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  1. Mahaa ALLAH such a nice piece of writing filled with encouragement and hope. I appreciate the effort of writer. May ALLAH SUbhan wa Ta’lla bless us all with his immense Maghfirah and remat.Ameen

  2. Subhan Allah. The article is very well written and is greatly inspiring. The hadeeth references give it great support and at the end the appropriate Ayah from Surah Al Zumar gives the requisite force. May ALLAH Subhan wa Ta’lla bless us all with His guidance. Amen

  3. Assalaamu alaikum. An inspirational and uplifting read mashAllah! Alhumdolillah! may Allah swt reward you sister immensely and all that have allowed us to benefit from reading this aameen! Jazakum Allah khair

  4. Assalamu Alaikum…this is a beautiful article. Very well written and truly inspirational. Its brings my imaan to a new level. Jazakallah for sharing your wisdom with us. May Allah grant you jannah and success in all your affairs in dunya and akhirah. Ameenkatia

    • Thank you Katia… Being one of the reasons to bring your Iman to a new level is an honor I’ll forever cherish…. Thank you for your heartwarming prayers. May we all meet in the highest levels of jannah. Amen

  5. A beautiful piece of writing. It reassures us we aren’t alone in this journey.
    Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Kind, Most Merciful to HIS servants if they return to HIM with genuine Tauba and start remembering HIM through the obligatory practices ordained by Allah. May HE guide us to the right path- Ameen.
    Jazakumullah kheer, It is a very great and a very informative piece to read. Thanks a lot for sharing. I’m looking forward to read more of your articles.

    • Your words are like precious jewels in my world…. Thank you for your encouragement… Women like you are the reason women like me exist…. May Allah shower us all with His blessings. Amen

  6. Jezakillah for such amazing article… while reading the article i was feeling like this is just for me SubhanAllah it really helped me a lot May Allah reward you for your good deeds, Ameen ___ May allah helps us to repent

    • While all comments bring immense joy to my heart, your comment is extra special to me Hayat. I’m grateful to Allah I could be of any help to you… May He always guide us to the right path. Amen

  7. Jazaakaa Allahu khayran, thank you sister for such a motivating article. Alhamdulillah, may Allah shower His blessings, mercy and peace on you and all of your family. Ameen.

    • Thank you Nora for your gift of duaa for me and my family… It’s truly a priceless gift. Now I’ll have to be greedy and ask you to put my son in your prayers and ask Allah to heal him. Amen

  8. A beautiful and inspiring piece Mashallah. I absolutely love your writings. This came at just when I needed to see it. It is very comprehensive and informative. It reassures me that I’m not alone. Allah (SWT) is oft-Forgiving, Most Kind, Most Merciful to HIS servants if we return to HIM with genuine Tauba and start remembering HIM through the obligatory practices ordained by Allah. May HE guide us to the right path- Ameen.
    Now I am more motivated to get back on track and looking forward to read more of your articles. Jazakhulahu Kharon for sharing.

  9. Thank you for your world thank you for that wisdome most of us need to hear or read such an artical
    My Allah give you more than what you wish for.

    • What a beautiful generous Duaa Walab…. I’m speechless…. May Allah give us all more than what we wish for… the love and peace and wisdom and most of all the true faith we all desperately need… Amen

  10. Masha allah!!! This article made my day! It is so awesome . May allah bless the author who showed us the right path through her beautiful article amen.

  11. What a blessing it is to have beautiful souls you’ve never met, make Duaa for you and your family. I’m grateful and humbled by those of you who took the time to read the article and comment on it. Thank you for your lovely words and may Allah bless us all and our amazing unity of Islam. Amen

  12. Thank you for this amazing article! Very well written..We need people like you in our lives to remind us that Islam is the religion of forgiveness and love.. It’s nice to know that we are not alone and that we’re only human.. May God help us to be on the right path, and help you inspire us more..God bless you.

  13. Jazakallah khair for the beautiful heart warming article sister Lilly. It was just what I needed today. May a Allah bless you immensely and give us all the strength to forgive ourselves and carry on forward with our lives inshAllah.

