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  1. Assalamu’Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu!
    very enlightening article that is so badly required by all who are starting or are in any phase of their careers.May Allah bless the author and all involved in creating such intellectual property.

  2. Very illuminating in understanding motives/intents. I work in the NGO world and in a non-Muslim set-up where i can assure you that self takes precedence. I have such a boss who uses you for his own interests, least of all having staff to grow with the organization/program. Sorry, it may be out of context but will ask anyway:any advise on how to deal with such situations?

    • In the view of a subordinate under a boss, you can still be a leader but not overstepping authority. For example, if the boss makes a decision that does not seem to achieve an “end” effectively or efficiently, you may “suggest” or “advise” the boss to try a different decision. If the boss realizes this (while achieving his/her interest), he’ll take it. This is still leadership but on a lower level or a level of self as a professional individual.

    • Salaam Alaik br Mahamoud,

      My apologies for the late response as I encountered some issues in using the comment system earlier. With regards to your situation vis-a-vis the article, I personally believe that overall change in an organization is easier top-down, and a little harder to enact if the top management are not willing to change.

      However, that being said, I believe that change in the end begins from you yourself. Ie, you are not able to change how someone act towards you, but you are able to change your own mindset, attitude, and actions in response to the matter. I believe what Abdul Qoyyuum says below is true. We just need to involve more tact in the matter.

      And lastly, make lots and lots of du’a. It is Allah swt who changes the hearts of people :)

      May Allah swt make it easy for you.

  3. JazakAllah khair for such an eye opening article. We dont realize but each one of us are in a leadership position in some way or the other in our lives. Leadership is a power, if not used with the correct intention can turn into something very ugly and abusive for the the people that are being lead by such a leader. Empowering others is one the best intentions that a leader can have and it can also serve as sadqa e jariah for the leader himself.

  4. An excellent article that has something for every person no matter what occupation, education or organization they belong to. I am a home maker and find so many things to change in me to set my intentions right for my family. Thanks for being an eye opener.