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      • Assalamoalaikum sister,alhamdulillah your articles are literally making me a productive person. I wonder the problems I face in my life just have the solutions in your articles. I thank Allah for u and your productive team for their work. Every Friday I wait for a solution. This is the best way for practising sunnah in our life.May Allah make us strong enough and let us not loose our patience. May Allah bless us all. Jazakallah khair

        • There you are Javed! Our dedicated reader who never misses on a chance to encourage us all.
          I hope you never have to face anymore problems, and if you do then I hope you’ll continue to find the solutions here and always be blessed by the Most Merciful Allah

  1. Nooooooooooooo, make a part 5 plzzzzz. Tell me you have another series. I’m so depressed, it’s like finishing a tv series. Not like that, the same feeling. :|

    • That’s like the sweetest most genuine reaction ever!
      Hhhhhhh thank you Rania for this heart touching comment.
      Don’t be depressed please. I’m sure other great series on this wonderful website are coming your way too.
      And if not, then I promise I’ll work on another one soon….. Anything for you not to be sad

  2. U know how 2 grasp ones attention without making them feel bad. Your series was absolutely amazing Lilly. You are a true icon in Islam. JAK

    • I honestly learned a lot while researching the meanings of Surat Al Kahf. You’re right Rana, the whole nation reads it weekly because there are so many hidden precious lessons to learn through it

  3. Asslaamoalaikum. Very interesting answers. I really feel that the answers given by common sense some times give better understanding then references.

    • I learnt from our wonderful scholars that it’s the feeling that counts not just the information. Thank you P A Raheem for your comment.

  4. SubhanAllah!!! This is something really nice! Exemplary act of answering without intending to harm but just showed realistic part of the answers…

  5. Assalmu Alaikum
    If only we could get the ummah to follow these guidelines, we would have a better world. Insha Allah (swt).

    • You’re absolutey right Bilal…. Islam is perfect, and if only we could follow its teachings, this world would surely be a better place…

  6. Salam to Lilly this is such a nice effort. Todays young generation need it may Allah give us the power to follow all Islamic rules. Stay blessed

  7. I Love it all and may the grace and blessings of Allah Azza Wa Jal Bless the hands of the creation who wrote this……..

    • A unique and heart touching Du’aa…. And beautiful genuine words…
      I’m honored Akim… Please keep praying for all of us and I kindly ask you to also remember my son in your beautiful prayers….

  8. MashaAllah may Allah reward you and your family paradise inshaAllah. May Allah make us those who do good in the world and gets good in the hereafter inshaAllah. Jazaakallahu Khayran Sister lilly

    • Amen lovely Zahra…. I’m already getting rewarded immensely with all the prayers readers are genoursly making for me and the Productive team…. It’s just beautiful…

    • First time anyone calls me “brother” hhhhh
      I’m glad you learnt from this writing Saphina… May Allah bless us all with beneficial knowledge


    • I hope whoever finds this helpful would spread it all around the globe and give us hasanat for it too :)
      Thank you very much Abdul Raqib

  10. as salam.dear sister lilly
    i am on a look out for a sister who could help me reach close to allah…i stay in muscat and if you could please guide me it would be very helpfull
    jazakallah khair

    • Dearest Fathima, I’m sure countless sisters would just love having the honor of helping you with that.
      Please feel free to contact me on my blog or by email:
      And please also post your email address for all the girls here to contact you and be there for you…. May Allah bless you and bless us all

  11. Thank you very much for this wonderful article and completing the series,
    I was waiting from a few days to get it..
    As it is a Sunnah to recite Surah Kahaf every Friday before the Friday prayers.
    Let us read and read these four stories on a regular basis so that they get
    imbibed in the subconscious mind.Then the impact will tremendous as we
    will be knowing what we are reciting every Friday as majority of us are
    not conversant in Arabic or Arabic is not there mother tongue.
    This will make us imbibe all the Islamic values such as being soft spoken,
    generous and compassionate leading to a remarkable change in our personality.
    May Allah protect us from the one-eyed Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and protect
    us from wasting our precious time.Let us sharpen the saw and be Productive
    Muslim – a savior for all humanity.
    Well done for writing this valuable series,this was badly needed for the Muslim
    fraternity at large.May Allaah fulfill all your dreams.
    Thanks once again.
    Tasnim Faruqui

  12. Alhamdullilah, thank you for your article. As an interesting coincidence, I actually read the english translation of Al-Kahf today for the first time. Allah makes the right knowledge timely for us all.

