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  1. Great post. I should tell my mum about these tips! I’m sure it’ll sort our storage area and kitchen cabinets out! Jhazakallah Khair.

  2. Assalamoalaikum sister,beautiful article…Mashaallah. I remember my sister taught me how to organise the kitchen. When we were young after every fifteen days she used to make us clean our kitchen. Ur article is best what we can follow. Today away from home I follow some of them but inshallah I will make this a habit. Jazakallah for reminding me all those teachings of my sister. May Allah bless us all.

    • MashaAllah… What a good sister you have! Such dedication and discipline! May Allah bless you and your family always :)

  3. Great tips, I love reading about household things like this, is a great reminder. InshAllah we all have our kitchens organised the way we want!!
    Thank you:-)

  4. These are very helpful tips to care for our kitchens, Jazakillah bi khair. May we maintain the discipline to be able carry them out amin.

    • Amin.. yes, May Allah grant us the strength and discipline to follow through with these habits. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Alhamdulillah.. it’s good to hear that. May we all become good at organising our kitchen :)

  5. Yes! Al Hamdu Lillaah. My sister Afiyah al-Kareem shared this with me and I loved it sooooo much!!

  6. shukran…..jazeelan…great advice…lol…im curtently cleaning my kitchn so some of ur tips are a blessing…..awsome tips…. Barakalllahu feek.wslm..Rashida

  7. Assalaamualekum…vr nice article…though i rarely get time to help my mother in kitchen chores but reading this has encouraged me to help inshallah…jazakallah
    Well the site is so easy and organized now, going through is so swift now…jazakallah

    • Alhamdulillah.. it’s good to hear that! Doing kitchen chores with family members is a good way to bond :)

  8. Assalammualaikum wbt.

    You nailed it sister Juliana! Thank you so much for the useful and straightforward tips. I’m going straight to the kitchen to apply it right away :)

  9. Thanks for the great advice!
    I do many things in my kitchen/ home the way it is introduced here.
    I’d like to share my new way of managing the shopping list, as it has helped me alot to stay organized: I simply use the Google Keep app on my phone. I have several lists with checkboxes according to the different places I go to for shopping (supermarket, drugstore, etc.). Checked items automatically move to the end of the list and can be unchecked later when I need to buy them again. I can even organize the position of items on the list to suit the layout of the supermarket (first fruits and vegetables, then bread, and so on). The best thing is, when I change my phone my lists are still there. I even use Keep for doing my weekly menu plan. Cause when you plan meals ahead of time you don’t end up buying lots of stuff you actually don’t need.
    I love it!

  10. The content is very reach and educative for our beloved mums and sisters at home, more especially during daily kitchen routines. May Allah increase you in knowledge that will beneficial to the entire muslim ummah!

  11. This is very resourceful to me at this time. I now know more on how I can assist my wife in the kitchen In sha Allah. Jazakumullahu khairan

    • Alhamdulillah… it’s good to know that this article can be of assistance to someone, even if it’s just in a small way.

  12. Oh dear, I hope her stress level is not that bad. Whatever the case is, I hope she feels better soon..

  13. Ma shaa Allah
    its really beneficial article…nd motivated me, In sha Allah
    i vill try out this tips in my future..
    Jazakhillah sisy
    may Allah rewards you♥♥

    • Alhamdulillah. I’m happy that you found this article beneficial. Thank you for your kind words :) :)

  14. You do a great job dear!!! *hug*
    Very helpful tips and I will follow it right away..
    Need your other tips for livingroom, bedroom and so on…hihi

  15. I like the article, helpful tips MashaAllaah. I would love to hear of other sources people have come across to help them organize their home in general (menu planning, cleaning tips, laundry!!, etc..) Jazak Allaahu Khairun