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  1. Assalamou aleika , my sister, a very useful and instructive article. I read it with attention and made efforts to send immediately to all my sisters ( 9 who are spread in different parts of the world )AlhamdouLillah. Jazakilla Keira.

  2. Assalamu’alaikum,sister Sumaira,jazikillah for the wonderful tips . I truly appreciated all the advises.Being a working mother is one of the biggest tasking but rewarding experience any woman could have. I sometimes get overwhelmed but Alhamdulillahi I get through it every day.I have 4 children and expecting the 5th.I practically have been trying some of those and it has worked all through the years. I hope many more mommies will try them too.

    • Walaikum Assalam sister,
      Masha’Allah! May Allah reward you for all of your efforts, Ameen! Jazaki Allahu Khairan for your kind words, I pray this article will help many sisters who are having a difficult time balancing their work life with their family life in sha Allah. Take care, and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with us <3

  3. Dear Sister, this article is extremely helpful and relevant for today’s Muslimahs. May Allah (swt) bless you for sharing such practical and important knowledge. You touched on so many points and you will empower many Muslimahs to accomplish their dreams!

    • Ameen! Jazaki Allahu Khairan for your beautiful comment sister, it means a lot to me. Alhumdulillah, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my tips with you all. May Allah make it easy for all mothers!

  4. Assalamualaykum. Good discussion and very beneficial masha Allah.
    I would like to suggest, or more precisely request a sharing about the same topic ;tips for working mothers, with being a doctor be the focus centre. Experiences from muslim, female, and mommy medical doctors would b so helpful as there is lots of them out there struggling caring for their loved ones, and their patients;too big of responsibilities dealing with other familys’ mommy and family members.
    Jazakumullah khayran jazak

  5. Dear sister. This write-up is very helpful provided one intends to follow it. Mere reading and forgetting will not help. Rather every mom should try to implement it. May Allah guide us all. Ameen

  6. Jazakillah khair Sister for your tips. I have come across this article when I really needed it. Alhamdulillah! Please write more on how a working mother can pursue her studies as well.

    • Subhan’Allah sister, that’s amazing! I was a university student when I had my first child, it was not easy, however it was not impossible either! I did majority of my research and assignment when my baby was asleep in the evenings and I had my family memebers watch her while I was attending school. Much of the same tips can be applied, such as meal planning to save you time and maintaining realistic expectations, as well as reaching out to your husband for assistance.

  7. Assalamoalaikum sister, a very beautiful article .Inshallah I would share this with my sisters,they would definitely love it.Plz make dua in favour of my sisters and all those one in the age of marriage.I pray for their marriage soon.Jazakallah

  8. Salam. I recently delivered a baby and my husband started working, so I’ve been finding it challenging to manage time with the new changes. But Alhamdulillah, this article came at the perfect time!

    I particularly like the point on “prioritizing prayers”. My family’s practice is that whenever the time for solat comes, someone will announce and get everyone to agree that “we’ll be praying in 5 (or 10 or 15) minutes!”. So this preps everyone up, allows them to discontinue (save/put away etc) whatever they’re doing, so that we can pray together and we pray early :)

    • Walaikum Assalam sister,
      Alhumdulillah, I’m glad to know this article was helpful! Masha’Allah I love how your family prioritizes prayer within your home, may Allah bless you all and grant you all Jannah in the hereafter, Ameen!

  9. Nice article. I quickly got a pen to jot them down for implementation insha Allah, jazakillahu khairan sis. I want to second sis Nur’s request for an article for working mommies who r doctors

  10. Nice article.
    I liked th line ” If you’ve got time for 30 minutes of a TV programme, you’ve also got 30 minutes for Qur’an! ” .

  11. Jazak Allah khair for the useful article. Any link for the practicaly
    People doing all these will b very want to achieve this goal
    Always but it is always remaining a theory. Cant achieve ;
    Due to some or other reason it breaks the chain and all mess up.
    Or plz provide a schedule with time table how to manage all perfectly.

  12. Assalamu alaykum. I’ve learnt all these through trial and error while bringing up my kids in medical school and postgraduate training. But the way you put them down in black and white made everything so commonsense and it made me feel good/less guilty about some of the choices I’ve had to make over the years. But one thing I know is that I feel fulfilled as a working mother despite all the challenges I face daily. May Allah smoothen our paths in this life and the next, Amin. Jazaakumullahu khairan

  13. Assalamu Alaikum,
    This is soooo beneficial. may Allah bless all of you who have put effort in this write-up and website and may He make us better with each coming day.Amin.

  14. I absolutely loved reading this sis! Masha’Allah, the tips are so practical and simple. Even though I’m not a mother yet, but I’m definitely going to benefit from them as well in shaa Allah! Keep up the great work! :)