  14. The right about wrong is knowing it’s wrong.
    Doing something about it, is ‘strength’.
    Leaving the sin; and Remorse over having committed the sin is a ‘SUCCESS’!
    And repentance makes Allah (SAW) happy.
    Your writing truly inspired me. It makes me laugh, cry, and always encourages me to be the best version of myself.
    Ms. Mohsen you never fail to inculcate me with your words Mashullah. Women like you will uplift the new Islamic generation ISA.
    I’m a huge fan, and I’m Looking forward to reading your new book.
    Thank you for sharing your promoting words, Keep them coming.

    • Wisdom, faith and hope…. Your comment sums it all up…. Thank you Abo Ali for your golden words… I’m truly honored…. May we all unite to uplift the new Islamic generation and let Islam shine our lives and hearts like an eternal ray of light. Amen

  15. Jazakallah for this amazing article. Just when i needed to read something like this alhamdulillah
    May Allah bless all the contributors of this inspiring and motivational website.
    To all those who read this, please whisper a special dua for me as i am in desperate need of Allah’s assistance.

  16. “Do yourself a favor and start a new page”, i think is that what i have to do now; thank you so much jazakiallah kola khair.

    • You are so very welcome. I’m not much of a Facebook person. I did start a new blog a few days ago… but don’t go there yet. It’s still empty you’ll probably hear your echo :)

  17. Sometimes I see Islamic pages on facebook and all they do is write about how those in the wrong path will be punished. Instead of speaking about repentance and forgiveness, they create fear in the reader, who is reminded of his or her sins again and again. I don’t follow such pages anymore because I believe they have lost the essence of Islam which is mercy, kindness, peace, love and forgiveness. God is infinitely merciful and forgiving. It is people who are not.

    I completely agree with this article. I don’t think we should forget our sins because it is a reminder not to repeat them. And we should always seek Allah’s forgiveness for them. But once we have accepted our mistake, confided in God, asked for forgiveness, repented and not repeated the mistake, we need to take it easy on ourselves.

    I think that what’s important in Islam more than anything else is belief, faith. Being unsure or having doubts allows our nafs to become stronger and it gives shaitan a chance to try to mislead us. So once we have gone through the process of repentance we must have the faith that Allah will forgive us. We must believe that and never allow our guilt or worries to take over. These feelings may occur sometimes, it happens to everyone. When it does, I acknowledge it. I say to Allah “you know my weaknesses, please wipe them out and do not judge me for them.” Not having faith that God will forgive us or thinking that we are doomed is a weakness. It’s a loss of hope and Allah does not want us to lose hope.

    So let us not try to be perfect. Let us confide in Allah every time weakness overwhelms us. Let us ask God to pull us through these things instead of expecting ourselves to be perfect because we are not. I believe that Allah is more kind and more merciful than we can even imagine. His door is always open. For Him, intentions matter. As long as we put in the effort, He will be there for us, ready to show us the right way and forgive us.

    And I urge all of you who participate in such Islamic pages to be open minded, kind and merciful as Allah would like us to be. Some people try to act like God judging others and telling them they will go to hell. We are mere mortals with no knowledge of people’s hearts or how Allah will judge them. Let’s remind ourselves of Allah kindness towards us before being judgmental and condemning to others.

    One of the biggest issues that Muslims face in this century in my opinion, aside from hypocrisy, is severe judgmental thoughts, towards ourselves and others.

    • Sister B, may peace and blessing of Allah be upon (Mohammad) & you and sister Lilly & the rest of Islam. I can’t tell you how positively you have effected me as I read both the article and the respond of Sister B. I have always had my faith firm, yet always had doubts because of our weakness as a human. I really needed to read this today to reassure my faith in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness even more. May Allah shower us all with his endless mercy and forgiveness and grant us all Jannah for the the kind hearts that the majority of us have. Again beautiful sayings by both Sister Lilly and Sister B. <3

  18. a-salam-u-alaikum, MashaAllah very well put article. A must read for every person, muslim or non-muslim. May Allah give us the ability to act upon what’s written here and the courage to forgive ourselves – amen.

