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  1. MashAllah this is one productive story that I was really interested and motivated to read alhadulliah in the future I can use this on my own kids inshallah. Jazkulah Khair for this article

    • Masha Allah tabarakalah, whaooo! May Allah bless the sister, her family as well all those that were instrumental in getting the story across. Jazaka lahu khairan.

  2. Masha’Allah so inspirational. Usually I do not comment on articles but found it very relevant to my current stage in life alhamdulilah with a young baby and professional dilemmas. Jazakallahu khair

  3. What a great example mash’Allah! May Allah (swt) continue to bless your family and give us all healthy, pious, and intelligent children that will serve the ummah. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for sharing this.

  4. SubhanAllah… I am completely blown away by the sincerity and dedication of this sister. I live in Riyadh and would love to meet her! InshaAllah. This is very inspiring and great reminder. I am really at a loss for words. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. Perhaps if the sister could elaborate on the Arabic schools in Riyadh and the mubakkir program? Jazakhallahu khairan

  5. Mashallah very inspiring I don’t have enough words to show my respect to this strong mom ….may Allah(s.w.) Reward you

  6. MashaAllah
    Parenting at its finest. The determination and perseverance of this women is just mind blowing. May Allah (swt) make us effective and influential women and mothers

  7. Assalamu Aaikum

    Subhanallah……….this article on the journey of our sister in parenting pious children is mind blowing….
    a true living example of an ideal Striving Muslimah to show us as parents how to nature our children to serve the ummah better.

    Jazzak Allahu Khair

  8. MashaAllah! This is amazing! May Allah grant the parents janna tul firdaus and make their children coolness for their eyes, ameen, may Allah grant us all the tuafiq to be such great Muslims like this mother and father and help us bring up our children like this, ameen
    I am a first time mother to a nine month old, I hope I can be a good mother like you, you are truly amazing and inspirational mashaAllah x

  9. Alhamduri’Allah ! very inspiring , great thanx to you and to all the people who develope this site. Keep going …. Inspiring articles ,really can inspire one.

  10. I do not agree with pushing religion into your child from a young age while they are still very confused about the world itself. It’s like brainwashing them. You should let them make the decision because later in life they may leave or even grow to hate the religion they’ve been brung up in. And parents must accept their children’s decision and love them regardless.

    • Sister Zara!! Almighty Allah has created us solely to worship him. She has set a great example by bringing up her 8 children in such beautiful way rather going behind worldly fansies.n do u think these children are confused! By Allah I dont think so. I think this is the 1st story u might have heard!!

    • zara, i have to agree. i think it’s alright if the child explores the religion and other religions by themselves. and also, how do i know if my understanding of my religion is not influenced by my own biasness and prejudices which i may inadvertently pass on to my child?

      but i mean this article is great about encouraging parents to stimulate and occupy their children with things other than the tv.

    • If you mean to give them the freedom to choose their own school of thought among the islamic schools of thought (the 4 Mazhabs of Fiqh ,the SALAFI/SUFI isuue , etc) ,this is very acceptable and encouraged.

      But if you are speaking about the creed itself ,this is strange to think of
      As Muslims , we believe that Islam is the only true religion
      so teaching it to our children is the only thing that makes sense
      it’s like teaching your kids about newton laws of gravity , rather than letting them discover it and re-calculate it by them selves.

      • I too beg to differ with sisters Zara and Nurul here. The great thing about being a Muslim is the clear, definite objective that’s already set by the Allah through the Qur’an..that alone would clear up confusions that people eventually experience – the purpose of life. To add to that, next the simple concept of Islam itself (submit to & worship only Allah, by following His Messenger’s way) by right should also greatly ease life’s your/your child’s decision making along the I’m sorry if I’m not following your thoughts on the matter.

