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    Indeed, homeschooling is one of those underrated things that comes close to a “silver bullet” if the parents can serve as role models; this is so because the type of kids with whom your children socialise determines everything (peers are usually more crucial than parents).
    It’s ironic that parents would submit their kids to rotten environments that teach very little but ruin self-confidence while also demotivating the serious or gifted pupils; faith-based, challenging private schools are more acceptable but will never replace homeschooling (they may well churn out relatively less graduates lacking basics skills, which is a key concern for employers
    given graduates level of illiteracy etc).
    The whole school system function somehow as if orphanages were made mandatory, when these profit only to a very few and only as ultimate last resort, provided they would teach better values than street ethos; and most public schools are little better than the streets in which they are located while attitute and ethos are even more important than skills (an equivalent level of general knowledge and litteracy can be acquired much more quickly and efficiently with a little commitment, curiosity or home culture that promotes reading instead of TVs)…  

  2. home schooling is not that easy, requires immense discipline and devotion by parents. Further more, kids should know to properly and productively utilise time.

  3. yes thats true, but parents have to discipline themselves anyway, to be good muslims, dont they?

    this will be a dubble work for the parents but it will pay a lot in the dunya and akhirah. :)

    • with all respect to your beliefs, diversity is not the main issue to be concerned about when it comes to your children. Islamic school is perfectly diverse and when home-schooled children grow up, i’m sure they are disciplined enough to be tolerant of others’ beliefs. Would you rather send your children to a garbage dump equivalent of a school in the name of teaching them diversity or would you rather take the time and effort to teach them yourself and/or send them to an Islamic school where manners and discipline is taught. 

  4. This article doesn’t seem to address the very important issue of childrens’ socialization in a  home-school environment. Many parents think they are doing good by sheltering their kids from the big bad world and end up ruining their social skills or ability to be productive members of society. “Sending kids unequipped into a negative environment” is exactly what many home-school parents end up doing by accident when eventually their little hafiz has to face the big bad world on his own.






  6. Salaam everyone. 

    Not posting often, I will take the time on this important website for this important topic.  I homeschooled my children for 14 years.  It was as difficult as you’ve heard it to be (and that before the Internet age.)  Twelve years later it continues to be very rewarding.  All my precious adult children now consider it the best gift I could have given. Alhamdulillah, la howla wa la quwatta illa biLlah.    
    My dear youngest child had learning problems which did not become public discipline problems, or mental health issues.  She is now a top GPA senior in a northwestern university.  “Socialization” was not a negative issue.  Homeschooled children are allowed to make strong, positive relationships with all ages of people on an open honest level.  How could that be a problem! Jazzak Allah khair.

  7. I have home schooled and sent my children to public schools.  I am very happy with my kids in the public schools where I live.  They get diverse experiences, taught in different ways, in different point of view.  They also have access to special classes that I could not provide.  They like to work with other kids in their same age group.  I raised my children to know right from wrong, and they are selective in picking friends and know how to ignore the bad stuff.  The education they are getting is top notch.  But, we picked a small school system with great teachers in a small community where we all know each other.  I hate hearing how homeschoolers “are like this…..and socialization….” and public schools are “drug-infested, poorly taught, etc”.  I think this is an individual decision for each family, and should be kept that way.  As for being productive, sometimes sending kids to school makes mom or dad more productive, so that they can work and make money to pay for the home and food.  :)

  8. Asalaam alaikum,
    I am home-schooling my child now, and I do not know anybody else who does, so I need a bit of help.
    My child hates repetition (the only way to learn Quran) and prefers to talk himself out of having to write or learn something. He goes to Islamic school for3 hours on the weekend, but I am trying to fill in the gaps during weekdays. I have made flashcards, posters, bought him colors, paints, stickers….etc!!!
    Why won’t he let me teach him??? He always seems ‘fed-up’, and expresses no interest..