  19. جزاكي الله خيراً ياحبيبتي
    فذكر فإن الذكرى تنفع المؤمنين

    ندم وحزن هز كل كياني فانسابَ دمعي واستكان لساني
    النفسُ حيرى … والذنوب كثيرة والعمر يمضي … والحياة ثواني
    يا نفسُ كفّي عن معاصيك التي كادت تميت الحس في وجداني
    أنسيت أن الموت آتٍ !؟ فاجمعي يا نفس من طيب ومن إحسان
    أنا لست أخشى الموت , بل أخشى الذي بعد الممات , وعسرة السؤلان
    ماذا أقول إذا فقدت إرادتي وتكلمت بعدي يدي و لساني ؟
    ماذا … وكل جوارحي تحكي بما … صنعت … ولست بعالم النسيان ِ
    أخشاكِ يا شمس الشتاء .. فكيف لا أخشى العذاب وحرقة النيران
    أنا يا إلٰهي حائر , فتولّني و لأنت تهدي حيرة الحيران
    أنا إن عصيت فهذا لأني غافل ولقد علمت عواقب العصيان
    أنا إن عصيت فهذا لأني ظالم والظلم صنعٌ من يد الإنسان
    لكنك الغفار فاغفر ما جنت نفسي على نفسي … فأنت الحاني
    أشكو إليك ضآلتي … ومذلتي فارفع بفضلك ما أذل زماني
    ادعوك في صمتي , وفي نطقي , وفي همسي بقلب دائم الخفقان
    ادعوكَ , فاقبلْ دعوتي , وارفع بها شأني , وكن لي يا عظيمَ الشأن
    لك في الفؤاد مهابة ٌ … ومحبة يا من بحبك يستضئ كياني
    أنا يا الهي عائد من وحدتي أنا هارب من كثرة الأشجان
    من لي سواك يجيرني, ويعيدني من عالم الأهواء

    أم فريد

    • كلمات حكيمه من قلب رقيق يشغف بحب الله. أشكرك علي المشاعر الجميلة التي تغمر القلوب بكل حب و سلام. جزاكي الله خير يا ام المؤمنين

  20. Very profound. I loved the ayat you referenced. It reminds me of a quote I read somewhere:
    “If life was perfect, Jannah would lose its value.”

  21. Make me feel better and let my past easier after i read this article. it’s really courage and helpful. .thanks for writing such a nice article, i feel relieve now….

  22. This is truly something worth sharing…we are always reminded to forgive others, sometimes, we forget to forgive ourselves. Thank you so much for shedding the light!

    • No one said it doesn’t take time Haiderul. Guilt is the alarm system for pure souls like yours. In my heart I know Allah has already forgiven you inshAllah because Allah is the Most Merciful. Soon you’ll find it in yourself too to forgive His precious creation… You…

  23. I love this, it’s so wonderfully written. This is what Islam is all about; forgiveness, mercy, unconditional love and repentance.

  24. This is wonderful. It reminded me of one article I found somewhere long ago that says “you are what you intends to be”. So the doors to Allah’s forgiveness opens with forgiving yourself..

  25. Very interesting and very well written. The way you go into specifics about certain things in Islam is amazing. Well done.

  26. Lilly, You stated Facts that all Moslims know and read 6cc about Mighty GOD and how forgiving and loving towards us,but what really inpressed me the touching and simple way you lightened our way to these facts,GOD bless you and your family also I ask you not to stop writing as I feel it is clear you know your way to our hearts.

  27. I am really proud that such a young laday has such a fascinating wisdom so the only comment I can make is as the long as we have such moslims, islam is and will be (as God promised) bekher,thanks my girl

    • I’m beyond proud to just be carrying your name…. all my life I wished to be even the smallest and simplest reflection of your honor, your integrity, your righteousness and your pure golden heart… I owe you everything I have, I am, I was and will ever be… There are no words to describe how much I admire and respect you… How much I want to brag about you to the whole world and tell them this is my dad! Thank you for being there for me… For lifting me up and for taking care of me and my kids… And I promise I’ll always try my best to make you proud… I honestly didn’t think you would have the time to read my writings coz I know you’re a very busy man… And it just fills my heart with happiness to know that after all this time, you still encourage me and make what I love a priority in your life… I’m blessed to have a dad like you… Although in my eyes, there is no one in this whole world who even compares to you…. I love you daddy… May God keep you safe and happy for all of us… Amen….

