology, belief system and the practices. Yes the prophet (PBUH) did share house chores but this is not what non Muslims blimps about Islam and our beloved prophet. Many think that the practices of any Muslim (even if it goes against our religious teaching) is a practice encouraged by the Islam and not a wrong doing only stemmed by the doer and has nothing to do with the religion.
      As for having no Mahrams on campus, try to surround yourself with good and righteous companion and have them always arround you to pick you up when you are not doing so well religiously.
      I hope this has helped clarify my point and why I made this specific reference.
      I ask Allah swt to forgive our shortcomings and to be pleased with us all.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum …..
    Masha Allah.. some wonderful and perfect advises for any university student specially for them who are far from home,….I am also a university student studying far away from my hometown. I also faced exactly the same situations as you described at the beginning. And by the mercy of Allah I found the right way…alhumdulillah.. I am still facing some problems but I think your tips will work very well for them…
    Jazakallahu Khair….

  3. As salamoalaikum!

    May Allah bless you with more success.Its a great message for all ummah we learned a lot from your article.

  4. A beautiful and well articulated thought.
    University years are always challenging. I believe this will be a productive tool to combat these challenges. I advice us to forward it to our teenage children also as these challenges start from secondary school nowadays.
    May Allah(swt) reward you fiduniya wal akhiratu.

  5. Ma Shaa Allah, this article is good and I have learnt something from this post. I have seen that many Muslims especially girls forget who they are when they go to Colleges and Universities as they see more of the world and they would like to fit in. This will definitely help those who struggle to fit in.

    I like it when people ask me questions about Islam but sometimes I wish that I have the words that will amaze them. I feel that I am unable to provide proper information. May Allah help us all amaze those who ask us about our Deen.

    JazakAllah for the post.

  6. This article seemed to have fallen into my phone at the most perfect moment just when I needed it most. I’m moving to a new country soon to pursue higher education and just today, I was thinking of all the new people and new issues I’d have to face- and of course, HOW on earth I was going to tackle them. This article seemed to be talking right to me subhanAllah! Thanks so much for this jazakAllahu Khayran. It helped tremendously.

  7. Just what I needed! Jazakallah khair! What makes us stronger is not to avoid situations mentioned above, but to learn how to deal with them. Challenging yourself to see how patient you can get with an annoying questioner could actually increase you in your patience and kind behavior. It will become a habit, almost a MUST to stay there and win the heart of that person. There is a 95 % that the questioner will leave you smiling and have wonder in their look towards you. May Allah grant us patience and His guidance without which life is pointless. Jazakallah khair :)

  8. Thank you so much for such a beautiful article. I am back at university now and this has really inspired me to do better. Never stop trying. Jazakullah, sister

  9. Assalamualaikum,
    Through out reading the article i was feeling as if my student life is picturised here…wel its true many challenges a practising muslim has to face , specially wen one is educated in mixed gender institutes and people of different beliefs. The most important challenge wat I faced was of hijab….That too from people of same beliefs. They use to comment wat is this , you are in medical profession n hijab doesnt suit this profession, ur confidence wil become low after wearing it , students wil take u lightly , there wil be no positive impact on them , you wil be in the eyes of teachers of other beliefs , atleast remove during exams n inspection on. Initially i felt very much hurted n insecure but ALHAMDULILLAH with ALLAH’s help I started explaining them y we should follow hijab , its advantages , its obligation on every muslimah , disadvantages n punishment of not observing it and most important no study or job is greater than religious obligatory duties , one may leave study or job if its not permitting u to observe hijab than abandoning the later. I proved staying with them hijab has not cum on way of my success, nor my delivering of duties , instead Alhamdulillah it has ease the way to success n respect among all. If one respects commands of ALLAH , He wil automatically raise your position n develops love n respect for you in hearts of people. The above article I felt so much helpful specially tackling other challenges , wat we should compare n compete in reality for Allah’s pleasure n not for worldly standards. JAZAKUMULLAHU KHAIRAN KASEERAN to the writer n entire team .

  10. Masya-Allah ukhti, alhamdulillah, this article is really befitting to my situation right now. Thank you so much. Jazakillahu khaira (:

  11. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته
    I was surprised when I opened to find my mail and find a link to this, primarily because it fit so well. I’ve recently started university far from home and Alhamdulillah, this is great advice. In my first week here, I remember I had a bit of a breakdown and honestly, the only thing that kept me from dropping out was prayer. Jazakallah khair for this, as reminders such as this are sometimes the only things that remind you of what is right. Also, forgive me for dragging on, but one last thing- Tahajjud has Alhamdulillah been a part of my life for a while now, and honestly one of the best parts. Once you start, you find there’s so much peace in that time- no one to judge you, no one to remind you of the million and one things you have to do. I also find it very hard to recite Quran most days, except Fridays, but its easier when you wake for Tahajjud and can recite before praying Fajr. <– Just something that I do that I find easier :)

