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  1. Resoucefulness and persistence is the key word, I’m looking to leave my regular job and start smithing of my own , thanks for the push, may Allah S.W.T make it easy for allof us!

  2. Assalamu alikkum,

    Jazak Allah kahir,
    Feel proud,

    Since this article is very addictive and self driven. Am also a business man. I recommend you my flocks these are point which lead me to do business life. Alhamdulillah, this article shows we are on rite track. I strongly believe!!!

  3. As salamu alaykum warahmatullah wabaraktu, this article has surely inspired me to continue and persist in my business which is a new and humble business, selling handmade bookmarks.

    I appreciate the time and effort gone into this article to bring lots of motivation to people running or thinking of running their own business.

    May Allah Swt reward you for your help and tips and guide every one of us to the straight path. Thank you once again! I will be using this advice very much.

    :) jazakallah Khair

  4. ma shaa Allah!! this post is so right on time. I have been wishing to start my own business but I have some how confused on what to do. Anticipating the part 2 of this post with much anticipation. jazaaka Llahu khairan

    • Glad you found the article informative. Insha Allah, we will have the next article published soon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them here or email me obaid[at]

  5. Assalaamu alaikum brother
    MashAllah a very inspirational read jazak Allah khair. I look forward to your next article inshAllah. I too am looking to leave my current role and build something from scratch but cannot find that trigger point at the moment. Perhaps this will be covered in the next read inshAllah?

  6. As-sal’amu alaikum warahmathulillahi wa barakathuhu.

    Dear bro. Obaid Ahmed, Jazakallah khairan for sharing your thoughts on entrepreneurship. You have put across the ideas succinctly and in a highly motivating manner. May Allah (subahana wuthaalah) bless you for the efforts and your good intentions.

    Was salam
    Abdul Kareem

  7. Salam this article was brilliant and very useful to read and reached me at a time when I am looking to set up this type of business inshallah jazakullah khair

  8. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah!
    I’m impressed with your post Mash’Allah.
    Can I share one thing here for those who quit their education due to financial instability. This is not fake, right now I’m studying in this University and experiencing great. Please share with Muslims as soon as possible to let them get benefit. Wallahi I haven’t paid a penny and I got the admission.

    University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online academic institution dedicated to opening access to higher education globally for all qualified individuals, despite financial, geographic or societal constraints.

    In February 2014 UoPeople received accreditation from the Distance and Education Training Council, a U.S. Department of Education authorized accrediting agency.

  9. Jazakillahu khairan, brother. My friend and I are planning to start a business so this article is very timely. Looking forward to subsequent peices!

  10. Ma shaa Allah! I’m planning a small-scale business and this article has surely been insightful, helpful and timely. BarakAllahu feekum.
    Ma salam.

  11. This is an exceptional article that has demonstrably motivated many people based the positive comments. It has also exposed a common challenge for those desiring to take the plunge into an entrepreneurial venture.

    So now that the foundation is laid, you and the ProM team need to Have Tawakkul and Be Grateful, Work Hard and Think Long-Term, Have Grit, Focus on Creating Value and deliver good progressive Entrepreneurial Education: The Way Forward.

    Jazak-Allahu-Khairan to the team. May Allah SWT guide and bless you with success in this to deliver self-sustainability to the Ummah AMEEN.

  12. Assalamu Aleykum,

    Masha-Allah, the article is very inspiring, i have read numerous articles and attended a number of programs and seminars of youth self empowerment and entrepreneurship. All the time I’ve always asked we Muslims have more than all these teachings, but we take them for granted.

    until i came across the teachings behind Surat Al Qaf, that we are supposed to recite every Friday. When you do tadabur and tafakur on the surah, all the stories talk about focus, determination, persistence, Allah’s support, His mercy, blessings and many more! Its like every Friday Allah is giving us a lecture on all these……. for us to stay focus and on track.

    Jazakallah – brother, may Allah the almighty bless the work of your hands and increase you in knowledge. and may He enable this knowledge to be put in practice and spread all over the world and empower Muslims and all those who come to seek it.

    • JazakAllah Brother. Actually, I was thinking about this yesterday and posted on our Facebook page ( where I quoted the Ayat from Surat Al-Khaf:

      Remember) when the young men fled for refuge (from their disbelieving folk) to the Cave, they said: “Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and facilitate for us our affair in the right way!”

      Quran is by far the best book of guidance for all situations in our lives. If you are starting a business or a small project, this is the Dua for you.

  13. Assalamu alaikum. This is a great article because as an Ummah we need to develop our own businesses. I found the corporate life very false, to suceed you have to occasionally display a non-islamic attitude and hear all the office gossip…i felt i was in wrong environment. I build my busimess in order to have time to pursue my muslim lifestyle and like you say Rizq is in hands of Allah (swt) and therefore we should ignore all media on recession, inflation etc.