  28. My daughter,I am really proud of you,you must be very happy that God put you on this track for such a mission,I hope ,this means GOD loves you,as the mighty GOD says in his holly book (﷽ (ومن أحسن قولاً ممن دعا الي الله وعمل صالحاً وقال انني من المسلمين ..صدق الله العظيم)
    God bless you n I love you .. Your mum

    • Reading all these comments brings such joy to my heart, but not as much as a recent comment from my cousin who said: “Looks like you’re the new Magda. You’re becoming a part of your mom’s legacy”.
      I’ve worked hard and I’ve failed and I’ve tried again and again… But not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that anyone would compare me to you… My teacher… My mom… My cherished gift from God…. It’s an honor I don’t think I can absorb just yet! All I can say is if I spend my whole life in your service it still wouldn’t be enough to pay you back for everything you’ve done for me… And it still wouldn’t be enough to erase all the drama I’ve put you through since God knows when :) Thank you for every smile… And sorry for every tear… And if I turn out to be even a fraction of how great you are, I’ll count myself as the luckiest girl on earth… I love you mommy… May God fill your life with happiness and blessings the way you’ve filled ours with love and tender care… Amen

  29. So hearttouching article and so close to my life.i felt as if allah was soothing balm on my guilt feeling and consoling me. This article has brought me closer to allah as my friend more than a judge.zaazzakallah khair to the writer and allah bless her and her family.ameen summa ameen

      • Thankyou so much i have spent 24 years without my family because of a mistake i made yet after several times of asking for forgivness they didnt forgive me, your words made me stronger maybe its time i forgave myself

  30. What if you have hurt people and now they are gone, so you can’t ask for their forgiveness and the regret accumulates. What to do in such a scenario?

    • That must be hard on you Khadija.. I know how regret and guilt can eat us up inside. But if you look at it differently, you’ll find the peace you’re looking for inshAllah. If these people you hurt are gone, as in passed away, there’s still something you can do! You can make du’aa for them and perhaps be there for their loved ones. You have no idea how the deceased find immense joy in prayers from those who are still alive. Even though the Prophet’s Hadith talks only about the du’aa of their children for them, we still ask Allah to forgive all the Muslims who died and make their graves like blessed heavens. I believe the amount of happiness those people you hurt will get now is way more than anything you could have possibly done or said while they were still here…. And inshAllah one day you’ll meet them in Jannah and they’ll thank you for every prayer…. Allah’s mercy has no end, He gives us chances that we are not even aware of, and that’s the beauty of Islam… To always know that no matter how wrong you were, you can still always make it right…

  31. Alhamdulillah for such an inspirational write up,it really made my heart lighter and has paved the way for new beginning,may Allah help us to achieve true iman,ameen.JazakAllahu khairan may Allah increase you in knowledge.

  32. Subhanallah, i have no words. This is exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been punishing myself for so long, I haven’t had the strength to forgive myself because I always felt I wasn’t worth forgiving. May Allah bless you abundantly sister, you’ve reached out to my soul and I shall try and take your advice

  33. Mash allah sister Lilly this is truly inspiring. I have struggled for so long as a result of my past sins and have found hope from your post, May Allah swt guide us all and forgive us, ameen!

    • I like to think I’m a good judge of character:) and from your words, I can tell you have a soft heart and genuine purity that is rare to find… Forgive yourself Maryam… Because the rest of us need people like you in this world. We have a Merciful God… And for that we are all eternally grateful….

  34. Lovely piece of writing Lilly. Great job. I love the way you think and the way you r dedicated to enlighten people of Islam and its beauty. And how you insist on passing these beautiful beliefs to the young generation. You r really inspiring. God bless u.

