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  1. Asalaam aleikum. My take on this subject is procrastinating. And lack of self confidence and being content with your circumstances and not willing or unable to change
    I always wanted to be in the business of buying selling and everyone near and dear to me when i said what i plan on doing all i kept hearing was you cannot do this over and over again but i knew i ccould so i learnt one thing pretty quick somethings are best kept to yourself not only did i start my own business i also expanded to include shipping i never thought i was capable of helping so many ppl in such a short time i decided to spare 30p c space for fisabililah one has to have the desire and drive to succeed. I cannot call this a success far from it also my take on success is not making a lot of money cuz thats not why i wanted to do this in the first place. I got into this to be able to help as many ppl as i possibly can now im certain im on the right track while getting to do what i have so much passion for and yes none of this would have been
    Possible without faith and accepting that only allah subhaana taalah can guide you to make the right decisions

  2. I belong to the first category: “trying hard to achieve a goal”

    But the word hard doesn’t suits for me, because I realized that I am not working that hard towards my goal, the major blockade which i realized is procrastination. waiting for the best opportunity (time) to do things, even though having a better plan i could not able to cope up with it.

    If I missed to something as scheduled i feel frustrated and it automatically affects the forthcoming activities of my list. Also I didn’t try breaking the big task in smaller pieces to make the task easier.

    I know how important my goal is but i don’t know how.

    • Don’t give up! You can do it! All you have to do is put your heart into it, and surely Allah will help you! Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’m in the same situation as you are . . . 3 months passed, full of strikes and blockades. I know if I worked hard enough, I could’ve done a lot better in all of my tests. Even so, I don’t think it was a total waste of time! I learned not to do it again. Now it’s the time to get fired up and start working hard!! And, this time, In sha Allah, I will follow 100% of my schedule! And always remember, HARD WORK PAYS OFF. May Allah help all of us to achieve our goal.

  3. I’m also in the first category of ‘trying hard to achieve a goal’, but I never know whether I’m trying hard enough… I struggle in academics a lot, and feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and catching up I need to do, which seems impossible to complete all in one day. So when I write a to-do list with 5 things to do, and am only able to do 1 until my bedtime, I get really discouraged and frustrated…eventually I don’t have the energy to complete that to-do list.

    I think it’s because in order for me to understand and take down notes for a 1 hour lecture, it takes me at least 2-3 hours to complete understanding it and taking down notes, because I have to rewind many times in order to understand the concept.

    I feel like if I do the adhkar of the morning and wake up really early for fajr, then the day passes smoothly ~ I heard that when some people read the whole surah al-Baqarah in the morning before going to work, their day and work went smoothly…although I haven’t tried that because of being overwhelmed by the amount of things to complete and by how fast the time flows by..I think I should try that soon.

  4. How to Achieve Your Goals Against All Odds, what I found is, how hungry you are to reach or achieve your Goal.
    In our daily life, we experience many time that when a serious situation come, that touches your Heart or feeling, we go beyond our strength and Resources and we always/99% find way to reach to our Goal.
    It all goes with, We want it or we are only wishing to have it.
    Its like ” Are you playing Lotto or Playing real Game”

    • Jazakallahu Khairan! Almost everybody here is a mediocre striving against mediocrity to find a better life for himself. What are your problems, how can i overcomes my situations. Allah has a way to test his servants always, if you want to comes closer to Him bears in mine a lot of difficulties will keep befallen you, he will pushed you to the wall to see how patiences you are, can you endured with fortitude what befall you? When you aways consults the qur’an Allah keeps reminding you that he is with the patience. Durability on how to face your problems is were many people lost their Imaan. If care is not taken you will give up. And prophet (SAW) said fighting the heart is more than using a sword in a battles.

      Always know that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

      If you want to get the kinds of result you never get, starts doing what you have never done.

      Be good and intents good as long as you intents good you will always remained good.

  5. I have great books on achieving goals, read lots of articles, motivational blog post etc, I could create great and detail plans. But I hardly even reach step one. I love doing small projects to achive this accomplishing feeling. My life/house is full of big dreams still on papers.

    • Hello Aisha,

      Really Good to hear that you read lot of articles/ motivational blogs. This is the best way of making the habit of reading. Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s grace I also do the same. Sometimes, when i have to give presentations, i am going well prepared. However, one good thing is that I always give more than what I prepared.

      To achieve the bigger dreams, I would say go with WBS ( Work Breakdown structure ). Let us cut down our goals into smaller pieces. I am sure, this will help in reaching goals successfully.

