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  1. Mash’Allah this is an excellent, mind-opening article that gives us a realistic and less intimidating glimpse of the business world. JazakAllah khair for the plethora of ideas you share. I especially liked your idea of doing activities that inspire you in order to generate ideas for your business.

  2. Bismillah HirRahmaneRahim,

    Assalaamulaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakahtuhu

    May Allah guide me to write what is right as per Allah wish and his Book Quraan The book of Revelation of truth and the book of Rasul Ullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam.

    It profoundly speaks about emphasizing ways in getting into niche but it is not explaining those hindrances along with ways wherein enigmatic challenges associated that build in and around to entrepreneur the real hurdles as a entrepreneur. It also not explaining what really the face off of being Entrepreneur and why most of the self oriented bushiness lead to drove doors.

    It is good to be positive however the cons are equally important and should be dynamite in a way that it should give more of a solution then being cheeping into word fair exhibition.

    Lead us to few real life case and examples and recorded session that facilitate the real hem of what we call a lead to where to now where to yes where….

    Looking forward to precise informed article then being article

    Jazak Allah Hu Khairan Wa Akhiri Da’wayaha Wa Alhamdulillah Hi Rabbillalmeen

    Maa Salaama

    Dr. Abdul Jabbar Al Ahmed
    IBNM LLC Oman

    • very good observation Dr. Abdul Jabbar baraka Allah feek. and may Allah give you the best of this dunya and the best of the akhirah, ameen.

      m’aa salaama

    • Assalam o alykum,

      JazakAllah for your feedback. InshaAllah for the next two articles I will try to make them more action oriented. For this article you can find a case study with questions attached to help you implement the ideas presented in this article.

      You can find it at

      InshaAllah you will find it helpful.



  3. As Salaamu Alaikum. May Allah’s peace and mercy be upon you. Thank you so much for this website and useful articles. This makes me very happy! Every time I receive an email, I get excited to open and read. Everything makes sense.

    My heart is praying to Allah for all the people involved with this beautiful beneficial website for the sake of Allah!

  4. I have an idea for a product but have no idea where to start. I’m not a business person just a dentist with a idea for a toothbrush, I don’t want to ask an existing company because they take everything.

    • Instead of talking with the companies directly, you can try talking with folks (or freelance consultants) who can help you convert your idea into a product and then begin your entrepreneurial journey from there?

    • So you are an inventor? masha’Allah. I would suggest to first make salatul istikharra and see how you feel about it afterwards, then patent your idea to avoid it being taken and used by someone else. Next, have an artist you trust draw you a prototype. Make a portfolio for your idea and then afterwards research the next steps you must take in order to produce a physical prototype of your model invention.

    • Assalam o alykum,

      A common misunderstanding that a lot of people have is that if they share their idea, someone else will take it away. The reality is that unless you talk to people, you won’t be able to iterate on your idea and build a good execution plan.

      The execution of the idea is the most important part. We have outlined how can you go from idea to execution in our case study.

      Happy to answer any questions you may have.



  5. as salaamu ‘alaykum,

    I found the article beneficial walhamdulilah. jazaka Allah khairum. I have always had a natural ability for being organized which my wife really gets a kick out of and lately I have entertained the idea of starting a Professional Organizing company but I have been reluctant to go forth with it, as I feel it may compromise my deen. I have see that thia is an industry dominated by women. Can anyone give me some advice on what I could maybe do If I decided to embark onsuch a business venture?

  6. Assalamu alaykum!

    Jazakallahu Khair!

    I really love your line of presentations;
    they are very inspiring and nice.

    I’m into buying and selling of both men and women Islamic accessories but I have a little problem locating reliable outlets where I could buy quality stuffs.

  7. Well written article and very informative. I really liked your idea of doing things that inspire you in order to generate ideas for your business.

  8. assalamun alaikum. thanks for this insight. I wish to seek your guidance on how to start a halal online business. because I have passions for surfing net.

  9. Assalmaualikum.

    I am a bachelors of science student. I handle organic chemistry classes for 12th grade student. till now only 10 students are there in my class. Is it okay to go to school and advertising our tuition center? won’t it be laughing stock in communities. I find it very difficult. I need a very good advice . please help me out.

    • Brother Nazeef,
      Wa Alaikum As Salam Wa Rahmatullah Hi Wabarkatuhu..

      I have been a professional Teacher with a great passion for Mathematics.
      There is no harm in your idea of doing publicity in schools.
      However best way of attraction students is by conducting any free activity at your tuition center for other studetns, or delivering a free lecture in any school on topic etc….

      Then see the difference inshAllah

  10. As-salam alaikunm …..tuhu.
    Kindly advertise your tuition centre and be moderate as to your charges to attract more students. You need to know that you are laying a good founadtion for yourself now. Never mind even if people make jest of you. Regard such as part of teething problem you have to face. You to realise that if you do it and your students pass their examinations well, your next set of student would force you to bring in more hands (colleagues) to assist you as I presume you may not be able to cope with the class on your own alone any more. Look for some ways to make your tuition centre unique compared with others around if any.

  11. I do appreciate all your work. May Allah continue to guide , protect ,solve all your worries & facilitate this developmental work. Ameen.

  12. I found this very beneficial specially for the beginners in business like me. This is an inspiration for me to execute my ideas in sha Allah. May Allah grant ease and success to each and everyone of us. Ameen.

  13. Jazakallah bi khair for your article. I am a full time worker and now i’m thinking to have my own business so that i have more time for my family and environment.
    Your article is such an enlightenment for me. Looking forward for your next article.

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  15. Alhamdulilahi, am glad i read this article. but one of the problems of young entrepreneurs is the fear of failure, what about if the business collapse on the long run? so, i would love to read the next article on this topic. jazakum lahu khairan, may Allah continue to increase you in knowledge and understanding.