        Having been a late bloomer myself in my “Islamic awakening” I can’t tell you enough of how I resent my past youthful self for abandoning the Qur’an & study of the deen as a whole, and just how grateful I am to Allah for what little knowledge that I still manage to retain from my childhood fardh learning. Even then I still had to waste previous time in re-learning & re-confirming certain things..thus I really can’t imagine having to start from scratch in my current age – I have the biggest respect to newly reverted brothers/sisters in that regard.

        So yeah I know I’ve no right to give any advice but dear sisters (and anyone reading), please please maximize the massive blessing – cum responsibility – that Allah Has Given to your child; that is by already being born in a Muslim family.

        And to sister Nurul, all of us can’t possibly guarantee that our current Islamic path is the true Islamic path, but if I may give a suggestion I’d say stick with the Qur’an & Sunnah – with the guidance of learned experts in the deciphering aspect of course – that’s the safest way. Thinking about our own fate in the Hereafter should arguably suffice, however shouldn’t the added responsibility of raising a Muslim child also push us to become a better learned & practising Muslims ourselves? As the wonderful story in the article above enlightens me at least, among other things. Loved how everything was emphasized to imply that it’s all done for the sake of Allah, at the same time it’s for the sake of ourselves too. Wallahua’lam.

    • I believe teaching children about the true deen is no different then other things that we teach, such as don’t touch the stove or you will be burnt. Is it brainwashing if we teach them obviously beneficial lessons, such as washing their dirty hands before eating? No parent would think twice before teaching their kids such things. If we are true believers, we are convinced that the greatest benefit comes from knowing Allah. So why should we shy away from teaching this greatest of lessons? Deen is nothing but good advice, as the prophet SAW pointed out, and why should not advise children without harshness, so they are not left lost and confused in the dark?
      Obviously, the child will grow to choose his own path, but we parents are adults, and are expected to have already chosen. Once we have chosen Islam to be the true path, there is no harm in teaching what we wholeheartedly believe to be truly beneficial. As the prophet SAW said: Every new-born child is born in a state of fitrah (as a Muslim) Then his parents make him a Jew, a Christian or a Magian (Source: Bukhari and Muslim) This means a parents responsibility on the child’s choosing of his faith cannot be downplayed and our children will surely blame us on the Day of Judgment if we are amiss.

  11. Jazakillah khair for introducing us with this great lady , she is a real life role model for me. As a mother of two I always aspire to brought up my kids to be practical productive Muslims . Thanks for the tips you have shared . May Allah SWT gives me perseverance and barakah in my time. I am going to search for the book Iqrah you mentioned in this article.

  12. MashaAllah! I am speechless, may Allah reward you Mallama for your great sacrifice and bless your family more. I also pray for Allah help and assistance in bringing up my children whenever I start d journey PD motherhood. Jazakallahu khairan.

  13. Mashallah it was so amazing article i really have no words to say and when i was readingthe article i was thinking about her how she did it and i really want to meet her and see her.I take her advices and try to implement in bringing up my childrens ,may allah give her and the interviewer barakah in their life and family nd jazkllah khairan productive muslim team for such a beneficial article.

  14. MashAllah, amazing! Learned a lot…specially “become a example…be what you want them to become”

    Jazak-Allah-khair for sharing!

  15. Simply amazing ma sha Allah!!!! A very good article well written n subhanallah so much to learn from. I hope n pray one day in sha Allah I can be just as good with my own 5 kids. This article has cone to me a perfect timing. Alhamdulillah. Just as when I feel the need to put things right n in perspective…. May Allah reward all those involved in bringing this inspiring story here for us readers to read… N also give us all the tawfeeq to implement these wise words n its wisdom to our families. Aameen

  16. masha allah . really a productive muslim family !!!!
    worthy to be emulated in shaa allah .May Allah bless the great mom ameen

  17. Asa! Wow subhanallah I’m
    Also in Riyadh.. In fact I also want my kids to go to tahfeedh schoolsnd homeschool them in English!
    Is fatal quran still open?
    What is the number it address?
    What would this mother recommend as a substitute to darulquran if it is not available!
    Awaiting your reply!!!