      May Allah fulfill all our Halal Dreams.

  6. Im trying very hard toget my business off the ground and feel that im failing,its hard to keep going if u run out of resources and doors keeps closeing on u. How does one achieve if everything seems likebits failing.

  7. I feel that what has really stood between me and achieving my goals has been the thought that I do not have time, being a mother of two and working full time job exhausts every ounce of energy that I have.For example my son is closing school soon and I have in mind a list of activities to occupy him with over his school holiday period but most of them are DIY projects and I keep putting off the day I will start working on them..knowing very well that the day his holidays start then I will have to do something or else he will start getting creative and i think all mothers know how it gets from there…yet, getting that kick start is a challenge!!

  8. Dear brethren, i actually appreciate your thought on this topic. To me, goals are dreams. In life to achieve any dream, one have to be passionate about it, learn or acquire prerequisite skills, focus in doing that which is good and ask Allah for His Rahman and Huda (Hidayyah).

    May Allah strengthen you and us all to continue this sacrificial feesabililah work.

    Ma salam.

  9. salaam alaikum dear Muslim brothers/sisters,

    regarding this topic on how to achieve a certain a goal, I believe that if you really want something you should try to be close to anything that will lead you to your goal. To attain a goal, choose the right path that leads to it. For instance, as a teen what pushed me into staying ‘fit’, slim or in shape was my hanging out with friends who hated the thought of becoming overweight. Being close to them also made me want to think in such a way. What made me regain some weight is being married to a loving spouse who doesn’t appreciate an underweight figure… therefore, who you are close to may at times affect your achieving your goals.

    If you want to memorize the Noble Qur’an -I pray that Allah by His Mercy makes us among the Ahlul-Qur’an who are close to Him, then attend a special class where you can be surrounded by Muslims who share the same goals. If you want to be a better Muslim, befriend a Muslim of the same gender who seems like he/she truly fears Allah and wants to do as many good deeds as possible. InshaAllah some signs of a pious Muslim include: loyalty, keeping one’s promises, being able to be trusted, willing to help out only in what is good, never backbiting others, never taunting or bullying anyone Muslim or not Muslim, frequently reminding others to pray on time or do a good deed, reading Islamic books from time to time, respecting one’s parents, being just/fair and praying Sunnah prayers like salat ad-Duha whenever he/she is free.

    Thus, among the ways to inshaAllah achieve one’s goal are: 1) Sincerity and purifying one’s niyyah intention to do good deeds only for the sake of Allah not to impress anyone 2) Steadfastness and patience. Allah loves the saabirun/Muslims who persevere for His sake. 3) Avoiding bad influence or if possible spending time with Muslims who share the same goals, so that you motivate each other always for Allah’s sake :)

    May Allah the Most Merciful forgive us always, help us achieve our goals, answer our good du’as, accept all our good deeds and welcome us in Firdaus/Heaven near Him and His noble Messenger Muhammad sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Ameen. Wasalaam~

  10. Another tip to achieve one’s goal of course is to always trust Allah and on a daily basis communicate with Him through regular adhkaarAllah (words of remembrance of Allah) and du’as/supplications. Also keep in mind that Allah only allows what He wills. So if you couldn’t achieve a worldly goal despite your hard work and efforts, that goal you’ve been trying to achieve may actually be bad for you and Allah has better plans. Allah the Most Just, the Most Merciful and the Most Wise always knows what is best :)

  11. asslam alaykum
    the best way to achieve your goal is to break it into very small pieces ,and then try to accomplish those tiny goals.

  12. Assalam Aleikum wa rahmatouh Allah wa barakatouh

    How to Achieve Your Goals Against All Odds ?

    The first point is to get a very clear vision on what we are expacting for, or exactly what we are reaching for ? then define a carreer plan to accomplish even if it take several years and almost be far away from negatives thought coming from friends.

    I remember one day i start learn urdu language by e-learning program its just on basic like knowing vocabulary. one moment a cousin staying there say ” is like this you will learn urdu?” believe me those words stop me on my goal .

    So put your trust on Allah Subhanuhu wa Talaa, write your plan and talk to your parents thats they can make duas for you
    May Allah Subhanuhu wa Talaa forgive ours sins and bless the administrators of this site

  13. The first point is to get a very clear vision on what we are expacting for, or exactly what we are reaching for ? then define a carreer plan to accomplish even if it take several years and almost be far away from negatives thought coming from friends.