    • My best friend and the cheerful smile in my life… Thank you for your lovely words and for always being there for me… Love you

  35. Jazakillah bi khoir for the article, sister. I read this with crying. The more i learn about islam, the more i fall in love to it. I wish i know islam better earlier. May Allah forgives me and strengthen my imaan.
    Wish you success with your book!

    • May your every tear turn into a blessed river in Paradise Mei
      Thank you for this huge smile I have on my face right now :)

  36. Your article brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for such a beautiful article. Reminds us how lucky we all are to be part of such a forgiving and merciful religion! May Allah forgive us all for our sins, help us be our best selves and protect us from harm. Thank you once again Lilly.

  37. Lilly,

    This was a great piece. Please note, however, that not all the ahadeeth you have mentioned are saheeh hadith. The Ibn Majah one, for example, clearly shows it is a week (dha’eef) Hadith (in the same link you posted). Please authenticate the sayings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, as we would not want to incorrectly attribute a saying to our beloved Prophet (S)
    (nor decrease our credibility as a writer)

    I hope you take into consideration my suggestions, and know that I write this only with good intentions. May Allah (swt) guide us all and keep us steadfast on the straight path, Ameen.

  38. This article is beautifully written, to the point and offers plenty of practical tips.
    Digged this article out from best of 2014, I think it should be placed under ‘best of all time’ articles :)
    Well done to the author and productive muslim.

  39. i can’t forgive myself ,i goto the barber shop & becomes baldy ,even my brother marriage is away of 3 months , i daily cry at myself & i am not comfortable at each moment, i am in a very panic situation, i know all you are assume that its not a big thing but i am in a very worst mental condition ,what i am doing ,i am not in a clam & comfort condition , ,

  40. Dear Sister Lily,

    I cried reading your words. Forgiving oneself is the hardest thing to do and so many times, one wishes, one could turn back time and undo past mistakes. One tortures oneself with so many agonizing questions but to no avail. Seeking God’s forgiveness is the only ointment.

    May Allah have mercy on all his creation and give everyone the chance to redeem themselves. There is no greater contentment or joy then pleasing Allah.


  41. This has really helped me thank you soo much. I’m a muslim female and I’ve committed many bad and disgusting sins and I am really guilty right now but this article had really helped me and I hope Allah♥ forgives me as I have repented alot and from now on I am starting a new page of my life and forgetting the past and I hope I succeed in this Inshallah♥♥

  42. Thank you sister. May Allah give you reward for you this effort. Its very helpful thank you so much.

  43. This article has really helped me. I have done so many wrongs in the past things that a ashamed to tell my friends or family but now am ready to start all over and be a new person and its Bn hard on me cus I lived a wrong lifestyle in the past and I felt It’s gonna be hard for me to start afresh but reading your article I feel relieve and I come to realize that it’s it about my family or friends it’s about confessing to GOD and seeking for his forgiveness and starting all over and if I find self advising the youth I will I feel at peace and I want to say GOD bless u for making realizing this. I promise never to go back and to live a GODLY life.

  44. I am much satisfied but something’s are strict in my mind about my sins can you be more helpful for me according to cycology

  45. Will I still be forgiven for decieving lots of people? I did it without knowing. It’s a harmless deceive. I’m worried what’s gonna happen to me. I let down so many people. I think I deserve to be in hell. I cried to much over this. I’m very sick of my mistakes. I really need Allah’s love and forgiveness! I’m worried that I’ll be stuck in hell for life due to my mistakes! Will Allah love me? I can’t do anything about deception, coz I have no contact with these people. Well I found one but he’s confused why I’m sorry.