  14. Well done, I visited th ummhub website but could not find any details except for a page. When will the site be fully functional.

  15. Jazak’Allahu Khair Br. Obaid and Productive Muslim team. You have no idea this article is like a sign from Allah to me . For a good few months I had been planning to do some work of my own but I was quite confused as of too many things I wanted to do, my lack of skill in pretty much all of them, what kind of culture and work ethic I need, to what extent I can be flexible, would there be enough resources and the worst would I give up if I fail? Now, thanks to this article, I can filter the ones that will add value and solve something going wrong around me already. So I say Bismillah. May Allah blesses your kind souls for sharing these words with us. Ameen.

    Cannot wait for part 2 already.

  16. Jazakallah!
    The article was very informative and fundamental basics of Business skills.
    It refreshes the basic skill requirements. I eagerly look forward for part II of the series.

  17. Asawrwb. Mash Allah great article. Brother Obaid can I have your email id.Please at your convenience read ” Developing entrepreneurial culture in Islamic world”.


  18. I read a book a forthnight ago “why A students work for C. Students”,a book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The book actually emphasized a lot on financial education that should be impacted to children in early stages of their lives. Evidently,as muslims we need to appreciate our values,improve and market them rather than continually waiting for the government to do everything for us.sadly,in my country Nigeria,most of the muslim youths have not challenged the status-quo rather they involve theirselves in frivolities that brings out nothing except wrath.In summission,I think to create the islamic umpire that we all dreamt of ;”ENTERPRENEURSHIP” is a stake that should not be neglected and it should be the responsibility of all and sundries.

  19. Assalaamu Alaikum, masha’Allah this article is totally on point. It starts with the absolute importance of tawakul and knowing and reminding ourselves that Allah swt is the controller of risq and all our affairs, which is incredibly important.

    Our own Islamic novelty publishing journey began from this very core and Alhamdulillah this piece was such a powerful reminder and inspiration to read. It’s so important to have visionary examples of entrepreneurs in our ummah from all walks of life, creating something which aims to create value and benefit generations insha’Allah, not just for dunya but very much for akhira too. An absolutely refreshing and motivating read – thank you!

    May Allah swt increase you, reward you and accept all your efforts through allowing many to be inspired from this piece and more of your work. Ameen.
    Best wishes and duas,

    • Assalam o alykum Hajera,

      JazakAllah for sharing your experience with us. At UmmahHub, we are always looking to chat with people like yourself and share your experience with others via our upcoming podcast. Would you be able to connect with me via email (obaid[at]


  20. Salam! Very impressive; educative& inspiring. May Allah reward your efforts. May Allah guide the Ummah towards success in d affairs of this world & the hereafter. I would emphasize on skill acquisition apart from regular education; not compromising quality is also very important as well as good packaging of product. Networking & support of other Muslims in terms of patronage are keys towards success of our entrepreneurs. Finally; we must always seek for Allah’s guidance; support; mercy& blessings while also putting d right things in place. May Allah guide us in all our affairs! Awaiting the second part. Thanks!

  21. Assalam-alaikum Obaid,
    Very nice article and need of the hour. I liked it and wish that more and more people of our community understand this enterprenual mindset. There are a lot of misconceptions in our society about entrepreneurship. Most of us want to play safe and go only to the traditional feilds of employment. This is due to lack of self esteem and tawakkul in Allah as you have pointed out in your article. May Allah give you more strength to make us aware about different avenues of life. Ameen.

  22. mashAllah the article was very inspiring and motivating. right now as my final year in high school, I plan to become an entrepreneur in the field of environmental and international development inshAllah but I as of now I dont have any social skills or specific business skills, so is it possible to become an entrepreneur?

  23. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
    Such a good article. JazakillahKhoir.
    I just remake my vision in my bussiness only for Allah.
    And i believe that Allah with support me with the best.
    May Allah give you the best too.
    Salam, Elis

  24. Salam,I’m working for other Muslims at the moment selling clothing and sports accessories,but I dream of owning my own company as a Merchant but need to sacrifice and save more capital to get the resources.