    I remember one day i start learn urdu language by e-learning program its just on basic like knowing vocabulary. one moment a cousin staying there say ” is like this you will learn urdu?” believe me those words stop me on my goal .

    So put your trust on Allah Subhanuhu wa Talaa, write your plan and talk to your parents thats they can make duas for you
    May Allah Subhanuhu wa Talaa forgive ours sins and bless the administrators of this site

  14. Asslm’ waelekum.
    According to me the best way to achieve a goal is to first analyse the goal.
    This would require a detailed research into the things that need to be done to achieve that goal. Doing will bring you head on with the competition that you have to face.
    Research may also include reading or talking to people who have succesfully achieved that goal.
    In this vast world there’s nothing that hasnt been accomplished by someone. So when u’ll read about how that person got success you will realise your weak points and where you lag.
    Correcting your errors and inculcating the required habits will sail you easily to your goal.
    Also its very important to challenge ourselves, put ourselves in a real life challenge. This way we will start pushing our limits and become steadfast in achieving anything.
    In the end we also must develop intrinsic motivation, a burning desire within ourselves to achieve the goal.
    Thank you

  15. Jazakum Allahu Khayran for sharing your ideas! Believing in your self and having a real desire to achieve your goal, consistency, perseverance and Du’a are key factors to achieve a goal.

  16. I always find having an image of where you want to be (your goal) on things you most look at – so either your PC at work or the wallpaper to your phone. It helps keep that motivation going. So it could be a fitness goal, memorisation of Quran, health.

    Or vice versa…the consequences of not following actions to your goal – like an image of some tar filled lungs if you are trying to quit cigarettes. Or perhaps an obese individual for not following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

  17. Assalmu alaikum wr wb

    I belive that you have to first of all seek help from Allah, then start in the name of Allah. Break your goals in such small pieces that it will fit in your dailly life rutine. Like for instance 15 min. every day or 40 min.

    I usually remeber this Ayah to motivating myself “Allah does not burden a soul beyound that it can bear”

  18. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. From personal experience I have learnt the following :
    1. Decide on the goal and its importance to your life in this world and the Aakhirah
    2. If it is that important then what other things can you delete/place on the back burner for now in order to free up valuable resources (time, money, emotions etc) that you can devote to your goal?
    3. Burn the midnight oil (literally!) and then pray Tahajjud afterwards to supplicate for Allah’s help. Remember that the last third of the night is special in seeking acceptance of your prayers
    4. Team up with others that have similar goals cos there is strength in numbers; but acknowledge your individual quirks, strengths and weaknesses
    5. Temporary setbacks require re-strategizing or taking a temporary break
    6. Perseverance, patience with yourself and others
    7. Trust in Allah

  19. وَمَن يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَل لَّهُ مَخْرَجًا
    وَيَرْزُقْهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسْبُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ بَالِغُ أَمْرِهِ قَدْ جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدْرًا

    Often times, I miss the essence,
    and reflecting on the above verse brings in the focus back to the big picture

  20. Assalaamu alaikum, ask dua from almighty Allah after offering two rakats of salathul isthikara prayers. What ever you want you should first ask from Allah. When the slippers of the prophet broke he first asked from the Rabb.

  21. Bismillahirahmaniraheem ..

    1. Keep up the momentum
    2. Be positive, be pro active and always be confident.
    3. Be firm in your belief in Allah
    4. Make loads of dhikr and dua day and night , and when you commute.
    5. Do not waste your time.
    6. Stop watching too many youtube videos. Always ‘Browse with a purpose’ ; i.e. write down a list of tasks before you even start your computer and use the internet, and immediately shutdown or leave your computer, once you’ve done with the tasks.
    7. Remember this, ‘Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.

    • I really liked the point since I’m one of them who wastes a lot of time in youtube (even though some of those things are really beneficial e.g. Islamic lectures, it is not justifiable when I put off my responsibilities to watch videos hours and hours): “Stop watching too many youtube videos. Always ‘Browse with a purpose’ ; i.e. write down a list of tasks before you even start your computer and use the internet, and immediately shutdown or leave your computer, once you’ve done with the tasks” JK.

      In fact, we SHOULD apply this same technique before everything we do: to have a good intention before every task and constantly reviewing that: am I doing something that is aligned to my original intention/motivation or not? if not, why? If there is a legitimate reason then OK; otherwise release the whim of distraction and refocus on the task on hand.