    I like your insights that you craft and develop around developing large, encompassing dreams capable of being fulfilled by Allah. I also enjoy your casual tone in discussing the Qur’an because you make a daunting subject approachable and simple to understand.

    I believe the article was weakened by the reprimanding verbiage (as you stated yourself). It results in a negative, “we have failed, we suck, see what we were taught? we must be even better because right now we are pathetic” type of attitude. It dilutes the larger message you present. Lines like “Yet, which of today’s leaders truly deserve our respect?” and “We are wasting precious time that we will NEVER get back!” are unnecessary snide remarks.

    If Muslims aren’t provided examples of what’s possible, of actual leaders in the midst and actual people who are making their time productive, they will be discouraged. How can someone feel they can dream when all they are told about the world around them is that it is a failure? I understand, you want people to dream big and rely on Allah, to be the people who will manifest those qualities.

    When inspiring individuals with your articles, I’d like to request if you could provide positive, current examples for reference. It helps concrete the idea that it can be possible to dream big. Relying on just the imagination to drive our dreams can be faulty. To be able to imagine requires a bank of experience and reference points. Allah used the example of Dhul-Qarnayn as a truthful example for the people to believe that such people do exist by the will of Allah.

    Less snide remarks, more positive, existing examples (or recent historical examples that parallel the story) can result in a relatable, grounded article for all to benefit from. Thank you again for your writing. I look forward to reading more!

    • An extremely wise choice of words Umar. EXACTLY what we need…
      Strength to hold on to our Islam and speak up
      Wisdom to know how to deliver the message and reflect the beauty of it
      And patience to survive the attacks, negativity and criticism…. And not get affected but instead humbled…
      A beautiful much needed du’aa…. Thank you so much!

  13. Alhamdulillah. Very beautifully explained. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Please write some more stories based on Islam.

  14. A very imaginative and clever article. Thank you!

    Way to go!!! Please continue inspiring us!!!

    You just inspired me all over again. Cant thank you enough… may Allah reward and bless our Ummah.

    jazak Allah!!

    • I’m honestly starting to panic Rooh hhhhh
      You guys need to help me out with ideas and then pray for me to reflect them efficiently and then read the articles and encourage me to keep going :)
      Okay I just realized readers work harder than we do hhhhh
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Rooh

  15. This just gave me goosebumps.. Jazak Allah khayr for coming up with such an awesome series.. Loved it.. Looking forward for more.. Keep writing, keep inspiring us all..

    • AlhamduAllah for people like you Bint Saleem… The positive powerful force that pushes us to be better in the greatest of ways. Thank you

  16. Lilly thank you for this Excellent series-very informative, yet succinct! If more people knew these basic things even, they would think more highly of islam and muslims. Whosoever Follows Allah guidance, on them Shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

    • My dearest Rhonda,
      Again thank you for always seeing the best in what I write… If only more people were like you. I truly admire the way you’re eager to learn all about Islam, your soft heart and wisdom… And most of all the way you raise your kids to learn the Quran… If that’s not the best most cherished achievement, I don’t know what is….
      May Allah bless you all ❤️

  17. Masha’Allah! Great article.

    But I do think that when critically thinking about this section of Suratul-Kahf, insufficient attention or appreciation is given to the subject of Gog and Magog. Even with all his power, Dhul-Qarnayn could not overcome the might of Gog and Magog; this is reminiscent in the hadith found in Muslim where Allah referring to Gog and Magog declares that “…I have created servants of Mine so powerful that none but I can destroy…”. Nevertheless, Dhul-Qarnayn is embodiment of ihsan in leadership and faith, the opposite of everything that Dajjal and Gog and Magog epitomise. But further thinking on Gog and Magog is needed!

