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  1. MashAllah, this is a brilliant article. Very helpful ans beneficial advice. Jazakillahu Khayr to sister Amina and Productive Muslim.

  2. JAZAKAALLAHU for this consice straight forward article. It will realy help. Thanks are more grease to your elbow.

  3. Performing Istikhara Prayer is an excellent advice which should be used by Muslims as a tool for guidance from Allah to make right business decisions. In modern world, assessing the risks for a business is a wide area for discussion, and there are many ways on how to assess risks of a business. For Muslims, performing Istikhara prayer before making a business decision can simplify this decision making process with the help of Allah.

    • You are absolutely right, Salatul Istikhara helps to ease what would ordinarily look like a huge and complex decision. It is a Mercy from Allah (swt), so business people especially need to utilise it more often.

  4. great tips for me!, syukron. i agree with your tips, the most important before you start your business is your intention, why do you want to be entrepreuner/ starting a businnes. You have to sincere intention, i believe allah will help anyone who struggle in his way insyallah.
    i’m running a business since 6 month ago with my friend, here’s my business . it’s calligraphy t-shirt , its not just t-shirt because its about spirit, motivation and value of life as a muslim. And i wanna spread to everybody in the world the beauty of islam by our t-shirt, aameen

    • Thanks for the contribution br. As with all facets of life, intention matters. That will help to set a good foundation for all other actions that follow In Sha Allah. May Allah bless your project. It is a good dawah effort.

  5. ASSALAM ALAIKUM….am going back home fr. saudi, retairing fr. job…back home to start a Business enterprise….ur article…really..really..inspried my thoughts…ThankU…

  6. Masha Allah, a very elaborative article and i have many new things beside the revision in all concepts. Jazak Allah for sharing.

  7. allahamdullilah i got first email from you
    thank you very much .you can also sent it to my sisters.they are also logged in your website .one is suha fatima and the other is umaima
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  8. Jazakallahu khairan………..Allahumma Barek Laha…….

    The article is very motivating……… Today the Ummah is drowned in Riba. Every Muslim who avoids alcohol and other evil deeds has no shame in dealing with interest ( I dont mean taking interest only, but depositing in commercial banks even though in a checking account). In Sha Allah….Can you give valuable guidance for staring a banking/co-operative society for Islamic transactions purely based on Shari’ah principles? Do du’a….