  22. As for me, in order to achieve my goals, I’m always stretch myself out of my limit. I might be tired, but I felt good after achieve it. But I used to failed a lot too, but Allah never left me. Good ideas been shared by our friends here. I couldn’t help myself but to read every single of it and I believe that every Muslim was born to motivate each other. Alhamdulillah. I’m glad I’m MUSLIM.

  23. Aoa, Alhamdolillah I am amongst those who believe in FOCUS and strong will power. If you have a strong desire not will power , you will focus in order to achieve your goal in all kind of odds even. Whether its Quran, weight loss or anything, if I’m focused n have a desired , I do achieve my goal Alhamdolillah

  24. I always start but never finish! From something as mundane as trying to keep an early morning ritual for smoothening my face from zits to something as serious as learning Quran!
    Then my immediate environ not being conducive is a drawback for me… short, I am trying to start n actually finish any task. Don’t know what can help me here!!!

  25. Kindly share with some of the reading materials you mentioned .
    Also i will appreciate if you share with the project you are working

    Kind regards
    Jelle Bashir

  26. Hi,I know that what I am mentioning is irrelevant to the article’s content but I need some help.Well, I hqve qs a final exam to debate about this topic: Are humans desecnded from apes?
    The class is divided between those in favour and those against.Those who are for are mainly foreigners,americans and deutch.The problem is that i only have religion(Islam and Christianity) as an argument,I should have strong evidence and a reasoning,which I lack of. Can you please help me because it’s more than a debate ,i had one last week with the same group and i was provoked by one of the americans and i want this time to wind over the debate, to show that muslims can make wonders. May Allah bless you.

  27. Alhamdulillah, I’m one of them who have accomplished a goal against all odds: I’ve struggled for around seven years against a bad addiction. At some point of my life my addiction became so bad that I overlooked EVERYTHING in my life: my family, relatives, education, work, responsibilities, even the prayer which I was habituated with from my childhood. I lost all hope of ever being able to get rid of it specially because I told myself thousands of times that I would never do that again and yet I broke my promise to myself and Allah SWT all those times. Because I failed so many times, I couldn’t believe that I could get rid of this habit altogether. My problem was escalated due to the conditions I was living in: I had some not-so-good friends who would trigger me to dive into my addiction, staying alone wasn’t a solution either since that was one of the biggest triggers for me, I was away from my family so it was easy for me to do whatever I like, and the worst of all, I was living in an environment where triggers are everywhere.

    Even though it was such a low point of my life, it motivated me take some different actions as opposed to the actions I used to take (e.g. swearing to Allah SWT that I would never break my promise, asking Allah to fall down some calamity upon me if I ever break my promise, overloading myself with works so that I don’t have time, staying away from home and other stuffs that would trigger me, which I couldn’t ultimately afford to do, giving onerous amount of charity when I break my promise, counting down how many days I’ve been clean and patting on my back for that success, etc. — none of these really worked for a long time) to get rid of this addiction.

    I said to myself that I’m gonna do whatever it needs to get rid of it. I started to read/learn different aspects of this addiction and how to overcome it from both free resources online and also from well-known resources that charges money. I had to stay away from my home during this time which helped me not to lose focus during this learning period (and thereby not to dive into the same bad habit). I applied all the techniques that I learned during this time whenever a trigger would hit me. I would also ask fervently Allah’s help: O Allah, indeed I have no power against my nafs/shaitan unless you bestow upon me enough power to overcome my urge; O Allah please never ever allow myself to dive into that addiction again — it literally ruins my soul and breaks my relationship with you. I changed my home, friends, environment, as much as I could. I also allowed myself for some period of time to do ANYTHING but diving into that habit again. Alhamdulillah, after some ups and downs since that point of time I believe that Allah SWT finally cleared me from that addiction and by his mercy I was able to remain free from that sin for the longest period of time in my life (I don’t count the number of addiction free days anymore because that creates another mental trigger: I’ve been clean for so many days, let me dive a very little bit which is not that bad, etc.). I’ve also gradually increased my standard: initially I allowed myself to do anything but “this” (definite triggers), then I restricted myself to do whatever I like except I cannot do “this and other similar things” (definite+potential triggers), … I’m still on this journey of increasing my standard.

    * discuss what you feel is (or was) making you give up: I realized and accepted that this habit was like my close-friend; whenever I was in stress for work/study or other mental agony, I would reach to it in order to forget all those pains; so during the initial phase, I went through serious withdrawal syndrome: depression, mental blue, no energy, no motivation, etc. But still I didn’t give up and told myself again and again that do everything you like except that. Now Alhamdulillah I don’t need to do whatever I like anymore since I learned better coping mechanism upon stress/anxiety/mental agony: Salah with full concentration and crying to Allah SWT, reaching for help and complaining to Him SWT only since only He provides true help and refuge in every situation.

