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    • Anything natural/organic is a go, it’s just processed foods which contain sugar she’s banning on this 30 day challenge. I’ve done this for 2 yrs so far and it’s actually amazing the difference you’ll feel in the long run. No more headaches, no more fatigue, you’re alive all day. From fajr to a few hrs after isha like the Sunnah encourages!

      • To be honest, this division between “natural” and “artificial” sugar makes no sense physiologically. There may be fewer harms from most fruit, due to the fact that fruit (usually) has fiber & water along with sugar.

        If you don’t believe the potential harm from fruits, just check your blood sugar levels after eating mango or grapes!

        • Fruit is equally going to increase your blood sugar levels but it is about going for the healthier alternative and everything with moderation.

  1. I had tried 100 days sugar free in all form except fruits, with a healthy intake of food managed to lose 15 pounds and felt an increase in energy. But the first 2 weeks was the hardest time, headaches, irritable. So I am a total believer that sugar is addictive.

  2. JazakAllah khair for this comprehensive and important article. Actually, SubhanAllah, about 3 weeks ago I decided to go sugar free. I had always known that sugar was unhealthy, but I read an article that was the straw that broke the camel’s back as they say. The article’s message was that cancer cells actually feed on sugar and multiply on sugar, and that doctors should really make a sugar-free diet part of the cancer treatment for patients. When I read this I realized that if cancer cells actually grow stronger from sugar, then sugar must be very bad for us in general. So now I substitute honey and dried fruits for my sugar cravings. I definitely see a difference in my health, especially my skin, Alhamdullillah.

    • I don’t know where to begin…

      First, do not confuse what may happen with cancer cells in a petri dish and what cancer may be doing in your body (if you have cancer). Very different indeed.

      Next, there is no difference, physiologically, between honey, dried fruit, and other forms of “artificial” sugar. If you have any doubts, check your blood sugar before & after. There may be advantages in the total amount of sugar you are ultimately eating — it is hard to eat as much dried fruit as chocolate chip cookies, for example — as well as the other things that go along with the cookie in addition to sugar (wheat, fat, etc.)

      Finally, if you have normal glucose tolerance, sugar may not be bad for you. As it happens, many Desi & Middle Eastern muslims are relatively glucose intolerant, and may go undiagnosed for years. If you are concerned, ask your doctor for a “glucose tolerance test”. This is especially true if you have diabetes in any relatives.

  3. Assalamu alaikum, I wish I read this article earlier today, so that I could start right away. But inshallah, I’ll start tomorrow. It’ll be a challenge, I’m used to eating sweet baked goods on a daily basis, many times a day This will be done as a ibaddah, to thank my Creator for giving me this body which I have not been taking care of. Inshallah, this is the begining on the road to becoming a grateful servant. Jazakum Allah kol kheir.

  4. I’m going on a 30-day sugar free diet, In shaa Allah. I was finding it hard to follow a healthy diet. JazakAllah Khair for such an inspirational article. May Allah bless you.

  5. As-salam alaykum.
    I’ve been on a sugar-free diet for almost two months now. I started this after I read an article on the bad effects of sugar. Reading this article from the islamic perspective has strenghtened my resolve to continue on this path.
    I replaced sugar with dried dates and fresh fruits. I eat three dates first thing in the morning with a glass and a half of drinking water. My morning cup of tea is taken forty-five minutes after with more dates.
    Dates can be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes to soften, chopped up and added to
    cereals. Sliced bananas in cereals are also delicious.
    My husband told me lately that my face was glowing so I must be doing something right!

    JazakAllah Khair.

  6. A’S. Like other readers i was a chocoholic but decide i needed to find healthy alternatives. I quit sugarkept a fast one day and realised i hadn’t eaten anything sweet at iftar. The next day i thought I’d give a full day sugar free. It worked. A’H i went 5 days sugar free, took a few days break then another 5 days. I find this approach works better for me. Snacks i use are dates, nuts and plain popcorn or plain tortilla chips as well as fruit and carrots, humous and peanut butter. Your article was useful and it’s good to know others are also realising we need to change our sugar habits. Ps there are lots of hidden sugars too so read the labels. Jk.

  7. Alhamdulillah. Very nice article. I would encourage productivemuslim team to post more article on nutrition. Will surely Inshallah take this challenge. JazakAllahkhairan.

