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  1. jazaakumullahu khairan jazaa’. I hope this web will continue to give reminders to Muslims all over the world. Ill try my best to follow every post from, insya Allah.

  2. JazakAllah. You should add this to the post too.

    And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend. `-Quran (41:34)


    Be willing to apologize. Proper apologies have three parts:
    1 ) What I did was wrong.
    2 ) I’m sorry that I hurt you.
    3 ) How do I make it better?

    It’s the third part that people tend to forget…. Apologize when you screw up and focus on other people, not on yourself.

    – Randy Pausch ( 1960-2008 )

  3. Mashallah a very good reminder sister, Jazakumullah kahirun….May Allah make us all humble and forgiving towards all people, Ameen!

  4. I took my shahada 2014 …due to my weakness I pretend to act like nothing change for me Infront of my non Muslim friend… Some of them was very observant.. Realizing that I have bit change not the way I wear clothes but my attitude.. I continue hidding my identity as I already embrace Islam from my heart not by certificate.. Due to this weakness.. Day by day I continue watching.. Asking about Islam to few good friends knowing I might be wrong embracing Islam… But at the end the more I become weak showing my new religion..the more I tried to be good as I hide my religion to the people around me.. The more I hide.. The more I get closer to Allah by heart.. And for me it doesn’t matter what people think about me.. I’m crazy.. I was brain wash by some pretender muslims as my friends says to me :(..but I never give up instead each week… Days I tried improve myself.. Mentioned not by hijab but my entire intentions from my heart.. I weren’t were hijab when Im outside people see me without wearing hijab think that I’m part/belong to them but it was not.. Because I prefer to wear my hijab continuously as I will be comftable to wear.. Than wearing it uncomftable… Now that Its already more than 2days I embrace Islam… Inshallah.. My future fiance.. My family.. My relatives.. My friends.. My Co workers non Muslim.. Will accept me for who I am as my muslims brothers and sisters accept me from a new believers.. Inshallah Allah will for give me… Accept me… And guide me for all the things I am doing.. And Inshallah Allah will protect all the people around the world.. And accept our daily prayers in the name of Allah the almighty… I’m happy to share my stories as a productive muslim women who tried to be as good as suppose to be.. Amin

  5. I have alot i would like to apologise for.i feel i have failed not only myself,but the entire muslim ummah,the true,peacefull,and just message of islam,the teachings of the blessed prophet muhammad,and the commands of allmighty Allah..i have done deviant things that im too ashamed to admit to in public,but there is no use in me hiding the results of that deviancy,and that is that i have contracted a terrible infectious virus because of my sins..Allah says “who is worse than someone who knows the truth,yet turns away?” afraid that describes what i have done with terrible accuracy..for contributing to the terrible situation that muslims around the world now face,the discrimination,the hate,”islamophobia”,and general weakening of the condition of the ummah in the face of all those who hate islam and muslims,by my wrong actions and my inactions,by my indulgence,and by my recalcitrance,i am sorry..the prophet muhammad once said “if you see something wrong then fix it with your hands,and if you cant,then correct it with your words,and if you cant even do that,then feel bad about it in your heart,but that is the weakest form of faith”..i have displayed nothing but the weakest form of faith thus far,and i dont know wether i can find the courage within myself to do any better than that..i am sorry,assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.