  9. Selam everyone…
    I live in NY where public schools are nowhere ideal. I sent my oldest daughters to Public schools (gifted and talented programs) where they learned  tremendously, sent  them to Islamic schools on weekends and thought some issues at home.One is in college now the other senior…
    Now I have 6 year old, extremely bright and great reader. She is not benefiting from her public learning in her school. She came to Pre-K already fully reading.On many days I kept her home and did activities with her. I am running small daycare at home, and really want to home school her next year, as I dont think she learns more at school than home with me.
    How do you start, and what to consider prior to homeschooling?
    Any pointers of those who already had successful  homeschooling experience. I know it takes much of persistence and self discipline.. I am a teacher, majored in English, but also speak many other languages including Arabic, so at this point I am ready for anything…

    I want to incorporate all of my advantages, but just need a push and  great start.
    Any help? Jazak Allah hayr to all…
     reading your responses just encouraged me to go for it inshaAllah!

    • Walaykumasalam sister, if you really need more help/ advice there are many homeschooling yahoogroups where you will find lots of helpinsha’Allaah. is for sisters only.  i have found lots of helpful advice and links etc
      also lots of good articles on
      there are many different styles/ ways to homeschool and each child and family are different everyone needs to see whats best for them.

  10. Assalam Alaikum, very nice article. I am a female and not married. I went to a private school in Dubai, from grade 1 to O’levels and A’levels. My experince has taught me a lot. The ciriculum from KG onwards is all from British Books, which is so inappropriate for Muslim children. They are designed for christian children in mind. I personally suffered a lot morally, emotionally, physicaly. I grew up soo confused. It was hard to difrenciate between right and wrong. So much of unnecasry stuff was taught to us. I remember we had to study “the time machine by HG Wells” novel in my grade 9. It was soo misleading for muslims. It made many of the Muslim girls belive that its possible. InshaALLAH, i will home school my children with a cirriculum based on Islamic teachings. But yes, if parents are not good themselves to do home schooling, then its better that they send their children to a islamic school, like the one Zakir Naik has opened. His school is very disciplined, Alhamdulilah.

  11. SubhanALLAH, Khadija home schooled her children, and so did the sahabiya during the time of Prophet Mohammad. Those mothers produced awsome adults [males and females], who at young age, became soldiers, scholars, and great leaders. Who said, home schooling, causes a child to be less social ?! If you train the way as per Islam, you will never face a issue, inshaALLAH. Read the biograpies of these great men and women, which school did they go to ? The Home School of Practicing Father and Mother ! Fatimah RaddiALLAHUAnhu, She is a leader of women in jannah, which school did she go to? ALLAH mentioned her name as one of the four best women. So, please get the direction right, and the rest will follow, inshaALLAH. Secular education system is actually a slow poison for the Muslim Ummah and its generation. Stand up everyone. And bring back the Education of Islam as a base for all studies.

  12. asSalam aleikum,

    I strongly recommend the works of a former NY city public school teacher of thirty years. His books are “Dumbing us Down” and “Weapons of Mass Instruction”

    “I’ve come to believe that genius is an exceedingly common human
    quality, probably natural to most of us… 
    I began to wonder, reluctantly, whether it was possible that
    being in school itself was what was dumbing them down. Was it possible I
    had been hired not to enlarge children’s power, but to diminish it?
    That seemed crazy on the face of it, but slowly I began to realize that
    the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the age-segregation,
    the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of
    national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had
    set out to *prevent* children from learning how to think and act, to
    coax them into addiction and dependent behavior.”
     – John Taylor Gatto
    Also research “Permaculture”

  13. Salamualaikum, if you are interested and learning more about homeschooling through the eyes of seasoned homeschoolers check out “The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling”. This handbook is a valuable tool full of advice from Muslim families who successfully homeschool their children. The Muslim Family Guide to Successful Homeschooling not only motivates and encourages, but also describes in ‘real life’ experience how to teach your own.