    Jazakillah khayr once again – really enjoyed this series!

    • Very well said Abu Bakr. I completely agree!
      It’s amazing how it could take years to study, hundreds of books to write and thousands of scholars to analyze just one sura of the Holy Quran and they still wouldn’t do it justice.

  18. Salamu alaikum Sister,

    I love the way you make Quranic verses appear so practical and relevant to today’s world. You are just awesome. May Allah continue to inspire you with thoughts and ideas of this nature to keep us on the straight path.

    Khadijah, Ghana

    • May we all stay on the right path Khadijah…
      Your comment is just as beautiful as your heart and name.
      All my love to you and everyone in Ghana

  19. There was a shiver and I had goose bumps as I approached the end. A very motivating article which awakens the deep slumber in a person.
    It either forcibly tries to unveil a persons dreams or pushes the dreamer more forward.

    May Allah swt make us and our nasl true leaders of the Muslim Ummah.

    Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum.

    • May all your beautiful dreams come true Umm Hadi
      Your words leave me speechless…
      Thank you for this overwhelmingly blessed feeling

  20. Mash’Allah Sis. Lilly this is yet another inspirational article. I agree that the end of the article was truly moving. We are in an age that is immensely distracting us from our true goals and true selves. I never considered the story of Dhul Qarnain as one that urges us to dream big. JazakAllah khair!

    • My lovely Sheima…
      First, congratulations on your book becoming a best seller. Wishing you all the best and the most success always.
      Second, I’m immensely grateful that you always have something encouraging to say. No wonder you teach people how to be happy….

  21. Inspiring story, a very encourage article….thanks for reminding me and the other muslims around the world to be brave of dreaming. Hope all of us can give our best effort to the surrounding. JazakAllah khair…..

    • May you always have the courage to dream the most amazing dreams and the will to make them come true Siti Syarifah

  22. I was just being lazy and doing nothing with my life till I read this I think it’s given me the push that I needed. I have written out some key points from this and iA will employ them into the rest of my life! great article!

    • I think everyone here will agree this comment needs a huge celebration
      Overwhelmed with joy… Good luck Aaliyah… May you find great success in every step you take

  23. Assalamualaikum,
    My dream is to become a Scientist one day.
    I want to become an inspiring leader in the world.
    I want to follow my prophet’s path..but I am scared.
    I am very sensitive, and I scare that my actions may hurt someone and I really don’t like that.
    this things stops me to dream BIG! please advice me. :(

    • A sensitive scientist…. Now that’s exactly what the world needs Nazeef
      Someone who is academic and smart, yet caring and loving
      You have a beautiful dream and I’m sure Allah will bless your path because of your intentions.
      No doubt you’ll make mistakes… That’s how you’ll learn
      No doubt you’ll fall once or twice… That’s how you’ll become stronger
      And no doubt in the end you’ll succeed inshAllah… Because that’s Allah’s promise to those who work hard, worship Him alone and do good deeds.
      Good luck and may all your dreams come true

  24. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa’ba rakatuh,

    I just joined yesterday and this is the first article I have read. I recently finished a Visionaire course which was all about dreaming BIG!

    I learnt its not about our own physical capabilities, rather Allah’s Power that manifests our dreams into realities into our life.

    My dream is to empower people to re connect with Allah’s book with confidence through Dawah!

    • In Quran Allah says (S18 :V17) : Wa tarash shamsa izaa tala at-tazaawaru an-kahfihim zaatal yamiini wa izaa gara-bat-taqri-zuhum zaatash-shi-maali wa hum fii fajwwatim-minh. Zaalika min Aayaatil-laah – And O dear Prophet (Mohammad ) you will see the sun that when it rises it shifts away to the right of their cave, and when it sets it shifts away to their left, and they are in the open ground of that cave; this is from among the signs of Allah.

