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  1. Very nicely written. The way you have approached the stories of this surah gives a differnt flavour of understanding.
    One point I understand from all these is being patient is the key to success. And it takes a lot of effort and above all Allah mercy to gain this attribute of patience.

    May Allah give us wisdom and patience and the companionship of righteous so that we succeed. Ameen.

      • Assalamoalaikum sister,the article is beautifully written. Indeed Allah takes our test. We all have to pass the test. Even in our daily life we face certain situations. May Allah bless us with patience. Please include us in your dua. May Allah give you the best blessings. Jazakallah khair

        • May we all pass our tests with flying colors and celebrate in Jannah inshAllah. Thank you for always commenting on my humble writings Javed. It’s always nice to hear from you

  2. Thanks for writing a very encourage article. It ‘s really remain me about what i’ve been through a year ago, i used to complained about my life especially when there was manything went wrong, but finally, only pray and being patient completely got me out of those problems. I really like the statement “blessing in disguise”…it really works to make me feel strong

    • I love when readers share their personal experiences and apply them to the teachings of Islam. Thank you Siti Syarifah for inspring us all…

  3. Amazing work sister! may Allah bless you and your son multifold. The impact your articles make on me are so long lasting that I wish you were here and that we could talk Islam all day.
    JazakhAllahu khayraan kaseeran wa kaseera, may we meet in Jannah

    • Just tell me where you are Amatullah and I’ll be on the first plane hhhh
      Wouldn’t that be nice? Thank you so much for your heart warming words. May we all meet in Jannah ya Rab ❤️

  4. Jazakallahu khayran for this article. Indeed it is full of lessons. May Allah grant us more sabr in our everyday life and grant us ease and succes in this dunya and the next. May Allah bless you all for this effort. This is truly amazing.

  5. Allahamdullah this article was just targeted at me, right now I was just thinking of putting a hold on a jummat mosque am renovating until when I get more money by keeping the little one in my account you know what , this article just encourage me to go and empty my account and finish the work in good time. For its Allah that gives. May Allah swt reward you abundantly

    • I think yours is my golden cherished comment Talatu…
      I’m truly touched and from the bottom of my heart I wish your money multiplies by a thousand because of your pure intentions. Allah is the Razzak. I trust He will reward you for providing others with a blessed place to worship Him… May this be the first step towards great success, unlimited wealth, showers of blessings and the highest level of Jannah….
      All our love… Good luck Talatu

  6. Bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Sis. Lilly, this article is BRILLIANT. Mash’Allah you really touched my heart with your personal stories as well as the deep lessons from the story of Hadrat Khidr (a). I am definitely sharing this on facebook and will follow your blog, insha’Allah!

    • I’m already following and admiring your work Sheima
      I also can’t wait to read your book “How To Be A Happy Muslim inshAllah”
      May it become a huge success ( I’m sure it already is!) and may you continue to positively affect people’s lives.
      All my best to your and your lovely little ones

    • Assalamoalaikum sister,do u also write articles?…Plz let me know where should i read them.May Allah bless u and all.Jazakallah khair

  7. SubhanAllah.
    JazakAllah kheir for a beautful, wise and helpful reminder.

    May Allah open doors of success for you, wherever you are. Ameen

    • I’m currently in Egypt Bibi :)
      Thank you for your beautiful Du’aa and I humbly ask you to include my beloved country in your prayers. So many Arab and Islamic countries are facing difficulties these days, may Allah ease all our brothers’ and sisters’ pain… Amen

  8. Assalama Leikum Lily.

    I have read this before and reading it again today reminds me how patient one should be. We tend to forget and rush around. I want to commend you for your good work and May Allah bless you and give you much more. Ameen

    • I myself am on the top of the list of people who need this reminder. May we always remember never to forget how much we are all blessed by Allah
      Thank you for the encouragement Bushra

  9. MashaAllah, this is a very brilliant article sister, i’be never thought about the verses this way until now. Jaazakhillah khairan, may Allah increase you in knowledge

    • I honestly didn’t either till I researched and learned from my blessed and knowledgable scholars. May we always apply what we learn and teach it to others. Thank you Umm Moh’d for taking the time to read and post your thoughts….