    • Yes unfortunately, Dar alQuraan has been closed for now. In sha Allah, one day it will be a big, proper school. It’s my childrens’ dream too. All my five girls go to Dur ath Thikr, it’s a tahfeeth school for girls from grade 1-12.They also have a hifz mubakkir programme (accelerated memorisation) . If you want the perfect school that teaches English, Maths and Science as well as Quraan, Arabic and Deen with excellence, then you will be disappointed. No such school exists. So you need to be clear witihn yourself what do you want from a school. I wanted the deen and Quraan and towards that end, this school is brilliant. I would certainly recommend it. Bit tawfeeq.

        • Asa sister! Is thus the daradhikr school where mothers also go or just the school solely? They are 2 separate schools. How many hours a day did they go? Would looove the feedback as I want to take this same route with my daughter inshaAllah!!! Jazakallahkhair

          • Unless your child is White or a Saudi, I would not recommend Dar Aldhikr. What many people do not tell you about it is that a Black or Asian child is bound to suffer from horrific racism and bullying, despite that it is a tahfeedh Quran school. The child will grow up suffering from low self-esteem and may even feel some resentment towards you.

  18. SubhanAllah!!! Completely bowled over by the post…amazing article.. no words to say and i really want to meet her and see her.

  19. Asalama Alaykum sister. This article was very helpful and eye opening MashaAllah. I don’t have children, yet, however I can implement these tips to my siblings. I feel like their secend mother and somehow a responsibility towards them. I’ve tried to follow tips from online sources, but none of them was taken from an Islamic perspective. Jazakumulahu khayr Ukhti.

  20. Subhaanallah! To you and your husband! May Allah guide us all to the right way! Will use this advice Insha Allah with my grandchildren. May Allah SWT reward all of your family.

    • Iqraa’ is a series of book to teach non-arab speaking young children the Quran. Every muslim household in Malaysia gas them. My mother taught me the Quran furst through reading Iqraa’. However in recent years some muslim scholars in Malaysia have criticized the series because of some faults (they counted 447 faults) regarding the rasm usthmani or something. You have to understand that Iqraa’ was published in the first place as a beginner tool to teach non-arabic speaking Malay children an introduction to the Quran.

  21. Jazakillah Khair!! Really learned a lot…very inspiring

    Can anybody provide the details of Book “Iqraa”…where can I buy it??

  22. Assalamualaikum WA rahmatullahi WA barakatuhu! I always had a similar idea in my mind for my yet to come child. But I figured it was castles in the air. You’ve inspired me immensely. I’m absolutely in love with you! May Allah bless you with your beautiful family with Jannah!! Do make dua for us! :)

    • Ameen and may Allah do the same for all those who aspire to do good with the children Allah has blessed them with. May Allah guide you in every step of your parenting journey and keep you and your husband strong and steadfast.

  23. Ma sha AllAH! Sister to teach deen to our children is very important for us as parent all barqat u have seen its becose of quraan .u have given important quraan from wen they were in yr womb .may Allah ta’aala eccept them for a deen work aameen

  24. Maansha ALLAH. What a great mother! What n example to emulate. May ALLAH bless this mother and her family as well as those who are involved in making this article.

  25. jazak allah khairun for a wonderful insight.
    could somebody please also give advise how to install Allah’s love to grownup kids whose upbringing we have neglected………

    • You may not be the only person facing the same problem. It’s never too late. If you retract your steps, make tawbah and set the example your children will realise something. But I have also found sitting down with your children and admitting your past negligence because you ‘didn’t know’ do work. Just be honest and tell them that now you’ve learnt something and you want to change and you want the family to change too.

