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  1. jazakumllah. those are really helpful tips and i am so glad i can get this information too. i wil try to follow them and i hope Allah will make it easy for me Insha Allah

    • JazakAllah khairan sister Fareeda, I am glad that you have made the intention to apply the tips… surely knowledge is only that which comes into action… BarakAllah feeki:)

    • Assalamoalaikum sister, Mashaallah beautiful article. May Allah reward u and ur team Jannah. Most of the time we really we feel helpless and ask for better but this is possible if we believe in Allah and follow the above mentioned points for success inshallah. I am literally going to follow these for becoming a better Muslim. May Allah bless us all. Jazakallah khair

      • JazakAllah khairan for your wonderful comment… I really liked the way you have stressed upon the importance of acting on these points in day to day life… May Allah accept it… ameen

        • thanks so much for this article. may i translate this into bahasa indonesia? just wanna share the benefit for indonesian friend who cant understand english. of course ill credit your name :)

    • Jazakullah. Khairan! Just the right words I was searching now…to apply in my current state of life…

    • Dear Sister Momina, thanks for your kind comment… I am so glad that you found what you were seeking,., surely those who seek the truth will eventually find it… by the mercy of Allah:)

  2. MashaAllah :) These were wonderful tips from you sister Shaheen thank you and jazakAllahu khair for sharing them! May Allah the Most Merciful bless us always in both worlds and guide us to what He loves so that we are close to Him and His noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam in Firdaus/Heaven. Ameen.

    Wasalaam from the Philippines,

    • JazakAllah khairan sister Mariam for your duas… I appreciate that you took the time to give me your feedback. May Allah keep us working for his pleasure… ameen

  3. such a great reminder. now that i just started to make changes in my life this is very helpful, jazakom Allah khair

    • Alhamdulillah I am so amazed at the mercy of Allah that He has given you such motivation to act on what you have learned. BarakAllahu feeki…

  4. Jazakallah for sharing this wonderful article. I found it inspiring and will passI
    It on to others for gaining spiritual guidance too.

    • JazakAllah khairan Brother Sohail… I am so grateful to Allah that He not only inspired you but also motivated you to share it with others. May Allah reward you for your efforts… ameen

  5. Excellent article i read so far!
    The writer has a deep understanding of what she is talking abt,which is evident in the ayats she quotes with her points. …MashaAllah

    • Dear Fareeha, Thanks and jazakAllah khairan for your kind words… surely all goodness is from Allah and I am grateful that he enabled me to share what He taught me from His Book… alhamdulillah

  6. Assalamualaikum
    Maashaa Allah! ! Very nice article. It’s a good encouragement to do good deeds. Jazakillahu khairan. May Allah give us the tawfeeq to put this knowledge into practice. . Aameen.

  7. Jazakallahu khairan, this organisation too much. I pray you will keep doing the right thing at the right time.

  8. SubhanAllah! One of the best articles i have read in a while. It is extremely beneficial and motivational. This is what i really needed to read right now. Lots of duas from the bottom of my heart for the sister. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala protect you and your family, may He make your children righteous and may He reward you immensely for your efforts. Ameen.

    • Dear sister Zainab… I am so glad that you found my article to be beneficial for you… all praise and thanks for Allah who is the source of all goodness. May Allah help all of us to remain steadfast on His path… ameen

  9. Jazakallahu khayran. Your article had all the questions and answers for a rough patch I am going through in my life.

    • How amazing it is sister Aisha that Allah answers our questions by making someone write a few words!! Alhamdulillah I am so glad that He chose me to be of some benefit to you:) thanks and jzk for letting me know:)

  10. Very very good post. May Allah grant you a palace near to Him in Jannah and an eternal abode in Firdaus sister. Love you for the sake of Allah swt. <3 xxx

  11. mashaAllah its commendable. May Allah be pleased with you Shaheen sis. Especially the action tips are very good.Even I have jotted them down in my diary :) May Allah help me to remember them everytime. Jazakillah

    • SubhanAllah I am so overwhelmed by your beautiful words that I just don’t know how to express my gratitude… all I can say is that May Allah reward you for writing this comment and may you truly be blessed with His mercy in all that you do… ameen… I loved what you have shared about jotting down the action points… that is a great tip… thanks for sharing!!