      As for the People of the Cave, they were in the cave for 309 years. The cave was an open-ended one so that the sunlight could come both at sunrise and sunset. But Allah commanded the sun to change its path so that the the men did not feel the heat of the sun. Listen! If someone says that the course of the sun was natural, the answer to that would be then there was no need for Allah to mention it in the Holy Qur’an. This was the sign of Allah (Zaalika min Aayaatil-laah- ça ene signe Allah) – Ye Allah ke nisanions mé se nisani he! Just as Mary’s conception as well as the She-camel of Allah were far from the natural process. According to him, Imam Nasafi is an authority and he says in Tafseer Nasafi that the sun used to bend one side. Moreover, there was also a dog outside the cave for all those years. ‘Lahuti’ nutrition was provided for the Ashab. During their sleep, they used to change sides every six months. Even the dog correspondingly changed sides with them, stretching out his paw on the threshold.
      Imam Qurtubi in his Tafseer and Imam Razi in Tafseer al-Kabeer say that the dog did not belong to the ‘Ashab’. It had joined them on the way. The Ashab were hiding from the tyrant king and were afraid that the dog would bark and expose their hideout. They threw stones at it to drive it away. The dog prayed to Allah to give the power of speech which was granted. The dog asked them why did they hurl stones at him. They said: “You’ll bark!” The dog informed them that he was not a barking dog. The dog had “Muhabbat”, “Mutabiyat”, and “Isteqamat”. There was no change in their condition. So a speaker asked “How long have you tarried” (18:19). They had tarried in the Cave for 309 years (18:25).

    • Welcome to our world Esha… It’s always a pleasure to hear from new readers
      May all your beautiful dreams come true… Especially this dream, it’s an inspiration to all of us here

  25. Bismallah Ma’sAllah, what a splendid series. I printed the whole series for all the children in the school. Our school will make your series the Islamic Studies for the junior high students this term ISA.
    It would be wonderful if you wrote more series; Prophet Moses, Prophet Yusuf, ect…
    Your style of writing relates to our youth of today.
    To be honest with you Sr. Lilly, durning Islamic studies these students were half asleep and weren’t able to grasp their attention what so ever. When I printed the first two parts of this series, the students suddenly became interested. Every student participated in the discussion. You were able to relate to everyone of these teenagers. JAK, you have touch these young hearts. Allaho Akbar. May the blessing of Allah shower on you and this wonderful team.

    • There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how happy your comment made me. I’m just gonna go ahead and enjoy this indescribable feeling even if I don’t deserve it :)
      Please send my personalized best regards to each and everyone of your students and a special thank you to you for your dedication and passion to teach them in a way they can understand. This is what our world needs today wallahy. Teachers like you who are eager to raise Muslim leaders. It’s people like you who bring out generations that will help make the world a better place.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will do my best inshAllah to always come up with new material for you to use.

  26. Salam! May ALLAH SWT continue to open our heart and expand our chest with the light of islam. Indeed the only religion of ALLAH SWT is Islam. May we live as muslim and die as muslim. Jazakumullahu khair Lilly. May we altogether meet one day in JANNAH!

  27. Alhamdulillah….
    Thank you so much!

    Your series has opened my eyes about the beauty of surah Al Kahf.
    Jazakallah khairan

    • Hhhhhhh
      On behalf on Productive Muslim Airlines, we thank you for flying with us and will have to ask you to keep your seatbelt fastened until the “new article” sign is switched on.
      Thank you Ine. This is truly a lovely website and I’ll be waiting with you to read the next publication of another great contributor inshAllah

  28. LET’S GIVE A BIG ROUND OF VIRTUAL APPLAUSE FOR THIS AMAZING SERIES. Alright, enough with the suspense. The winner is……EVERYONE who read this series.
    Cliché or not?

    • Now wait a second…. That’s so not fair! I already won that award and I put it on a pedestal in the center of the house for everyone to see!
      Okay fine I’ll give it back…. The readers do deserve it more.
      (A bit cliche but a wonderful one too….)

  29. This is the best birthday gift ever!!! Thank u ❤️Yallah we’re waiting for the series of Prophet Muhammad Seerah. When will you start with it?