    • Assalammualaikum all,
      As the lady said, let you be the example for our child. Start with prayer: get the children to pray jumaah with you. Give a short tazkirah after prayer. And don’t forget to dua to Allah for help.
      My late father had problems with my eldest brother. He asked advise from an alim who told him:
      ” I had the same problem with my son. I was very strict with him,resulting him running awal from and has’ nt returned since. My advise to you is ensure that he doesn’t fall in the drain.” My father followed his adviced and alhamdulillah, my brother turned out right and finally graduated in MPA From a noted universiti in USA.

  26. Wonderful to read and I must say it is very inspiring!!
    May Allah reward you for your efforts and for sharing your story with us!
    May Allah help us all raise productive and God-conscious children! <3

  27. Masha Allah. Very Amazing one. Truly inspiring mother and family. Jazakallah Khair for sharing this with us. May Allah bestow his blessing on this family and on all of us.

  28. Assalamualaikum wrt wbt sisters :) mashaAllah this article really opened my eyes and heart. How we actually should have a clear vission of why we want to get married and have children. I am a student and not married yet. So this article will be my guideline on my way to build a good baitul muslim.
    I found that a pure, clear and good intention before having children is the most important point that should be practise. Just like wife of Imran, mother of Mary, she vowed to Allah what is in her womb- sura ali-imran:35..

    By the way, i want to ask you a question, i have a lil brother and a lil sister, and my mum is ill and on medications so she can’t perform well as a mother. My father is busy working. So, what can i do to help my lil siblings? I’m the second daughter, my first and third sisters are studying.

    Jazakillahu khoyr sister for your sharing..may Allah grant you and family jannatul firdaus. Amin..
    Sorry for my bad english..

    • Alaikum salam, sister Nurul

      May Allah heals your mum soon, ameen. Your intention to help your little siblings is very noble. Try to contact other Muslim mums living close to you. They may not know what happened at your home and when they found out, they will offer some solutions and help. Please be patient my little sister..

  29. Assalamu Alaykum waraghmatullah. I sat with tears in my eyes as i I read this article. So many of us has so many disappointments in our offspring. But we never ask where did we go wrong. what have we not done to get the right result. May Allah (SWT) grant us all the ability to read with understanding. May He guide us to make the good decisions and the ability to get up and continue after we have fallen. May He bless this family and many families that will blossom from this message In Sha Allah. We thank Almighty Allah for Productive Muslim for their outstanding productivity of promoting Islam.

  30. mashaallah Ya ukhti keep it up…may Allah.s.w bless and protect you..amin…vry inspirational story….may Allah.s.w reward you for empowering us muslim mothers too…may we raise our children in the same manner inshAllah. it up….shukran. …

  31. MashaAllah, I love you for the sake of Allah.
    May Allah give us tawfeeq to bring up our children the right way.
    Would live to meet this sister!

  32. Mashallah…..this blog is really encouraging…inshaallah I ll also pray to allah to giv atleast a bit of this mind strength.

  33. Subhan’Allah… This amazing lady has found a fan in me.. Such a beautiful way to raise kids. All my friends, even everyone else, needs to read this. In sha Allah, I’ll spread the word. So many people can benefit from this, MashAllah. May Allah help all of us to be amazing parents and give us this knowledge and strength to achieve all this. And May Allah accept all your deeds and efforts, and give you the best of jannah…!!!

  34. As salamualaykum , the article is really inspiring , every thing was explained so nicely and in very simplified manner . i myself being an aspiring mom in future Insha Allah . Being in the age of computer , video game ,facebook , and many more distractions it is really a challenging to be a parent , jazzak Allah .

  35. MashaAllah !its amazing!your thoughts n putting them in practice surely will benefit the ummah.Allah has blessed you,make duas for others to follow these tips inshaAllah

  36. Msha’Allah! a very inspirational and motivational story.
    She has done wonder for her family. This is amazing.
    May Allah grant the parents janna tul firdaus and make their children coolness for their eyes, ameen.

    A very good eye opener for parents who prefer less children, with the reason best known to them.

