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      • Allahu Akbar! ALLAH is the greatest. I had to read your comment twice to make sure it wasn’t me but another creature of ALLAH with the same name :). Subhan ALLAH. Please pray for me sister!

    • Assalamoalaikum sister ,Mashaallah this article is inspirational. This article is key for the success to all people. If we follow this sincerely we can easily become a productive one. Our life and work should always b for Allah. May Allah bless us all. Jazakallah khair

  1. Asalm alykum! Thank you so much for this it looks like it was written only for me its best article i have ever heard i was always confused that how i can serve my islam to gain Allah’s pleasure but thank you so much May Allah grant you Jannat ul Firdous and me be your neighbour xD thank you so much looking forward to such articles…… Walaikum asalm

  2. جزاك الله خيرا . Thank you very much for this beautiful article. It’s really encouraging. Keep it up.

  3. Jazakumullahukhairan! Wallahi this was a much needed naseeha article for all us volunteers in the Dawah field today. In a time where anything and everything is being tried out in Dawah and it has become a thing of glory, fame and name remaining true to the root cause and Allah is all that matters.

  4. Assalamu alaikum
    Jazakallah for such an effective article. May Allah bless you and reward you for all your efforts. Keep it up.

  5. Jazak Allah khayr for this beautiful article.
    I just need to know what shall a volunteer do when he has been oppressed and harmed while working for the sake of Allah? And how to overcome the negative feelings and power he has as a result to be able to continue? Or shall he leave for another voluntary work and search for another one?

  6. Assalamualaikum dear sister
    what a wonderful and thought-provoking article is this! WOOOOOW!
    one important point you have mentioned is about leaning to say “NO”. How???
    I have this serious issue of not being able to say no, when people around me insist
    and insist and insist. At the beginning i might be very firm but repeated insist make me
    mild bcoz i feel that i might be hurting someone. please let me know the ways islam
    has taught us to say no.
    Amazing work. May Allah bless u with more and more knowledge (Ameen).
    Jazak-Allahu khair.

    • wa’alaikumussalam. sister i have the same problem.. it’s very difficult to say no as you feel you’re being rude to the other person or they may perceive you like that. but as sister Sameera has said, “Every responsibility you take up is a trust that you must fulfill, so take up only as much as you can fulfill with excellence.”, so may be we should be polite and tell them that i don’t want to turn you down but at the same time i fear being unable to carry out the task diligently and then being questioned by Allah about the “trust” or amanah.
      also, if our intention is pure and we dont want to hurt anyone then we must rest assured as Allah knows what’s in the heart and we only have to please Allah!

    • Wa alaikumasalaam wrt wbt
      Yes, just as Mz mentioned below, explaining clearly why we cant take up the task as well as asking them to respect your decision helps. Also, it is very helpful to be sure of ‘why’ you are saying ‘no’ to any good opportunity in the first place. When you make decisions wisely putting a lot of thought into it, remain firm in your decisions and intentions, inshaAllah noone will be hurt. There is always someone else who can carry out the task. Because the work of Islam goes on regardless of who does it. If you’re sure you need to say ‘no’to the opportunity, then when they insist, don’t let it alter your decision. You woudnt give it your best if you don’t take it up wholeheartedly right?
      by the way, it takes a lot of practise too :) And Allah is the Helper of it all.
      Another helpful tip would be to say no by suggesting someone else who can take up the work instead which makes them (the people who ask you) realize that you do care about their work, but you cannot take it up and so you are hoping to lessen their burden by suggesting a suitable person who can handle the task. :)
      Jazakillah khairan for reading the article! May Allah accept from you all your deeds and make easy for you all your affairs! ameen

    • Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh; How are u sister Humera? Hope u’re fine..
      Subhan Allah is same issue 8P
      & I don’t know how to solve it.
      I love to help others for sake of Allah n that makes me happy n teachs me a lot by helping others in solving the problems or so on but unfortunately I’v noticed that many persons whom I help are exploited n I noticed that in fact I don’t help them nor myself; I made them depend not on themselves; also that made me mild… 8(
      Some ppl advised me to say “No” but really I can’t; I can’t say “NO”! to who asks me help…I don’t no how to say it…!?
      maybe I need some time 8/
      I hope the team of this great website or its members give us an advice or help to find a suitable solution..