  8. Alhamdulillah truly inspiring i have been trying already to avoid excessive sugar intake, not in a the form of a challenge but its become a part of my routine. Alhamdulillah ur article was very much motivating. Jazakallah

  9. Assalamu Alaikum ,

    Could anyone explain the entiere diet ?
    Anyone who has tried this please ?
    The diet chart sort of. ?
    Jazak Allah Kahair :)

  10. Jazakallahu Khair.
    Thank you very much for reassuring the belief about Sugar and showing the sunnah way to replace it.
    May almighty Allah reward you for this.

  11. Asalam Alaykum, I must say Alhamdulillah for this article. In fact, from many days I suddenly realized I had consumed too much bad sugar. Everytime I give up on something extremely sugary my skin ends up itching which is scary to me. It is my body alarm which warns me that something is wrong. Jazak Allah for the tips developped on your article, in sh Allah I will implement them.

  12. Salaam Alaikum! I take the 30 day Sugar-Free Challenge!! This was on my mind to do so. Im so happy that you are encouraging me to move forward.
    jazakaAllahu khair

  13. Excellent comments! I love the challenge to get unhealthy things out of our lives; I took a challenge to eat no meat for a month and felt so good at the end that I became vegetarian. I also have health issues, too, that causes things like oils, fats and sugars to create large quantities of mucus in my lungs. Because of this I have had to become a detective to search out sugars so I can avoid them. (Having 1 1/2 cups of chicken broth, to which the manufacturer added corn syrup, took a 2-day recovery.) What I learned is that there are more than 50 names for sugar. (Sugar is also addictive.) You can google “Names for sugar” and you will get many results to help identify sugars. As for chocolate, if you stick to the higher quantity chocolates there will be less added sugar. I usually stick to 85% or more and while it may take getting used to, the added bonus of better health is worth it.

    The U.S. Government subsidizes farmers that produce things that sugar comes from which makes no sense. That leads to the need/desire for manufacturers to put sugar in nearly everything we consume.

    Good luck on the sugar challenge!

  14. it may be possible that the amount of food we consume play s a huge role as well. I know most hate the Nation Of Islam, but that was one of the things that was stressed very early. Only EAT ONCE A DAY. Malcolm even continued this and when the folks at the funeral home opened him up to remove the bullets they also examined his organs and they both gasped at how clean his interior was. Now this is instruction from Master Fard Muhammad & ppl that had diabetes no longer had it (and im talkin about ppl that ate pork for a majority of their lives until they accepted Islam) and below is from The Ihya by Imam Al-Ghazali:l

    ‘/It was related by Abu Sa’id al-Khudri that Prophet Muhammad pbuh would not take dinner if he had lunch & would not take lunch if he had dinner, & that Prophet Muhammad pbuh said to A’yshah ‘Beware of extravagance; two meals in a day is being extravagant.’

    Comprehend & you will prosper And Allah swt knows best.

  15. AS since last year I have been trying to reduce the sugar in my diet ..
    Trying to eat natural sugars , dried fruits, fruit homemade juice and smoothies.. The Nutri bullet juice extractor (with only the jug to wash after extracting juice!!!) has helped a lot . This website might help
    “Sugar-free Mom ” too, it has lots of ideas..
    Thank you for such informative articles , I read them all and use the fantastic ideas in my life and pass onto my friends and families … Jazakallahu khair

  16. jazakAllah kahir for the article.Its just what i needed.I have been sugar free for 2 eeeks and its been a real struggle so far so i needed the push.Especially the part about renewing my intention for Allah.Cousins birthday tyeaterday and i eas the one slicing and giving everyone the cake.Boy it was tempting but i did not budge.Really proud of myself.I am a chocoholic and i never thought I could give it up.I am on the skinny side so my mother is not happy about it,but sugars are not good for you regardless of your weight.Alhamdulilah i am seeing improvements in my skin.This has highlighted my addiction to sugar and how strong it is,after a month i will be more moderate with my sugar in take inshaAllah

  17. Great article, mashaAllah.

    A suggestion:

    Looking at the title though, I was actually expecting a newly announced challenge for the readers of this website to participate in. It didn’t seem as if it’s about a challenge that has already been done. It would be great if you could introduce these sort of participative 1-month challenges where everybody can get involved and motivate each other inshaAllah. The App is a great option (previously ‘Lift’). If you create a challenge on it, you can announce it here and the community can join in. It encourages a daily check-in and allows comments/discussions if anybody has any questions along the way. I think it would be a great initiative to get your readers to take the next step and actually start making a difference in their lives inshaAllah. :)

  18. Jazakallah for an insightful article. However, I have a question/comment . I too love all things sugary and algamdoellilah I’ve to omit sugar from my drinks. I’d love to do the 30 day challenge and supplement my diet with lovely fruit but I have OAS (oral allergy syndrome) . Can you suggest an alternative since dried and canned fruits all contain added sugar.