    • And that’s how you efficiently and masterfully put someone on the spot ladies and gentlemen!
      Well maybe one day I’ll start inshAllah, I still get the jitters thinking about it to be honest! It’s too huge of an honor….
      Thanks for your cheery comments that I’m sure brought smiles to all our faces…
      And happy birthday ya Abo Ali… May all your dreams come true this year inshAllah….

      • HOORAY!!!!!
        She said she will be honoured 2 write the Seerah :) HOORAY!!!
        When, when tell me when??? Give me a time frame bcoz I don’t want 2 eat stall popcorn ;)

        • There he is! The mischievous reader who is getting everyone here riled up!
          Take him to the principle, Mr Faris’s office!
          (Okay we really gotta stop with these comments and get a bit serious. You guys are gonna get me fired! This is an Islamic website!!!!)

  30. Jazaka-ALLAH-khair, you have inspired me to learn more and understand more of the Quran..Your Articles are very good and simple to read and to contemplate. Please pick I and another surah and write an article about it. In Sha-Allah. May Allah increases His blessings on you and give you more knowledge.

    • Learning and analyzing the verses of the Holy Quran is a peaceful joy that can’t be compared to anything else… And it would be my pleasure to keep writing inshAllah
      I love the suggestion and I kindly ask you to suggest a sura to start with too
      Thank you for the lovely comment Leila. I really appreciate it and grateful for the prayers…

  31. DREAM BIG <3


    P.S. tomorrow happpens to be a friday too =D

  32. Assalamu alaikum Sister.My english is not enaugh for understand all article. :/I have to read with dictionary :) But ı noticed that you answered all the comments,that’s so kindful.Jazakallah Sister !

    • You’re one of the lucky ones then Safiye since you put extra effort to learn.
      I believe extra effort means extra reward from The Most Merciful Allah inshAllah

  33. Amazing ma sha Allah!! This is a perfect end to your series, even though I’m too sad that it was the last part. Keep it up Lilly, you inspired me.
    My Dream is to change the World and make the World a better place and to help People in Need, just as Dhul Qarnayn wanted to do so. Subhanallah, I didn’t know that Dhul Qarnayn was mentioned several times in the Quran and have been (and is still) so important!! May Allah help us to know the Quran even better, Friday for Friday!! Thank you and Jazakalllahu Khairan Lilly

    • Mojan I think it’s safe to say your words inspired us all….
      Remember us when your great dream comes true inshAllah

  34. Jazakallah Sr. Lilly for your inspiring style of deducting lessons from the Quran. This really is the way forward for muslims today; Tadabbur (reflecting on the meaning of the Quran – 47:24) and applying it to our current situation. We read in the Seerah how the Sahabas learned ten verses, mastered it and implemented its teachings before learning more. The Quran is really an amazing resource if we can understand and apply it. The challenge for us is to make it relevant, which I think you have done beautifully well. Some people (unfortunately some muslims included) will say these ideas are ‘barbaric’, just as was said to the Prophet SAW: ‘stories of the ancient’. The truth is that the human psyche has never changed through time and the tools for character building to achieve a good life remain the same.
    Justice and accountably together with competence are perhaps the most important leadership qualities and they are essential tools for peace and security that elude the world today. The quran has a lot to say on character development: that’s the mission of our Prophet SAW remember!
    Echoing your ideas on dreaming big, it’s high time more muslims move from Basic Islamic studies to Applied Islam. May Allah unite our hearts and make us work as a system and not work against one another.
    NB- Speculation re-two horned one; what comes to my mind is a Viking helmet. Allah knows best.

    • From Basic Islam studies to Applied Islam….
      Articulated words by an obviously very wise Muslim
      May Allah increase your knowledge Abu Ibrahim. MashAllah…

  35. Thank God you’re doing another series Lilly. I can’t wait!!!! So when will the series for prophet Muhammed (PBUH) start? Will it be like this one? Every Wednesday? Please post me when this series start. I’m soooooo happy, thanks a lot.