    * what systems you put in place to make time to focus on your goal: My main focus during this time was solely to get rid of my addiction, Alhamdulillah Allah blessed me with enough time to be able to do so (I was wasting much more time on my addiction before that anyway). So I didn’t really need a special system, but I unlike before I started take good care of my body: exercise, enough sleep, healthy eating, etc. which helps me keep physically+mentally strong against odds/triggers.

    * what kept you going when the odds were completely against you: in dire situations, my motivation mainly came from my love to my parents and my constant remembering of them: they spent their whole life for the betterment of me; how can I waste all of their investment by ruining myself by giving in to this silly act?

    * how you felt when you finally accomplished your goal!: I felt finally liberated from the slavery of Shaitan and my Nafs; it really felt awesome! Never in my life I felt so much happy, hopeful, and confident until I was able to be free from this addiction. I also rediscovered my energy, enthusiasm, and passion to engage in all those activities that I used to enjoy before I became addicted. It is such an immense feeling of gratitude and joy that nobody other than who has been liberated will ever understand, Alhamdulillah.

    I’m not sure whether my comment directly related to the topic and I know that it’s very long but I posted it anyway because I believe that it will help somebody and increase their hope, In-sha-allah. Please pray for me so that I can remain clean for the rest of my life. Amin.

  28. I am a mum with 10 kids and never got a chance to study or do something productive in my life, My husband and family was top priority, this year i have motivated and encouraged myself that this is my year where i focus on myself.
    I’m studing business english and doing my matric, will be writing my exams in June/July this year.
    The feeling is amazing and the the entire family is motivated by my actions. Above all i thank Allah for granting me this opportunity, Alhamdulillah.

  29. My reply to who give up: Sometimes we fall out of context, we get carried away with the little things. That is life, don’t let that bring you down. Just make sure you bring yourself back to the original meaning. For an example, I am 28 and I just got married alhamdulillah, I have also been taking care of my sick father for years now. I have studied 3 years of college and was almost about to graduate at the age of 21 in Jordan, but my mom passed away and I came here and started all over with Psychology. I am about to graduate this semester and here I am 28 years old and just now graduating. Did I ever get sad that I felt behind at times with my other friends have already moved on? I didn’t, I was happy for them, but I knew I could not give up no matter how long it took! I am going for a doctorate degree too Inshallah and all things are possible. My number one advice is to lay down and close your eyes and ask yourself what getting up and getting things done means to you in the long run? What’s the big picture? Possibly visualize yourself in that future already. When I fall back I remember that the most important thing to me is my family, friends, community that I love and what I do will benefit all of us! It makes me jump out of bed instead of slacking and sleeping longer! That’s me though. Maybe your goal is to do it because you are trying to break your fear, or because you have a goal towards mankind in the long run, you want to be a winner. Whatever it is that excites your heart know that first whatever you do for anybody and even yourself, try thinking about how everything we do at the end is really to worship Allah. When you do something, do it with all your heart and imagine that this work is going to be unfolded one day and you will be asked about everything you have done. Do your best my friends. GOOD LUCK :)

  30. Assalamu alaiikum
    I really wish to write a book on Quran and Its miracles.
    My problem was procrastination.
    Please help me with references.

  31. One way to reach your goals is to set up a way to challenge yourself to achieve it. For example few years ago I had trouble praying all my five daily prayers. So at the beginning of high school, I challenged myself that everyday that i pray all five, I put a star on that day on my calender and tried not to break the chain. Eventually I got used to it that now four years later, alhumdiuallah I have not missed a single prayer.

  32. Assalam u alaikum. My goal changed some five years ago after an incident happened to me. I cannot go into the details of the incident but my goal of giving up my job as a teacher and learning Quran and getting closer to Allah became my priority. I wanted to change my life, be a true practicing Muslim, a believer and bringing that in my family. I was a non practicing Muslim when I set this goal. My family is also non practicing. It was a real challenge to even leave the job , leaving my comfort zone of having a luxurious life which I was living on my own terms and getting into the path of striving closer to Allah with no support from anywhere. It had to be an independent decision and I always felt I was a shy dependent kind of a person who has never seen the rough side of life.