      May Allah bless n reward all of you..

  7. May allah bless u and help u to post such informative artcle…. Am very much inspired by the article its one of the best article vch i read from quite a long time jazak allahu khayran

  8. This is a great article. Masha Allah our sister has put a great effort. May Allah bless. I have a lot of interest in the field of Architecture too. How do i get in touch with this sister to get further guidance.

  9. Subhan Allah!

    Thank you. I really needed to read this. Last night I was very down and upset about an outcome at court. I kept telling myself I have been praying to Allah and I just want what is right and be at peace. Since its a personal matter, I can’t discuss it. But I felt hopeless and then later I saw an email from this website and saw this new article, I felt that it truly came from ALLAH * I must not feel hopeless and continue to do my prayers and as matter of fact do more prayers and wazifa. Shaytan was definitely trying to fool me. But he will never be successful. I am closer to ALLAH and will always ask for his guidance and forgiveness. I will ask my creator, my king, the one and only powerful lord of the worlds for help and guidance. Praise Allah. All praise and glory be to almighty Allah!

  10. Jazakallahu khairan, very useful, with suitable Qur’anic versions, I will give you very good reward in Akhira. aameen

  11. Alhamdulillahi! I can’t explains how beneficiary i’m with this article. The only things left is to practicalise it. Be an author of the book that you will recieves on the day of judgement, how do you want the end of the sorry? Jazakallahu khairan.

  12. Sameera I’m amazed at your talent MashAllah
    This is such an important topic and you have approached it not only efficiently but beautifully too
    God bless you honey…. Can’t wait for the rest of the series

  13. MasALLAH, very benificial article. Your article really inspire me a lot. I also cann`t say “No”, which sometime hamper my productive work. I feel that if I say “no”, I will hurt their emotions but I think by the sake of ALLAH, I really need to change myself.
    JazakALLAH Khair for the the beautiful article.
    Cann`t wait for the next part.

  14. Assalamualicum, very befinicial article. You have talked about some the most important topics especially about saying “No”. I suffers a lot with it. JazakALLAH khair for your efforts.
    Cann`t wait for the next part…

    • Assalamu alaikum warahamatulahi wabarakatuh,

      For everyone, who want to know more about how to say no with responsibility, ProductiveMuslim has this article…

      Six Secrets to Saying “No”

      May 9, 2011Khafayah AbdulsalamView all 10 comments

      It’s a simple known fact that if we are overwhelmed with too many commitments we will never be productive. Life management will be very poor, spreading you in too many directions. The dunya will begin to control us and we will lose track of our time, value and space. When we were young, one of the first […]
      Topics, Work BetterCommunication, Discipline, Social Productivity

      Click to read more:
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  15. May Allah richly Bless, guide, protect you guys from any sort of evil and may Allah bless you with beneficial knowledge and wisdom that will drow you guys closer to him.
    I have really learned a lot from this Article and your previous articles.
    Keep it up.

  16. Jazakallahu khairan for the inspiration al article .May Allah subhanuwathala accept your service. Amin!

  17. Assalaamualekum, was an amazing article, wonder How each time you came up with a topic which is something im having a difficulty in, Alhamdulillah im into this small time activity for Allah’s sake, ur article is really helped clear some issues jazakallah. May all reward you.

  18. As-Salaam-Alaikum Sister, I am really happy to see my sister’s piece of article so beautifully written and emphasized on being a self-less volunteer who only works to seek pleasure and guidance from Allah (swt) .Such pure intention always gives success and satisfaction in the work carried out which also gives spiritual contentment in this world….and of-course benefited in Akhirah(InshaAllah). It is equally important to do a retrospection of work that we do every time. Sometimes we may unknowingly do task which are not worth spending time and energy on . Therefore we should also check the importance and evaluate worth of work which we are intending to do . Allah (swt) has provided us enough time to think and act wisely….only if we understand the purpose of this life. Jazak Allah Kahair

  19. Jazakallahu kairen for this great piece of work ….. All praises be to Allah(SUBHN) ….. I was literally struggling to complete my first fictional book overlaying the concept behind KITAB-AL-FITAN due to the engineering job and change of priorities like a parabola…. This article clearly opened my insight ….. May Allah(SUBHN) bless you abundantly. Loll

  20. Alhamdulilahi, this is really inspiring, i will continue to put my best in the volunteer group i joined, jazakumllahu khairan, am expecting more of this article.