  10. Jazakallahu Khairan. Nicely written, MashaAllah.

    Don’t mean to sound rude but noticed couple of grammatical errors:
    The word should be except and not expect, if I am not mistaken.

    Al-Khidr instructs the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) not to ask any questions during the learning process, and he tries to oblige, expect it was very difficult not to wonder why the wise Al-Khidr…..

    Commas missing after the words forgives and humility (changes the meaning without the commas):

    Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) was so right when he said: “Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives Allah adds to his respect, and the one who shows humility Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people).”


    • On the contrary Abu Numayr, thank you for pointing out the errors. You’re right. Some grammar mistakes can totally change the meaning! I apologize and I hope my lovely editors will fix my shortcomings when they get a chance. Thanks again

  11. I have recently gone through some trials and I’m tried very hard not to ask why, the result of patience was resolving of the issues without any input from me, I have learnt that Allah SWT is able to do all things in his own time, patience is Golden, my new attitude is Patience, thanks for a fantastic explanation of the surah!

    • I’m sure your beautiful comment will inspire so many other readers here going through the same thing. Thank you for sharing Khadija…. May all your issues be resolved peacefully and blissfully inshAllah

  12. subhanaullah may Allah make us easy to understand and success in here and here after…aameen jazakALLahu khairan..

    • Okay Sonia I must say this:
      You are really cute!
      Thank you honey for this excitement! I’m blessed with people like you who always encourage me to do better

  13. Thank you sister, this article is beautiful. And I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I have read Suratul Kahf for many, many, Fridays, but I never got those lesson for myself from the story of Moses(SAWS). Thank and may Allah increase you in knowledge and bless you and your family. Ameen.

    • May you be showered with great blessings every Friday Munirah… I’m humbled by the positive and beautiful comments. May Allah bless this wonderful ummah

    • That’s the beauty of Islam Madiha… Muslims who are connected and eager to remind each other. I’m honored to remind you of these lessons and I hope you and many others will keep reminding me too. Thank you…

  14. Jazakallahkhair sister Lilly , this article has given me an insight to these stories that I wouldn’t have ever thought about.May Allah allow us all to implement the above mentioned steps.Ameen

  15. jazakum khair sr. you hv remainded me of many tribulations in my life and i trully believe that other calamities are blessing in disguise. only Allah is the key to succeess in this world and akhira as well.

    • May tonight be an end to your tribulations and a start of beautiful blessings.
      May we all meet in Jannah Sophia… I just hope you’ll remember me there :)

  16. GazaKom Allah khaira for such good and useful article.
    I hope articles to be in short parts not to being bored (best words that’s shorter and more valuable
    again,thanks a lot for such useful article.

    • I’m paranoid about boring readers Ahmed. So please pray that Allah guides me and all the wonderful writers here to deliver His message straight to people’s hearts.

  17. Assalam o alaikum, it is a beautiful article and has helped me understand how Quran helps us correct ourselves and our way of living.
    P.S: sister i hope u don’t mind but there are a few mistakes in the article. You have used (P.B.U.H) for Hazrat Musa (A.S) in a few places. it confused me when i first read the article. I hope you won’t mind.
    Jazak Allah for this beautiful article.

    • Of course I don’t mind Jaweria. It’s your right to point out mistakes or errors and our job to fix them. I think the arabic calligraphy is standard with the mention of all blessed prophets but I’ll still discuss that with the Productive team inshAllah.
      Thank you for your comment and for politely pointing out the confusing errors.

  18. Assalamualikkum sister
    May Allah full fill your sacred wish Ameen.
    may Allah reward you. This article boosted my emaan.
    Jazak Allah khair.