    Jazakal Khair.

  37. Jazakumullahu khairan for all your doas. May Allah give us all his tawfeeq in doing what is right.

    As to the question of how you turn back now when you feel you hadn’t done it correctly, my advice is first to repent to Allah. I remember reading a saying of Ibn alQayyim saying that we need to repent from our sins and from doing good that we neglected.
    Then make sincere doa asking Allah to guide you in the way you bring up your children.
    Lastly, call your children and have a family halaqa. Talk to them and tell them of what you have discovered. Be honest and sincere. Tell them that you want to to change and invite them to change with you. Regardless of how old they are, I strongly believe this is the way forward. You’ll be surprised how positively your children will respond.

    Always remember, have sincerity(ikhlaas) because you want to do this to please your Lord, be sincere and honest when you speak to your children and be an example. If you want to give them the love of Allah and His deen, be the example yourself. It may take time but it is the way. May Allah give you and all those who want to do what is right His tawfeeq. Ameen

  38. Mashaallah Allah, jazaakumullahukheyran for this great article. Alhamdulillah that I came across this influential article before I become a parent. Thank you productive team to introduce this fabulous mothe.
    My Allah grant her and her family jannhtul firdouse and May he make us among the righteous people

  39. Quite inspiring. May the family be blessed with eternal peace! An eye opener for most of us, the nominal Muslims , who either argue impracticability of Islamic value system or leave their children to go astray on moral front being bothered about their material well being only. The example is still more thought provoking because the family is from Singapore where conventional Muslim would feel shy of Islam. The trust in Allah viz TAWAKKUL is again exemplary because of raising a large family.I wish we take a precept.

  40. Maashaa Allah Tabaraka Allah, this was such a beautiful and inspirational read. I feel Ive been given a map and know where to take my parenting. May Allah bless you greatly for presenting this wonderful role model to us and may Allah bless her tremendously for the handwork she’s put into raising the next ummah.

  41. Ma sha Allah, great article. I’m really moved. May Allah (swt) bless you. I’ve come across somebody having thoughts similar to me. Your article will truly help me in achieving my aim of bringing up my children and making them Allah-conscious.
    Jazak Allah Khairan.

    • سبحان الله. What a beautiful and inspiring story. I’m a mother of four grownup ‘kids’. الحمدلله, I’m happy that some of these methods were used by me nd my hubby, as new parents. Alhamdulillah.
      Since I had done the Pre school diploma and Child psychology and Alhamdulillah, and strived in the path of Allah, to bring up our four kids, some of the methods hv given us fruitful results.
      But this mom is remarkable. اللهم بارك لها.

  42. MashaAllah translates to “whatever Allaah wills”. Dearest brothers and sisters if you want blessings (barakah) for somebody and want to protect them from evil eye say “barakAllahu feek/feeki” may Allah bless u. This is a forgotten sunnah…revive it!
    N understand the meaning of what you say :)
    May Allah bless this amazing sister and all her children.. Absolutely motivating :D

  43. Alhamdulillah! This article is so beautiful, inspiring, and informative. I will take so much from this article to strive to be better in everything I do, Inshaa Allah. Its never to late to do the right thing and correct any wrongs, Alhamdulillah. Very good thought provoking article as well as great interview questions. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. Asalaam Alaikum.

  44. Iqraa’ is a series of book to teach non-arabic speaking young children the Quran. Every muslim household in Malaysia has them. My mother taught me the Quran first through reading Iqraa’. However in recent years some muslim scholars in Malaysia have criticized the series because of some faults (they counted 447 faults) regarding the rasm usthmani or something. You have to understand that Iqraa’ was published in the first place as a beginner tool to teach non-arabic speaking Malay children an introduction to the Quran.

