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  1. Loved it masha’Allah. I wish I could remember these wise tips every time I opened my mouth. Keep up the great work.

  2. A very informative doodle, encompassing all thongs needed for a good interaction.
    but one thing I want to mention that whenever I tried upon my familiar people to teach to refrain from evil, I have got a very rude behavior in turn despite of being highly polite. I always felt like a slap for which I never gave a reply. So now I kind of avoid it, though I know it’s not good as it is against that mentioned in surah asr.

    • Assalamu alaikum..very good and eye catching doodle…Enjoining good and forbidding evil …although it is indeed very easy to speak and write about,is in fact very very difficult to practice.
      When I was in grade 2 , I had a non-muslim friend to whom I tried to explain the futility of worshipping idols . The next day I was summoned by our class teacher, based on her complaint and was very publicly scolded by her..Although , I am now 28 , I still remember it very vividly…That was my first lesson that , while communicating with others, not only is it necessary to have a good intention, but we should also be very very tactful..I have always found that , communication is effective, not because what we say but how we say things..Quran uses the word ‘Hikmah’ while asking believers to do Da’wa..’ Hikmah’ means many things: but in that Quranic context we could translate it as wisdom, tact etc…a
      I typed in this long reply just to share my experiences with you n to let you know that you are not alone:)

  3. assalamu alaykum
    MashaAllah TabarakaAllah may Allah reward you all for your outstanding efforts could you print out all of your doodles and post them to me if that is okay as i dont have a printer

  4. Asalamo alikuim wa rehmatullah wa barakatuhu! .
    Your work is commendable sis Aneesah! ! Can you please tell me how i can learn this sort of creative art?any course you took or soft you use.
    I will highly appreciate your answer….
    JazakAllahki khair

    • Wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullah Sister Fareeha!

      Jazaakillah khair for taking the time to leave a comment. :) I learned digital art and graphics design on my own as a teenager, as I find that software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can be self-taught using free online tutorials and such. I also do sketches and doodles using traditional media (paper and pen), or my iPad, so all of the practice must have helped me in producing doodles like this, alhamdulillah. You can also find out more about my doodling process in this article: (however I now use Adobe Illustrator exclusively, not Adobe Photoshop).

  5. Assalamu alaikum,very beneficial article and easy to remember,inshallah try to implement on these sunnah .may allah reward u all.

  6. Salaam alaikum sister Aneesah, mashaAllah! This was very informative and a good reminder for Muslims to further stick to the beautiful Sunnah/tradition/example of the noble Messenger Muhammad sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, thank you and jazakAllahu khair for sharing :) Many Muslims nowadays should really get used to not only saying salaam alaikum upon first meeting a fellow Muslim, but also before leaving or exiting the conversation -now that is good manners in Islam :) May Allah the Most Merciful guide all to His Love and Mercy and grant us more beneficial wisdom. Ameen.
    Wasalaam from the Philippines and Saudi Arabia :)

  7. Assalam Aleikum, Maa shah Allah its a short and beatiful article.thank you and Jazak Allah kheir for the reminder.

  8. mashallah it is a very impressive doodle. jazakumul;aahu keyran. it will help all youthes to run islamic shallah.

  9. This doodle combines the tripartite features of simplicity, inspiration and education.

    May Allah reward the doodler and bless the Ummah with more creative individuals.

    Finally, I implore all to live by this teachings. We can jot the points in a notepad and keep it handy.

  10. Assalamu’alaikum warohmatullah wabarokatuh..
    Jazakillah kheran jazaa ukhti Aneesha.. may Alloh bless you. This is so attractive .. Im also interested with graphic.. but I have to learn more.. I wonder I will be like you. Being productive muslimah who you talent has benefits for ummah. Barakallah ukh..

  11. JazakAllah u khair

    i have a problem that sometimes i point out to peoples mistakes while talking to them and they fet angry i am trying to control my self but if you will give me some tips i hope it would be helpful.
    Further i don’t use concise word’s . Again a big problem for me.
    And i always have a smilig face but most people object to that saying its not good are you fool why are you smiling. What can i do if Allah swt granted me a smiling face.
    Please help