  19. Subhaanallaah,,, What a great article!!
    I love it when you ask us (the readers) to receive the challenge…
    May all of us and our families can be healthier and be more productive,
    Jazakillaahu ahsanal khayran jazaa’ yaa ukhtii ^^/

  20. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to read tis article .. insyallah I will start tomorrow. I dont have problem with white sugar cos i rarely take it. However, cakes, biscuits and anything sweet is a must when I have my black coffee. Need to start monitoring what type of foods that we take now cos when we ill then we have difficulty to perform our ibadat. Love the idea of doing thing in jemaah .. at least i know they are others who are in the same drive. JazakAllah

  21. Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

    Happy to read this article. I love the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w). This article really talks about moderation. Indeed, moderation (not only in eating) is really important. Alhamdulillah. I think I don’t have to take the challenge because l’m not junk and sweet foods or cakes and chocolates’ lover. If they are served Alhamdulillah but if not Alhamdulillah and l don’t look for them. I love dates though it takes a year for me to have a chance to taste it again..hehe

    I love spicy sea food and vegetables especially this winter season. They’re really refreshing but l don’t know how healthy spicy food is. Looking forward that article(s)..°^_^°

  22. As salamu alaykum. This challenge is a great idea that encourages healthy living. It can be achieved with strong determination and self discipline.

    Sugar contains empty calories and does more harm than good to the body, so we must protect our bodies and keep them safe from this harmful substance.

    I have been on sugar free diet for almost two months; i use honey instead and sometimes add dates to sweeten my foods. Jazakumullahu khayran for this encouragement.

  23. alhamdulilah for d past three years i have stop taken sugar and now I have started taken it again knowin fully its not too good for my health. with dis article I just read insha Allah I will reduce my intake of sugar may Allah make it easy for me.jazakumullahu khairan

  24. Thank you.. I don’t take sweet drink regularly but I do love chocolate/cake once in a while. I eat vegies, fish and I think I am doing fine. But my medical report does not say so -_-;

    Just starting back with my daily routines with dates and honey and lots of plain water now. Cutting off a bit of rice and shaa Allah..

  25. I’m already at 11months x 30days sugar-free. At the beginning it is hard, yes it is, but after some time you don’t need any sugar. Couple days ago I went to visit a friend, and she gave me a piece od cake – I couldn’t eat it, it was too sweet for me, and her daughter put extra sugar on it- so cake wasn’t too sweet but it was for me.
    No, we don’t need sugar at all.

  26. Asalamualikum jazalkallaha wa khair ths article wS really awesome in sha llha I will
    try it thanks for such a good suggestion

  27. Azakallahokheiran for reminding us , that our body is a gift from Allah taala and we should also follow the sunnah .

  28. I found it very interesting and beneficial for health. Insa-allah I am accepting this challenge and will follow it very soon.

  29. Assalaamu’alaikum-wa-Rahmatullahi-wa-Barakatuh
    Just saw your article , Masha Allah, May Allah increase u in talent! .May Allah reward you. Excellent article which brought out the issue at hand. May Allah(swt) make it easy for us.
    joycemeyer says : I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

  30. JazakAllah khair for all of your comments. I sincerely hope we can all benefit from this challenge in the short and long term and may Allah (swt) accept all of our efforts.

    A tip I would suggest after the 30-day challenge is to treat yourself on jummah.

  31. Jazakallahu khairan, it should be highly beneficial if someone can abstain from sugar for that period. But at the same time it is very difficult, specially for a sugar loving person like me. It is battle between health and taste.

  32. as salamu alaykum, I have started the diet programme from yesterday, I have not had any sugary items but initially a little biut of tea with milk and I had one doubt is eating shawarma o.k?

    and my baby’s first b’day is on the 20th of this month so I am thinking how will I not eat cake?