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  1. As-salaam Alaikum

    Alhumdulilah a great cause, and an experience Im sure you will enjoy. I recently went to Everest with Islamic Relief and loved it. Maybe you are a beneficiary of more righteous company than I in everyday life (I think you may know my uncle Sheykh Azdal Feroz which would be a sure sign I guess), but I really appreciated the quality time to get to intimately know a new group brothers. Inshallah friends for life. However having been born in Africa I think Kili is next on my list :)

    The main reason for commenting was that a few brothers had pointed out to me that JustGiving take quite a cut of the donations (5%) where as several other sites take significantly less. I went with Virgin Money Giving in the end which took less than half of that.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best on your adventure and make dua you return safely in the best of health and imaan. And ofcourse look forward to more of your posts, especially whilst your on the trip!