    • Ohhhhh Mona! One of our mischievous readers put me in the corner and now I don’t know what to do hhhhhhh. He did it artfully too so there’s no way out!
      But since the idea of a new series makes you this happy, it would be my utmost pleasure to deliver. The only thing is that Productive Muslims schedule their article publications months ahead. So I’ll let you know as soon as a spot opens for me. The ball is in their court hhhh
      Thank you for your wonderful commemt. I think your happiness overflowed the site with colorful flowers.
      Ya Rab always happy

      • You are very kind sister Lily to deliever writing about our beloved prophet (SAW)
        I’m very excited and soooo happy. Please productive Muslims give Lily some spots to deliever writing about the greatest man that walked this planet. Thn you Lily Bless you..

  36. Yesssssssssss, I was getting depressed. Another SERIES, MashAllah Lilly. I can’t wait. It must be a long one since it’s the Seerah. Make it many many articles please. I Already made popcorn and ready to read.

    • Rania I gotta say this….
      I like you a lot a lot A LOT!
      You’re hilarious, cheerful and full of positive energy! MashAllah

      Writing the Seerah will probably take months if not years hhhh
      So how about extracted lessons from the Seerah?
      With a cherry on top and everything? Hhhhhhhhh
      I still have to consult with the team and Mr. Faris
      So it will take a little bit more time….

      Oops don’t start throwing pop corn at me!
      Runnnnnnn Lilly Runnnnnn hhhhhhhh

      • Noooooooooooooo……..
        I got a splendid idea, y not post them on ur blog?
        We’ll wait patiently. I’m sure the reward of waiting is worth while. Just say ull write it plsssssssssssss Lilly.

        • I will consider your suggestions I promise.
          Now it’s your turn to meet me half way too!
          The Seerah is very long and detailed. I will need citation for every word which puts a crimp on the casual style. So I can either tell it like a novel reflecting the main events (no humor or casual comments) or I can do it like a series of highlights relating our beloved Prophet’s behavior and Hadith to our current lives today. (not the whole Seerah just bits and pieces in a casual fun way)
          So let’s take votes till the end of March. Deal or no deal? : )

  37. Allaahu Akbar walillaahil hamd. Am so touched and motivated to pursue my dreams. May Allaah reward you abundantly. Salam.

  38. Mashallah
    This was such a beautiful and enlightening article. It’s gives me a lot of positivity and strengthens my determination to fulfill my dream to make a difference. Keep writing such inspiring articles.
    Jazakallah Khair

  39. Really.inspiring…
    I dream to be young ambassador, success enterpreneur, motivator and writer.
    I am fresh graduate. Now I start the simple steps to reach it. I hope I can make it comes true and see this comment in the future … haha..

    • Once more.. of course the most important thing. I want to be inspiring muslimah, confident and start my morning routine everyday. I hope I can be more religius and get closer with Allah.. Amin

      • One day you’ll look back and read this comment and then say “Wow! I actually did it!”
        You’re so ambitious mashAllah Khairun
        Don’t give up on your beautiful dreams ever! Allah listens and helps and inspires….
        You’ll get it all inshAllah just be patient and keep moving forward.
        Good luck….

  40. Trying to find the right words to write.. But the overwhelming feeling I have right now is that I’m very proud my sister! Lilly, love you my baby sister, even though I learn from you a lot, you’ll always be my baby sister that I’m so proud of…

  41. mashaAllah jazakAllahu khair brothers/sisters at for sharing your Islamic insight may Allah the Most Merciful always guide us to all that He and His Messenger Muhammad sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam love. Ameen.

    Allahu A’lam. one’s good dreams should never be shared with anyone but a Muslim whom one loves for Allah’s sake and fully trusts :) also, before one can achieve any dream such as being among the inhabitants of Firdaus/Heaven one should start with a sincere intention and to do all deeds only for Allah’s sake, and then Allah will inshaAllah guide you to what is best for you. Allah knows best :) Wasalaam~

  42. My gorgeous beloved sister. The one who always has the determination and passion to make her dreams come true…..
    It brings my heart so much happiness to know you’re proud of me, after all I’ve put you through : )
    And after you spent your whole life taking care of me….
    Now you know how I feel… That’s how I have always felt… A lifetime of being proud of you…
    May Allah bless our families and keep us all bonded with love and care always and forever ya Rab ❤️

  43. I just can’t tell you how much did this post move me. Dreaming of great goals has always been something amazing for me, yet I dunno why but I just can’t seem to have motivation anymore, and THEN came this article. Thank you so much for investing time in such eye-opening articles. May Allah grant you all your wishes.