  45. Wow subhanallah such an. Amazing role model mashaAllah what a wonderful inspiring mother. May Allah give us the strength to bring up our children with such love Taiwan and dedication ameen

  46. Masha Allah very inspiring! May Allah swt gives us taufiq to be be best parents & have pious kids till Qiyamah ameen

  47. This woman is a true role model for all Muslim parents. MashAllah what a beautiful and inspiring journey. Thank you for sharing this wonderful advice

  48. jazaakumullahu khayran for inspiring article. n would u mind if i spread this after some kinda translating it into indonesian language? thanks for reply

  49. SubhanAllah, tabarakAllah
    such an amazing sharing by a chosen soul. This article teared me up, lifted my spirit and blown me away. May Allah grant all mothers taufeeq and hidayah like our sister, in bringing up our dear children, amin.
    JazakAllah for sharing.

  50. As Salaam a Alaikum… MashaAllah… This article is absolutely beautiful! Jazakum Allahu Khairn… InShaAllah I will be able to use this information to apply to the upbringing of my children. I just love all of the information the sisters brought.

  51. A truly inspiring lady, MashaAllah. I especially liked the way she and her husband focused on simple actions and did them consistently, like reading from Peter and Jane, reciting Quran to put children to sleep.
    She perfectly fits the criteria of an excellent role model for all Muslimahs in contemporary times.

  52. Wonderful article on parenting. She is really a supermom!!Alhamdulillah.. Thanks for sharing some valuable tips.. Jazakallah

  53. Ma shaa Allah wa tabaarak Allah. May Allah swt put His baarakah in it,preserve it for them all,grant their parents the reward in this dunya wal aakhiroh. Jazaakumullahu khayran to the entire team of productive Muslim for this beautiful article.
    I really gained a lot from it and i pray to Allah swt to make it beneficial and achievable for us too,aameen.
    Please is it possible to have her contact details?

  54. Mashallah very inspiring and hope we all benifit from it. If possible
    Can we get your home schooling programme or even a basic outline
    Of what and how you conducted your daily classes

  55. MashaAllah she is one in a million mom! Her love for our Allah SWT and Islam is manifest in the way she has raised her children. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala increase their blessings.

  56. MashaAllah! Absolutely mind blowing! Surely an inspiration and a role model for me as a mother..May Allah pour more amd more barakah in their family.JazakAllah khair productive muslim for this wonderful interview!

  57. Al-humdullialah for giving you and your husband the guidance to achieve such a great feat and may He bless us with the proper guidance for our childern. May Allah bless you for sharing and allow us to take that which He deems beneficial for our children as they are all different and Allah knows them better than us, Ameen.

  58. MasyaaAllah… Alhamdulillah… Jazakilahukhairan for this inspring story. May Alkah gives us all guidance n showers our family with barakah as we try to emulate what this awesome has shown us inshaaAllah. For some older parents, its better late tn never but tn we can help out with our grandchidren inshaaAllah.

  59. amazing,inspiring MashAllah!!! highly motivating and productive living style. I love the way she used to multitask among various things.May Allah keep u and your family an inspiring ones.

  60. SubhanAllah mashALLAH
    May Allah bless her and her family,and grant us such tawfeeq as well ameen
    JAZAKUMALLAH khair sister for sharing.

  61. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    Jazakallahu khair for interviewing this amazing lady , may Allah bless her. I would also like to purchase the “iqra” series for teaching arabic reading. A quick search on Google shows many different “iqra” readers. I could not make out which one is the right one :) . Can you please include a link at the end of the article?

    Best regards,

  62. As salaam alaykum, baarakallahu fee. May Allah reward this mother and her husband for the kind of upbringing they gave their kids, am so inspired by it and hope to implement them from now (that am still single). I believe it starts with us as individuals, since the kids learn more by example.

  63. I thank almighty Allah for giving me toufiq to read the real story of mother who brought up her children so well with her own style, of course with full faith in the Almighty, tirelessly, cordially working with her husband and children. May Allah reward the couple and the team who brought to light. The basic things are the same but one can devise own method suited in the circumstances.