  25. hi there thanks for the useful information above mash allah . I really do think there is more to life than working just drains you out and its a waste of productive time people should learn to stop being sheep and let the gvt do what they want with us which is work and have high positions which increases taxes for their own selfish desires. being an investor or business person teaches you that you can pay the least tax possible as there are legit loopholes for people like this unlike your average worker or lawyer/doctor who pay the highest tax rate due to the tax reform act 1986. entrepreneurs get tax incentives by the gvt because they give people jobs, build real estate for people to sleep under a roof, and many other projects this is how the rich protect and compound wealth. We should be learning how to seek financial freedom to do the things we want to do, spend time with loved ones, learn more about islam and practice the five pillars of islam. and not to mention always seek to come up with solutions to the worlds problems we are facing today. these are the kind of people we would remember as they leave legacys, you wouldn’t remember lawyers, engineers doctors although surgeons have a gift ofcourse but still its life draining tasks that limit yourself to achieve greatness you still have to put in the hours same old boring thing over and over again. they say the laziest people are the people that keep saying they are too busy or have no time because they are too busy doing the same non sense dieing for the weekend to come. who needs a vacation from work ? it clearly means you need a break from that place you don’t want to be proves you don’t enjoy what you do otherwise why take a break. better to do something you enjoy, that’s the issue with proffessions and hobbies, you shouldnteven make your hobby a proffesion, because eventually you will be bored and sick of it trust me its human nature. then you wont know what your doing. most traditional parents teach their kids what they have been taught which is go to school go get a good job and invest in your kids and pension which is much riskier than being an investor/ entrepenuer who works on accumulating wealth without them physically working as the asset had been looked aftered from early stages which then rewards you for life and your next generations. that’s what our parents don’t think about or schools teach, the way markets changes and financial booms and busts they havnt got a clue that the middle class and the poor keep buying liabilities and putting debt on themselves which increases the supply of quantitative easing (printing money) from central banks which depreciates the value of the fiat currency which then increases taxes and cause inflation makes it harder to live and most people only have jobs and no passive residual income from assets this is dangerous. little did you know Britain is making the same mistake the US did 42 years ago with a pension scheme called ERISA 1974 which was a defined contribution type of pension where you would invest funds along with the company you work for would have to put a very small % in only if you did and if you didn’t then the company didn’t have to. the flaw to this horrific scheme is that the money was invested into the stock market by non investors (the saver mentality type of people) and told people stocks only go up when you and I both should know stocks go up down and sideways. and when theres a financial crash your savings and accumulation of the pension pot could potentially be wiped out so you put all your trust into thinking work all your life your pension and kids will save me but then face the real world and come out of your sanctuary and sit there think damn I wish I had an asset 50 years ago or some sort of business and made a difference . I can see the same thing happening to the UK in the nexty 50 years when we youngters get to that baby booming age of 75 plus asking your pension company ”show me the money” like from the movie jerry McGuire starring tom cruise.

    I have only started seeing the way of an entrepreneur for the passed 6 months now and I am so glad I can see the bigger picture and islam does influence entrepreneurship as our prophet Muhammad SAW was one himself he made a change in culture and lead a nation shared his vision for islam. its the power to change peoples way of seeing things and making them understand. Allah didn’t say go get a good job and stick to it even if you don’t enjoy it. your just allowing the corruption take control of your life like that your should be taking ownership of your life and do things differently and think of out of the box. when you help others succeed you achieve great success also. we need to stop thinking like the average person and teaching our kids to be sheep. we need more entrepreneurs for the sake of this worlds future in order for that to happen is to increase the numbers to allow kids to unleash their amazing ideas from within and bring it to reality instead we send them to school to learn how to obey be loyal to your boss and be a slave to money when money is just a paper that decreases in value every second due to quantitative easing and debt ever since the gold standard was severed from the us dollar in 1971 by former us president Nixon. education actually came from the latin word ‘educe’ which means to draw out from within, instead school just put information in our head and not allow students to learn how to be creative and come up with ideas.
    university’s teach students to get yourself in debt before they even step into work, which is student course fees this allowed banks to become richer anyway possible for banks to print money out of thin air is good for them. getting a mortgage is a silly mistake too rather pay council rent which costs less even if you don’t have ownership of your own home whats the point when your own house is a liability NOT an asset. takes money out of your pocket. better to have multiple houses which tenants pay you passive income from rent. better of building businesses while you live in a council house tbh. mortgage is poor practice as it came from the latin word mort which means death pledge so you agree to pay the mortgage for the rest of your active life just to take full ownership of an asset that never even put money in your pocket. I hope this helps some people who are questioning themselves into what they think they should do. I have amazing opportunities for people who want to earn passively who seek financial independence. those of you thinking if everyone were entrepreneurs then how would the world circulate, well let me tell you my fellow friend, that will never happen because there are always people who are scared to take risks and there are those very few who take risks and earn the rewards after that’s why they will always be different categories. a person with a poor mentality are like the middle class people who think they are rich because they have a mortgage and a financed sports car when that’s not the case because these are all liabilities and not assets. they don’t actually have pro active investments and ventures. these are the people who say ”I cant afford this’ which is a statement, which limits their thinking and closes options to ideas. but the rich say ‘what must I do to be able to afford this?” is a different question which opens the brain into a huge directive of ideas and gives you more options. like what the person who wrote this article said about how even if an entrepreneur does not have the sufficient tools and connections needed he/she will figure it out somehow and make things happen because they have a burning desire.

  26. i am very much inspired . i am a Ghanaian young woman aspiring to be an enterprenuer.
    i would be very grateful to have much more imformation on idea formation and business model development.