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  1. Mashallah a very well written article which touched my heart. I will inshallah share it with my students in my school inshallah. May Allah give you reward for your efforts ameen

  2. It is a beautiful article to learn from, it has taught me to have a positive mind and made clear to me what is it that I must look for at any and every opportunity coming my way.
    I am trying and practicing being mindful of Allah (swt).
    Many thanks.

  3. A beautiful article mashallah… I’m a 17 year old girl and am currently going through a very difficult time that requires much patience and trust in Allah swt.. Although this article isn’t related to any situation of mine, I found it so insightful subhanallah. Some of the points raised and verses shared are heart-lifting, particularly this one: ‘They will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good’ [Qur’an: Chapter 39, Verse 34]

    Jazakumullahu kheirun sister <3

  4. Jazakalla sister for the time and effort you put into this beautiful article. I have no doubt that it will not only benefit our children, but us as mothers if we implement these principles into our own lives. Ian going to try, InshaAllah .

  5. JazakAllah khairan kaseeran for the beautiful letter. Every point gave me so much positivity and a yearning to strive more.

  6. subhanallah! very useful advices for me as a daughter now and future mother of the daughter…insyaAllah…thank you for the sharing of great article!

  7. Awesome article mashAllah! You have addressed every aspect of a girl’s life in a really understanding and sensitive manner. I really needed a motivation to connect to Allah Talah with an attentive mind and it did the job, may Allah Talah give you jaza e khair in both the worlds! :)

  8. LAILAHAILLALLAH ALHAMDULILLAH ALLAHUAKBAR>ALLAH SWT grant us all n jannah the hereafter only i have given to now s my heartily prayer ALLAH swt,gve more power to every to muslims …we

  9. Maa Shaa Allah, very touchy article, May Allah reward the author with what is best and hope our teens get the message. Advice to our girls: No matter what situation you find yourself in, ALWAYS REMEMBER AND RELY ON ALLAH THE GREAT AND KEEP IN CONTACT WITH HIM WITH REGULAR SALAAT. ALLAH LOVES THOSE WHO ARE PATIENT.

  10. Masha Allah an awsum article… May allah de almighty grand all of us jannah nshower his choicest blessings upon us…. !! :)

  11. Mashallah! Very nice
    advice. Thank you for inspiring us with your articles. It will always be a good reminders about the duties and responsibilities of a good muslimah.