  64. MashaAllah!no doubt she is a great mother. May the almighty Allah accept and grand her Jannathul girdous……….”Prophet (s) made this dua,
    O,Allah bless my Umma in its early hours.she applied and showed us.
    jazakallahu khairan……..

  65. Maasha Allah! Allahumma baarik! May Allah preserve you and your family. Such an insightful and practical guide. May Allah reward this mum and the Productive Muslim team with the best of rewards. May Allah give us the ability to be the best parents to our offspring, in being beneficial to the Ummah. Ameen. Jazaakumullah khairan!

  66. Mashaallah!!!
    Significant Article
    I appreciate that highly May Allah bless you to di more…
    Inshaallah i hope to be a great mom as you nd may Allah grant me pious childrens..i love this Article nd every information
    Jazakallahyran for this presentation

  67. Masha Allah… May Allah help us to bring our children up in d same way..aameen… Too inspiring n too wonderful article…

  68. Wow,very inspiring,it is never too late to start learning about the deen and the quran.May Allah grant her and a husband a long and healthy and make her all her children champions of deen.Jazakhumulahu khyran to the interviewer for this interview,

  69. MashaAllah. This was simply awesome . I am not married yet but I have very good thought about raising children like this but she has just done fabulous job . Its just like too hard to do all this in such a beautiful way with this number of kids . Mind blowing. Hats off…

  70. subhanAllah , the experience of reading this wonderful and educative article was so good Alhumdulillah that I never wanted it to end. I wanted the article to just go on. May Allah reward this sister and all the people who worked to towards this article. Being a first-time mom, many of my questions were answered Alhumdulillah. We need more and more stuff to read.
    In today’s world, where distractions are so strong and everywhere , only holding on to Please Allah SWT can make us successful in both worlds . Jazakallah khair !!

  71. Truly an inspiration…may Allah swt guide us all to bring up our children in such an inspirational way..which is amazing, jazakum Allah khair for aharing this there any way to connect with the sister?

  72. Masya Allah…you are such an inspirational mother figure for me. I am raising my 3 kids the way you do too. I want them to serve the ummah at the same time to be vicegerent of Allah the Almighty.. I want them to pray for me after i die. Thanks for your tips..will follow it immediately!

  73. Masyallah.. I’m truly amazed. its a reflection for myself on how I had raised my children. May Allah gude us to jannah.

  74. MashaAllah ! Very inspiring .. May Allah give us strength n help us in bringing our children d same way .. Ameen

  75. In todays day and age where parents are busy , the children are usually put in front of the TV and internet in order to occupy them.. i have never heard a more successful story mashaallah, and can safely say its a success story , even though the kids are quiet young, because they have achieved more than what most muslims have not achieved in their forties..
    what she has done and achieved is a herculian task, mashaAllah, but i would also like to know more stories about ladies who are working in jobs to support their families and also multitask and bring up a productive ummah.. i worry about raising kids who do not understand and accept the beauty and supremacy of Allah and submission to Him, because of my inability at managing time in between my job as a doctor and a mom.
    people like you are inspiring , and Allah az zawajal sent you here inorder to inspire those who struggle at making ends meet. i hope to learn from your routines and try and incorporate some routine in my life and also pray that all of us reading this are able to be successful in our lives.
    love you sister!

    • Habbakallah Allathee ahbabtanee feeh. My children are now ranging from the age of 13-24 mashaAllah. The story I shared or dare share, is only after I had gone through the journey myself and seen the fruits with the help of Allah subhana wa taala.
      I don’t know how to advise you because I was not a working mun when my children were at the age when they needed the most tarbiyah(teaching). I was a teaching mum at home. May Allah guide you to what is workable and give you barakah in your time.

  76. Assalamu Aaikum
    Subhanallah……….this article on the journey of a mother in parenting pious children is mind blowing…
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