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    • Alhamdulillah, Jazak Allah khairan!

      May Allah swt show us the path of being a good parent and good role model to our children , Aameenn ..

    • Assalamoalaikum sister, Mashaallah very beautiful article. I will follow these inshallah. May Allah bless us all.

  1. Assalamu Alaykum WRB.What a wonderful article,Sister.I was a teacher before.I could have applies your article ifor my students.Any way I’d forward it to some of my teacher friends and apply it also in my life.

  2. as salaam sir
    i appreciate your efforts to make strength of Islamic knowledge among Muslim and none Muslims ,none Muslims attacking on Muslim beliefs and their manner because of uncivilized roles of named Islamic terrorists group..sir please give me logical answer and analysis that we convince them Islam is not teach violence..and give the tips that how we can condemn none Muslims attack on focus.Please send the truth with the reference of Qur’an
    Thanks sir
    Mohammed Hussein mothia from India

  3. Jazakallahu khairan, this article is not only for the children but to they adults as well. Masha Allah.

  4. Al amdulillah.

    This is mandatory to all of them may teach our children, In sha allah.

    Thanks for sharing – Admin- this kind of valuable information with us.

  5. JazakaAllahu Kheiran Ukhti. May Allah accept it from you and make us among those who implement what they learn seeking the pleasure of Allah

  6. JazakAllah Khayar
    I am very happy very useful for all of us
    May Allah Tallah bless you with Khayar Aameen!

  7. It’s hardest to say sorry to people who you know will just taunt you right after…and then the next time you make the same mistake….

    • Sis., how we behave should never be dependant on the reaction we get from others :) After all,it is Allah who is the Judge and not them. Alhamdulillah!

  8. Jazakallahu khairan. Alhamdu lillah.May Allah azza wa jalla reward you for your service and do please include us in your duas.

  9. Jazak Allah, I personally believe that in order to teach our children we first need to actually transform ourselves to do this. I take this from the Prophet PBUH where he practically walked the talk… children follow what we do in their presence and not what we tell them to do. You have put in a lot of things in perspective, Jazak Allah

  10. Mashallah, I love reading your articles. A good refresher for me. May Allah SWT bestow you with good health and emaan.

  11. Jazakallahu Khair Sister, a good nasiha and a beautiful reminder for parents and parents to be may Almighty Allah guide us to the straight path always

  12. This is wonderful piece, full of insight for Muslim homes. The Luqman story is one I had come across from childhood but it still had a profound effect on me reading it again now. JazaakAllaah khayran!.

  13. What a beautiful article. Jazakallah Khairan. Yes humbleness really starts with the lowering of our voices. Most of us have a long way to go, but with determination to improve In Sha Allah may we all succeed

  14. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh, jazakumullahu khayran 4 ths wonderful article… I’m lookingforward to implementing it In Shaa Allah.

  15. MashaAllah..
    This is really amazing..
    May Allah bestow humility to the Muslim Ummah.. Allahumma Ameen..

  16. MashaAllah .beautiful ethics and manners taught by Islam.And very well written by our sister.ThankYou