    • I know exactly what you mean Marwa! Motivation sometimes slips through our fingers…. It happens to all of us until a spark ignites it again and we are full of energy and enthusiasm
      I’m blessed to be a part of that spark for you. It’s actually Allah’s gift to me….
      May you dream the most amazing dreams honey and passionately make them all come true….

  44. Given how far this is from my usual tastes, I actually quite enjoyed this series. Sure I had one or two gripes, but overall this was a vibrant, colourful, informative and well designed series. As a book critic, I must give it to you Lilly, you sure know the language we all speak in our heads. I’m eager to read more of your articles, and hopefully a book one day.

    • Coming from a book critic, this comment is definitely going into my special book of cherished feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read this Hanan, even though it’s far from your usual taste like you mentioned.
      Now since Allah brought you and your expertise right here to me, I can’t help but abuse the system a little bit more and ask about those gripes you got. I’m sure your insight will help me become a better writer so whenever you get the chance, feel free to shoot me with it :)
      I would be very grateful

  45. Thank you. At first, I got confuse with your way of spelling the Zulqarnain, because in my country Malaysia, we spell it this way. Iskandar Zulqarnain. But I read it well.

  46. My pleasure Farah. Your comment got me thinking about including different spelling for different pronunciation as well
    I researched a lot about Zulqarnain and I know most scholars agree that no one knew his real name. Some people confuse him with Alexander The Great, since he traveled all around the world too, but he can’t be him coz Zulqarnain was Muslim and Alexander was known to be a pagan
    Of course Allah knows best. Hopefully you’ll tell us more about him according to your understanding
    Thank you for taking the time to read this Farah and may Allah guide us and help us all

  47. Though I had signed with productive Muslims near about a half year ago but because of my busy schedule I was not able to see your news letters and publications. It is first time that I enjoyed it fully. your services are of great worth. I have no words to describe it. Specially for those who are searching for a change in life. You related innovation with Islamic thoughts on real ground. it is gigantic job. God bless you with sound health and Eman-e-Kamil.

    • I think your voice out over 1.3 million Muslim’s appreciation of this wonderful website Nishan
      And allow me to take this opportunity to thank and applaud:
      The CEO Mr Mohamed Faris
      Chief Editor Ms Zaynab Chinoy
      Spirituality Editor: Dina Basiony
      Doodler: Aneesah Satriya
      And the rest of the blessed Productive Team for all their amazing work that keep us readers hooked and ever so motivated!

  48. Zazakallah khairan for your inspiring article

    My Dream
    My Dawah

    As ALLAH says “Li yuzhiruhu alad dini kulli”
    He has given u a deen to master & supercede all other isms….

  49. Dear Lilly,

    I would like to know how we can feel proud without feeling the pride (arrogance).
    I have been searching the answer everywhere. I don’t dream big because i don’t want to feel arrogant.
    And when I don’t dream big I get demotivated. What is the difference… please explain with maybe an example of how/what we should and should NOT allow ourselves to “FEEL”.


    • First can I please apologize for replying so late. I honestly never received a notification for your comment please forgive me
      And second, I love your question and I totally understand what you mean!
      I think as long as you remember that it’s Allah’s power and will that makes you succeed, then the arrogance will never have a place in your heart. The minute you start thinking “wow check me out!” And start thinking you are the one responsible for making your dreams come true, that’s when you’re in trouble
      Just remember to thank God with every step you take, and give charity every time you’re happy….
      And dream big honey! There’s nothing more amazing than Muslim leaders making this world a better place….and making us proud!

  50. Thank you for your n8ce article. Please thw word (سام) should be corrected to be (سلم).
    Thank you again