    • yes you are right… taking action according to the truth is the real test of our life and I pray that may Allah help us to succeed in it… ameen

  12. Assalamualaikum,

    Thank you for this reminder. It reminds me to fix my intention when doing something.
    May Allah swt. give us his tawfeeq. Aamiin

    • Wa Aalaikum Assalam wa Rahmatullah… jazakAllah khairan for your feedback… may Allah help us all to purify our intentions for Him… ameen

  13. Assalaamualekum….SubhaanAllah vr vr nice article……may Allah guide us to attain his taufeeq…jazakallah khairan

  14. A very well written and researched article. Tawfeeq is related to the concept of ‘Tawakal’ which basically means that one must do his best and then pray for Allah’s help. Anyone of these two ingredients of Tawakal alone will not suffice. Our problems basically emanates from two things; either we rely too much on our abilities and expertise or start relying too much on Allah’s help and whatever needs to be done by us not done at all. Thus having sought Tawfeeq, one must try fulfilling the requisites of Tawakal. Will like the writer to write on the inter relation of these two concepts as well. Best regards.

    • jazakAllah khairan for your deeply insightful comment. Really it has made me realize the importance of tawakkul. I will try and write on it in-sha-Allah… thanks for reminding:)

  15. Excellant! Sister. بارك الاه فيك May Allah SWT give us the toufeeq to make the best out of this short journey to earn the everlasting success of the hereafter.

  16. JazakahAllah Khairan. such an inspiring article. May Allah reward you with so much good and please do keep on sharing such good and productive work. Ameen

    • JazakAllah khairan for your encouragement… surely all goodness is from my Lord and I am just an ordinary person trying to seek his mercy and forgiveness!

  17. Dearest Sis. Shaheen! MashAllah I love everything about your article! The Quranic verses and hadiths are so moving and the advice is so clear and to the point! You are a blessing for our ummah!

    • Dear Sister Sheima… I thank you from the depths of my heart for encouraging me to write for this wonderful website… Truly it is the mercy of Allah that he made us a part of this blessed Ummah that we support one another on the path of goodness and success… May Allah always take the best work from us… ameen

    • I am so much grateful to you brother for writing this comment and also to all the others brothers and sisters who took the time to write their beautiful duas and words of encouragement… May Allah reward you all for making me feel so blessed… ameen

  18. Jazakallahu khair Sister. Masha Allah a motivating article and brought tear to my eyes. Insha Allah will try to follow and may Allah (Swt) reward you and your family for the efforts and for sharing it with us.

    • JazakAllah khairan sister Shahida for sharing with me your feelings… really it is the mercy of Allah and all praise belongs only to Him… thanks and lots of love for the sake of Allah:)

    • mashaAllah you have really made me realize the truth that the sooner we take action the more chances we have of making it a part of our life… thankyou so much for sharing this wonderful tip… jazakAllah khairan kaseeran:)

  19. Masha Allah. One of the best article I have read in recent times. Very well articulated and easily understandable. May Allah reward you with lots of blessings. It is not easy to write article without hard word and lots of research. I am sure this keeps us more productive as the day passes and we become closer to Allah in different means by such a great motivational articles.

    This is really helpful for our day to day activities to become more productive and our time is being used in productive manner. I would say that, we always need to be cautious about below five things :-

    Health : When we are healthy , do more and more good deeds. There may be time arise we may be sick and cannot perform good deeds.
    Wealth : When we have wealth, use it properly. Do not wait for excess amount to give charity.
    Time : People say 04/04/04 in calender will not come back again. The time which passed at this moment , will not come back again. Each and every second is important.
    Youth Age : If we do more good deeds during young age , then we have 10 times more sawab what we do in old age.
    Life : Life is a gift from Allah and make it beautiful always. Do not complain.

    May Allah bless all Muslim Ummah and give us strength to do more and more good deeds. Ameen.

    • Alhamdulillah you are so right… we must make great use of our time and resources before we lose them. JazakAllah khairan for writing such a good comment from which I learned a lot and hopefully many others will learn too. may Allah help us to act on it… ameen

  20. Jazakallah khairan sister. It is indeed a wonderful and educative article by all standard and it is my prayer that Allah(swt) will give you the reward.
    As salaam alaikum.

  21. Jazakillah khair <3
    apart frm the article what really moved me was that u r a housewife <3 <3
    ma sha Allah!!!

    • JazakAllah khairan Brother for this reminder… because if we can remember this reality that all goodness is only from Allah then we will never fall into the trap of shaitan who makes us feel arrogant and self satisfied whenever we feel like we have accomplished something. JazakAllah khairan for writing this short but most powerful advice… may Allah help us all to act on it…ameen

  22. Marsha Allah.. May Allah swta bless you your family for this article and make it easy for us the ability to apply the teachings insha Allah.