  19. Assalamualikum sister.
    jazak Allah khair for this excellent, thought provoking & amazing article. This article is a great remainder for me.

    • Well first thank you for commenting twice Sayeeda.
      And second, I just wanna tell you that nothing brings more joy to my heart than a comment that says I helped boost Iman… It’s beyond an honor… Thank you and may Allah bless us all with even more genuine faith

  20. Subhanallah. I choked every time I read this part of Al-Kahf, and you have explained it even better (and again made me tear up for a bit). Jazak Allah for such a wonderful article and a beautiful reminder.

  21. JazaakiLLAH khairan kaseerah, Aamin. May Allah increase u in knowledge, and pls, pray for me too, for more Knowledge.

    • May Allah grant you and us all the knowledge and wisdom we need to guide and uplift this beautiful ummah. Thank you so much Asha

  22. Very well written, great analysis of the connection between the events and why we need to read it every week! It really feels great to understand what you recite! God Bless you..

    • I’m extremely happy to hear that! (Actually read that since I can’t hear you hhhh)
      God bless you and all your loved ones Doaa…. Thank you for commenting on every single part… It means so much me ❤️

  23. This is really a nice article. It hit me at the very right moment when I needed these lessons in my life. It seems as if Allah (SWT) sent the article for me to read and benefit. No doubt there are huge lessons to be learnt from Quran which cannot be learnt by merely reading translation. Only those can extract these lessons who can do tadabbur. May Allah reward the writer.

    • I’m honored Farooq… I always find so much joy in comments by readers who say my article was written especially for them. You’re very lucky and so blessed MashAllah to get such personal signs. Please remember my son Yasseen in your Du’aa…

  24. Salam sis
    What a wonderful insight.I have been reading surah alkahaf for several years with and without translation but these stories were not uncovered to me the way you have done.mashaallah. may Allah increase you in your Ilm and help all of us to gain from it.ameen

    • Amen Fauzua… I’m glad you enjoyed this series. I prayed from my heart people would find it beneficial and Allah the Most Merciful listened to my prayers…. AlhamduAllah

    And the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and Writer goes to

    ………LILLY S. MOHSEN……..

    A fantastic series, and brilliant effort. SIMPLY A GREAT PIECE!
    Now, this is a fruitful Series worth reading and forwarding. I learn from u on how to give a better insight on letting others understand under a different light. U have the talent girl, keep it coming. Everything in this world is wasted once used up except for talent, the more u use it the better u get ;)
    Congratulations to the Expressive Eloquent creative writer, Lilly S. Mohsen. Thank u and JAK for all ur time and outstanding effort.

    “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

    • I’m beyond amazed to receive such a prestigious award! Oh my God this is so unexpected I never even prepared a speech!
      I would like to thank my parents for always believing in me… My sisters and brother and soul mate and my kids for their motivation and encouragement. I would also like to thank the director and the rest of the productive crew for giving me this huge opportunity and of course the amazing readers who make all of this worth it!
      Hhhhhhhhhhhh thank you Abo Ali for this cherished feedback…. I’m flattered you find this series fruitful, coming from an Islamic leader like yourself, it’s really a huge honor. May Allah bless all our efforts and guide us to His straight path. Amen

  26. You are my new favorite writer Lilly. Your writings help me in more ways that you can imagine. Thank you for such marvellous informative topics. May God bless your pen!

    • I don’t know how to thank God for you Rhonda and for your uplifting support… You’re always there to cheer me on and spread the word to everyone around. Your comments bring me so much joy in more ways than you can imagine. May we meet one day, if not here, then in Jannah inshAllah.
      All my love to you and your beautiful family…

  27. Your so funny..I love the way you write, I can’t believe this is suppose to be religious. Lol
    What’s your next coming project about? And where can we find it? Did I mention I loved the way you write. Thanks sister and May Allah give you more strength to keep writing.