  21. Salamu Alaikum Sister Sameera,

    Your piece is really what I needed to sort myself out, as I am also suffering a little “spiritual imbalance” lately. I started organising a session for brothers and sisters where i could help them develop their speaking abilities and help them develop themselves. But I have internal conflicts as to whether what I am doing is actually being beneficial or I am just wasting my time. I started with the intention to do this for the Sake of Allah, but sometimes i just feel discouraged because of the numbers and comments i get from people. But your message has a least given me a reason to smile and reflect more. Jazakallahu Khairan. Sister Khadijah, Ghana.

    • wa alaykumasalaam wrt wbt

      So true! Its very natural to have these internal conflicts. Sometimes shaytan plays a role in it so much that we want to give up the little good we may be doing in fear of these. They could be due to fear of not having proper intentions, or due to not seeing quick effective results, or not enough motivation etc.
      But keep going sister mashaAllah! You’re doing such a great job! Imagine developing their speaking skills to the point they go on to teach further in their life to more people (including their own children). All that ajr is in store for you without you even realizing.
      People may comment today and forget tomorrow, but Allah SWT never forgets your reward in this life and the akhirah. That’s the beauty of working for His sake :’)
      May Allah bless you and make you a means of benefit to the Ummah and accept from you. Ameen!

  22. Jazakkallahu Khairan for this amazing article. Myself was struggling to write a book based on Kitab-Al-Fitan amidst my daily 12hrs of monotonous engineering job. Priorities changing daily like a parabola. This article really provoked my insight and submission to the Almighty. All praises be to Allah(SWT). May Allah shower his abundant blessings on you. And may Allah(SWT) help me to complete my book within this year and accept my work.

  23. jazakAllah khair for such a grear article it helps me a lot to improve may Allah swt bless you all and bless us too Ameen

  24. Jazakillahu khairun Sr. Sameera for your thoughts. The article is well written and I like that list that you have the end … I need to write it down! I especially liked that you addressed the concept of ‘riyaa’. I am so scared of this … Allah protect us and accept our actions.

  25. Beautifully written. May Allah Swt reward you for your efforts and helping out people who are struggling and get easily confused. One must work on himself first.

  26. MashaAllah! A really nice article with many important points :) Thank you and jazakAllahu khair for sharing your knowledge sisters/brothers at It is true that when a Muslim does a good deed only for Allah’s sake that task with Allah’s Will and Mercy becomes easier or less troublesome.

    Allah knows best :)


  27. SubhaanAllaah! It’s really amazing how you have this boundless energy to help other Muslims improve their lives. Jazaakumullaah khayr to you and your team.

  28. Barakallahu feeki sister! Such a great article. I do have a question. Sometimes I feel that the effort I am doing is not enough that there is no result at all. I don’t know how much effort I should put in what I am doing. And also, I am currently having a blog where I just post Islamic stuff on a weekly basis, just so I could spread the knowledge that I have, but then sometimes I feel discouraged because not many people visit the site and I feel like I am wasting my time, as no one is benefiting from it.

    • May Allah bless you Sarah! SubhanAllah, in such times, I’d remember Nuh AS, how he gave dawah for 950 years and yet had only about ten people on board with him.. Really what matters is your effort, your sincere intentions and your desire to please Allah swt and lastly most importantly your connection with Him :) The results are always ALWAYS in Allah’s hands. and we shoudnt worry about it. unless we want to improve on ourselves and the work we do. Don’t despair dear! Allah is seeing your efforts. Maybe you don’t now how many people are benefitting from your blog, but HE does. And Make dua that Allah swt uses you to add value to this ummah. :) You are never wasting a single second when it’s for His sake.

  29. Salaam alaykum. Jazaky Allah kheir for the wonderful article. I was once very ill and I felt I were to die what will I answer Allah, but after that Alhamdlh There has been a great Improvement , thought I still haven’t achieved my full potential. Jazaky Allah