  23. Jazakallah khairan. It is very very useful information. I will pray that you should provide such motivational article. Thanks for giving this precious matter.

  24. I am proud to term it a sublime article that has a promising conclusion for making and shaping the lives of the conscious believers. It is the best and pierced in my heart. It is concise but possesses a lofty impact. …I pray for the author to get the lofty reward from Allah Subkhano tala for this nobel endeavour and may continue with this mission of awakening calls. I also seek special duas to be the true lover and follower of your master writings, Ameen.

  25. Subhanallah, thank you for a very reminding article, the points you had describe really close to my conditions.. May Allah SWT always guide us to right path.ameen..

  26. Assalam Alaykum, Subhan’Allah. Indeed this was a great read, it was all what the previous posts said and more. My sister, it shows that you have done your homework on this every important topic and that you wish the best for your fellow sisters and brothers from across the world, *im South African by the way. May Allah Ta’ala reward you in all you do and we all take heed to work towards the Akhirah, In shaa Allah in Jannatul Al-Firdous

    • jazakAllah khairan sister for your heartwarming comment. I am so grateful to Allah that He made me write and I pray that He might accept it. Thanks a lot and do visit my blogs too:)

  27. JazakAllahuKhair Sister Shaheen for the well written points in such an effective way and concise manner. We are all in very much need of Allah SWT’s Tawfeeq and your article encourages us to work in a way that pleases Allah SWT and to attain HIS Tawfeeq. May Allah SWT bless you and your team , Ameen.

  28. JazakAllah Sis, thanks for this great reminder, i really want to read your reviews of all the surahs of the Qur’an but cant find where i can buy/read these. Please can you show me where i can read them?

    my email address is


  29. Hi, I like reading your thebeautifulnames wordpress. It is a magnificient feeling while sailing through it. I love it and I love you too for taking up the courage to make this blog. Don’t forget to write there more often. Lastly please include me in your du’a too, sis :)

    • Assalamualaikum and may Allah bless you for writing these words which act as a reminder to me to write more frequently on the blog. Quite often the shaitan makes us hopeless and lethargic and we feel like we cannot do a certain task which seems beyond our reach. But your comment today has made me realize once again that we should never believe in this discouraging thought of the devil but to fight it by having a strong faith that Allah can make us do everything… provided we are sincere in our intentions!!
      Lots of duas and jazakAllah khairan kaseeran

  30. mashaAllah jazakAllahu khairan,your article has really cleared the darkness that we often come across in our struggles towords coming closer to Allah and earning his pleasure.may Allah reward you with jannatul firdaus and bless your family,may Allah make it easy for us and grant us the tawfeeq.

    • JazakAllah khairan kaseeran for sharing your precious comment with me… in fact I did not get the opportunity to sit at my computer for a lot of days so thats why got late in replying to you. Anyway thanks a lot and do keep visiting my blogs… I will be looking forward to your feedback:)

  31. BismillahirRahmaanirRaheem
    Asalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatahu,

    THis is an excellent and amazing article- one of the best I’ve seen so far. May Allah “Azzawajal reward the author and all of us Muslims with the best in this world and the Hereafter. I just have one note to make: On, I read that it is not allowed to use the word “create” for anything or anyone except Allah ‘Azzawajal. Allah ‘Azzawajal said ((Allah is the Creator of everything)). Sadly, many Muslims are unaware of it and use it frequently. Alhamdulillah, this author only used it once, but even that should be changed. JazaakumAllahu Khaira

  32. Jazak Allahhu khair, Really cool to hear about earning Allah’s pleasure. May Allah increase us in knowledge and in His Subhan wa Ta’ala) guidance…

  33. Jazakallahu Khayran sis.

    This article is really motivating.

    InShaAllah may Allah help me and everyone struggling in reaching their aims to attain tawfeeq.

    May Allah grant you and your family tawfeeq.

  34. Masha Allah, Jazakala khaira for this post it’s so inspiring nd motivating ,may Allah guide us to utilise it in our daily activities.

  35. MashaAllah very informative!!yes,we need 2make intention for each n every thing n relate it 2Allah(s.w.a)may Allah help us n guide us 2right path n may we all meet in jannah ameen…

    • Allah is unique & hazrat mohammad (S) His Bandah , Rasul.Oh Allah please protection to All of me from Iblish.Oh Allah please guide to all of me towards the sunnah & Nech Amol. Oh Allah please see to all of me Hazrat mahammad (s).Oh Allah please apology to all of me.Amin