    • Oops did I submit the wrong article again? Hhhhhhh
      I’m glad you think I’m funny Rulla (oh thank God!)
      It takes one to know one though!
      Well right now I’m working on pieces for other websites to give the readers here a break from me hhhh
      I publish all my articles on my blog if you’re interested. Check it out when you get a chance.
      I’m soooo happy you’re enjoying this series Rulla. I’ll be looking out for your comments from now on inshAllah :)

    • And I love the fact that my brother brought such a sweet loving and cheerful girl to our family! My gorgeous sister in law… One of the joys in our lives….

  28. Assalamu alaikum,,
    Masha ALLAH…
    Vry nyc message sister!! May ALLAH SWT bless yu in this dunya nd in the nxt world…
    Nw i clearly understood surah al kauf

  29. Jazakillahu khairan. A very beautiful and concise explanation, full of wisdom and purity. May Allah increase the author in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Truly, if we can adopt this system of blessing in disguise, I believe we will live truly happy life. May Allah forgive our shortcomings and reward us all with the best of rewards. Ameen

  30. Beautiful and wise words…
    It brings our hearts so much joy to see how peaceful and humble Muslims are MashAllah
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones Abdulhameed

  31. Masha’Allah. Very inspiring article.Why we don’t have such articles in Arabic?.
    You should think about translating them into Arabic.
    Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

  32. MASHA ALLAH!! GR8 WORK!!! <3 <3 I felt soo happy reading your wonderful article … I couldn't wait to share it with my Mom and brother.. :)
    May Allah bless you and your son with abundant happiness and peace.. :)

  33. Asalam Walaikum

    May Allah reward you well for posting such beautiful work.May he accept all of your duaas.
    I agree with you sometimes in life we go through things and really don’t understand why , But then many years later when we sit & ponder we begin to see Allah Aza Wajjal hand in everything.Now I live with this belief. What is meant for me Allah the most Merciful will send to me no matter what also what is not meant for me will not reach me .
    Never forget we all plan But Allah is the best of planners
    Fe Amanillah

  34. Assalamoalekum Warehmatullah,

    Surah Kahf indeed is a beautiful reminder. Very well written dear sister. I could quickly add a couple of lines which I hope In Sha Allah will help people. Brothers and sisters, if ever you come across a situation or whisper which insists that you are doomed or there is no way out – please remember Shaitaan is very close to you and quickly remind yourself that Allah Azzawajl is the one who opens door of mercy and success from situations that a mortal cannot imagine so stick to that rope. Never never lose hope and connect with Allah Subhanotaalah in darkness of the night and in light of the day and ask for a release from whatever your tribulation is. Second point is, if ever you are trying to get something and it is not going through please read and understand ayah 160 in Surah Al-Imran and In Sha Allah taa’lah you will find the answer. May Allah Azzawajl give all of us taufeeq and hidayat Aameen! Please remember me and my family and my deceased parents and all believers in your duaas. JazakumAllahu Khayr!
    Meraj Mustafa Siddiqui
    Twitter merajsiddiqui1

  35. This is beautiful Lilly.. I read it today and fell in love with the way of your words. Alhamdulillah…as I am going through a sad situation due to a miscarriage, this chapter is like a water to my parched soul..Jazakallahu Khair and yes “Never does Allah (swt) take anything away without giving back something better.”. In sha allah hoping for the best..

  36. I am amazed at the meeting point between Prophet Moses as, and Khidr as… The first time they passed it was not the right time…Prophet Moses did not know…but Khidr as must have known exactly when Prophet Moses would be there… Another point… Going wrong leads to fatigue and hardship…They had to retrace their steps… The meeting place of the two rivers.. Is this a symbol of the meeting of this life and the next… Does the fish represent the Shaitaan??… They vanish or flee at the time of your death??… It was the devil, who made me forget it?.. We must remember our death so we can prepare