  12. I’ve just moved from Indonesia (most of us are moslems) to St Andrews, Scotland. This article is very very helpful–May Allah SWT bless the author always with goodness and protection. Last week I had just experienced my first Eid ul-Adha as a minority and it was superb. It’s hard to see that we were only less than 20 persons in here who celebrated it, since back at home almost everyone do it, including the non-moslems. However, thankfully, my friends kept reminding me that wherever I go Allah SWT is always there beside me. Eventhough it’s UK, it’s still a part of Allah SWT’s planet earth. Eid ul-Adha might be celebrated differently in here, but the essence is still the same. Just like you said, Islam principles are constant :)

  13. I Am a principal in a school.Your article so relevant for our class X graduates who are about to leave school and go to colleges where they do not get the same Islamic environment that we try to provide them at our school. I will give them your article to read inshallah . JazakAllah may Allah be pleased wth you sister.

  14. Assalaam Alaikum
    Jazak Allah care for such an inspiring article. My son has just left home for University. You repeated many of the things I told him….I will share your article. May it guide our Ummah to truly practice and follow the right path Ameen .

  15. Mashallah…. I’ve always been thinking of “How would I deal with Islam and the many question in college life, where you are surrounded by a different environment??”

    This article is more than perfect! Jazakhallah

    • Salaam Alaikum Sara,
      Yes of course I was surrounded by an extremely different environment than the one I was raised in. Just the total opposite of my belief system.
      I would recommend that you do your homework, search for answers and believe me their isn’t a concern our Holy Book the Quran did not answer. I would also recoomend that you have a trusted religious reference point who you can always refer to when you have questions or concerns on spot. Someone like The sheikh of the Friday sermons if you attend the prayer, or an Islamic lecturer you always attend their lecture etc. Lastly, surround yourself with good companions. You can’t imagine how much the people surrounding you affects the way you deteriorate or develop. and Allah swt says in surat Al Kahf, “And keep yourself patient [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening,seeking His countenance. And let not your eyes go pass them, desiring adornments of the wordly life,and do not obey one whose heart We made heedless of Our rememberance and who follows his desire and whose affairs is ever [in] neglect” ayah28

      I ask Allah to help you stay on the right path, give you the good companions who will help you get closer to God and to find all the answers to questions and May your find pleasure in His remembrance swt.

      • JazakhAllah… :) Sister…for your amazing help, every article on this website simply inspires me. Thank you for all the advice. May Allah help us all to be ProductiveMuslims…

  16. Assalamu alaikum. Sr Ala’a, honestly, I’ve experienced similarly with some of what you’ve mentioned above about being challenged with faith and questioned by others about our religion. I wish I learned this before. I haven’t been this much inspired before. Jazaki Allah Khair for the tips and advises, Insha’Allah for the sake of Allah (s.w. t) I’ll follow them.

    • Haha haha it’s girl Shahid. It’s الاء an Arabic feminine name refered to it several times in the Quran which means favors of the Lord or blessings :)

  17. Jazaaàakumulaahu khayran this article was very relevant to me and pray me that almighty allah make easy for tahajud.

  18. Salam.. ??
    I m living and studying in a Muslim country Alhamdulillah.. But still i read full article because the words were so much soothing, subhanAllah, jazakAllahu Khayr sister..
    And i also learnt a lot from it..

  19. Asalam Alaikum Brothers and Sister,
    It fills me with happiness to know that many of you can relate to this article. Jazakom Allah Khairan for your kind comments. I ask Allah swt to make us amongst those who listen to the speech and follow the best of it. May God shower you all with His grace and mercy. And May we all meet in firdaus and be among those who Allah swt give shade on the Day of Judgement, where there is no shade but His.

  20. Alaa, you’re truly an inspiration.
    I remember when we were roommates, even though it was a very short period, it taught me a lot.
    I realised that living in a multicultural environment and meeting people from different backgrounds is really great but it is also great to surround ourselves -when we are abroad- with people who show the beauty of our faith through their acts. <3

  21. Assalamu aleykom, jazakiAllahukhayran for the tips, I am trying to put them into practice right away ;)!
    But I think you should have added being physically active!

  22. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu , very well beautifully witten article, the words are very affecting . I like the point 14 the most. Jazak Allahu Khairan to writer and the productive muslim team.

  23. Hi sister :) how can I say it was a true blessing for me to find your article. It’s so valuable and inspiring, sometimes it just hurts the way that you know what is wrong and what is right but in the exact moment it turns out so hard to decide, thank you ala for this beautiful article. May Allah guide us in life’s hard and easy quests:) I know how it’s frustrating, the thought of not being enough when you’re next to non-muslim people and even though the tricks of shaitan that makes you feel you’re not even enough as a muslim girl but deep down I can feel what does Allah want best for me to do:)) Thank you dear!
    Fi Amanelllh