    I took the plunge and left my job and joined some Quran classes but it didn’t work. I fell into depression. I got back to my job. I forgot about it and continued with the same routine until I realized after a couple of years that this is not the place for me. I can’t be a part of this gossip and politics and I have to go for a higher purpose. I again tried but couldn’t work out again. I couldn’t find any breakthrough. I was in deep depression now.

    I then signed into a four year course programme of tajweed of Quran with memorization of a part of Quran and recitation. This was the best programme in the country with a degree which is recognized world wide. You can be a tajweed teacher after that.

    The first day I wanted to run away but I kept myself firm this time around. I thought this is why we are here. That is the true purpose of life and it will bring me closer to Allah and will help me building a relationship with Him which I ignored all my life,

    I faced numerous challenges….it was the toughest time the whole year. I had no support…no one could understand what I was going through. It was only me and Allah. It was totally one to one the whole year. I fell….I got up so many times but He kept me going. When I finished my level one I can’t explain in words the peace and love He placed in my heart. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world….to strive in His path….every effort….every fall is worth it and is rewarded and it never go unnoticed. He knows…He knows you’re trying…He knows you want His pleasure….and it comes your way eventually.You just never give up! He believed in me while I didn’t believe in myself.

    It’s there in all of us. We all have that potential of rising high from any situation. Just find that love you have somewhere down there for your creator. We are here for one purpose only, to find our way back to Him. We just have to understand the signs. He brings some situations in everyone’s life at a certain time to bring them back to Him…to seek Him. He gives us chances. We need to identify them.

    Our heart belongs to Him only. It will b in the state of unrest and will be unsettled if it’s not given to its rightful owner…Allah swt

  33. To achieve a goal reflect on how the shaytaan works on the people. His goal is to get us into hell fire, so how does he achieve it .There are many tactics used by him. At first he will create a huge master plan so that even when we are on a spot in this plan we won’t perceive where we are heading into. So at first we have to create a master plan(Make sure even if the plan is huge the steps are very small-so if we take small steps at a time it won’t overwhelm us and get us frustrated). The key components used by shaytaan in achieving his goals are patience and endurance. To achieve your goal do little by little at a time. When you encounter problems on the way to your goal reflect on how shaytaan reacts when we seek refuge with Allah from him by saying “audhu billahimina shaytaanurajeem” he gets a burn and goes back, but still he doesn’t give up his goal of making us end up in hell. He will come back after a couple of minutes and do the same job as like before. Look at the sheer perseverance he has been exhibiting and is exhibiting. If he is the one who creates obstacles to you on your way to your goal then work against him as like how he works against you. On top of that we could get something that he won’t get to achieve the goal and that is the help from Allah. May Allah bless each and every one who has contributed to this discussion and Allah knows the best.

  34. Assallamu-Alaikum

    First of All, Alhamdulillah for such a fantastic website Masha’Allah

    I normally dont post but thought i should share my story or afew words – whichever it becomes. I am in my mid 20s. SubhanAllah, i feel in order to succeed in anything you have to strive hard and be ready to work hard, that means temporary maybe adjusting your lifestyle to suit the goal you want to achieve. I wanted to always persue a lifestyle of business, my profession was clinical and my family thought i was too young and “inexperienced” to make that step in life (at that very moment) but what one individual said above that keep your ambitions to yourself, in your head sculpt out a plan, talk to people, research research research make mashwara, this can often take time depends what you want to do – but continue with your life anyway. I found each time i wanted to push forward to take that stride i was always taken back by others- but do you really want to know what made it happen? SubhanAllah, Dua!!! And most importantly the moment i prayed my istikharah, thereafter i swear by the almighty everything unraveled and perfectly came into place.

    So in summary

    Hard work – tie ur camel
    Make mashwara
    Be confident
    Prepare to Win! With no chance of losing (except for will of Allah swt – iwhat i mean is prepare well)
    Talk to ppl for advice to get an idea of the drawbacks BUT DONT LET THEM draw you back! Until you yourself analyse and think okay thats enough.

    And yh dua dua dua
    And hit it!

  35. Assalamualaikum,
    Any one please help me to prepare a to do list for my self (how to start my day etc. to till sleep)
    I’M working in Information Technology as a IT executive.
    My working hours are 9 :00 Am to 5:00 PM. around 3 hours Journey every day.
    By the grace of Allha SWT. i manage to perform 5 times Salah. but all congregation.
    How do i became a productive Muslim.

    How do i manage my Work Family and Productive Muslim.
    Any more information need on above please mail me:
    It will help me as we as all IT field working brothers and Sisters.

    Abdul Azeem
    + 91-9324681835