  46. Marshallah, this is very helpful to me a lot even though I have committed so many sins and of course I love to forgive everyone including myself, but this I always do alone by seeking forgiveness for things that I have done a lot of in my past, because the things that I did back then are still taunting me every step of my life I just want to forget it about it instead it keeps coming back like; bad habits/addictions. This world has changed my life a lot in a terrible way, because I still say that I don’t want to go back to my old bad habits/addictions, but I still do and I was addicted to so many things such as; masturbation, pornography, music, games, TV, social media due to these things I lost my appetite and I started to lose a lot of weight which led to me becoming anorexic back when I was 15 years old, so one habit started then another one came after it when I turned 13 years old and left mosque, because of incident regarding a student and mosque teacher, so this is why the social services had to get involved. After this is when I started masturbation at this age which I didn’t have a clue about that this would affect my life I got into many other ones later on stated above like; even got into another habit which was pornography at 15 years old and these two only remain in my life that I don’t seem to escape from, because I have been there before, so I know how to get back there easily. It ruined my health and soul which caused my stress/anxiety and depression causing also sleeping disorders/problems in the night even happened to me today. The thing is that devil tricked me into touching myself/private parts when I masturbated at first at the age of 13, so it felt like; this was wrong even though my mum clearly told me not touch my genitals and I regret this ever since doing it a long time ago being over 8 years now, whereas my age is 21 years old. I did ok in school, college I did even better than in school, but when I started university in October 2014 I had depression, because of the things that I have witnessed in my life I decided to leave and then later returned back to university last year in September 2015, but still I couldn’t get this off my chest, so I left nearly half of this year 2016 back in February and now it just too much take in, because I have got other problems with regarding my health such as; dyslexia and asthma. I wouldn’t do any of those things if I was only bought up the right way meaning that dad has left me and family 3 years ago in October 2013 which I had my first open day at University that I went to and left, but going to continue with my studies next year inshallah. I have learnt so much good and bad in my life even when I to mosque at the age of 8 and left at 13 still I want to make lots changes in my life and I have done by now, but what still remains is my addiction for masturbation and pornography that has ruined my health and the brain doesn’t seem to remember as much as it wants like before when I use to attend the mosque with my younger siblings. Please is there anything you could help me to over my past memories that I am really scared/afraid of? Any advice would help a lot. Thank you for listening.

  47. What if your heart has hardened and your finding it hard to repent with guilt and sincerity from major sins but you want to repent and start changing?

  48. Ive made a huge mistake that had severe consequences frome home, from school and also the police. I am only 13 years old and have made the wrong friend abd have suffered from it. So u seek for advice on how i am to come back from this and continue as the good person i used to be. I have started praying my namaazez and have befan to read the quran more often, but i do not think this is enough. So please give me advice as i am very shamefull for this and feel bad.

  49. Thank you so much for your kind words they are truly uplifting may Allah swt grant you the highest rank in jannat and I will do so much Dua for you

  50. Ma’sha’Allah one of the best blog i have ever read,for the past week i was way to depressed as i have committed some of the vulgar sins that violate the soul of mine and worst part i started missing my prayers as i did not had the guts to stand in front of the Allah(swt) as i was feeling guilty and was thinking of leaving all the DAWAH work , wanted to isolate myself and feel like committing suicide but then Allah(swt) directed me to this page and after reading this blog i immediately went to my room, prayed two Rakat and repented and ask Allah(swt) for forgiveness and now Alhumdulillah feeling way too better.
    sometimes you have to forgive yourself before Allah does.
    May Allah(swt) bless the writer with all the happiness in the world and Akhira.

  51. wow Alhamdu nillahi ta’aala….Sometimes we feel that we are more far away from the mercy of ALLAH S.W.T we ruin ourselves with more stinky stuff.It happens with me.I was squeezing out internet finding a better soothing article finally i found this amazing…..Jazakallahu ta’aala bro..
    i gonna renew my new life burning the past and anyone who goes through my post PRAY FOR MY GUIDANCE…..

  52. Is there counselling options to talk about your sin? I would like help. Do you think it’s a good idea to get help or only ask Allah for forgiveness. Allah truly forgives all sins.

  53. This was such a lovely thing to read. We have all sinned yet that is what makes us human, but repenting to Allah, that is what makes us muslim, and I am so proud to call myself that. Thank you sister, as a young teenager we are exposed to many sins in our everyday life yet and its inevitable, yet this passage really gave me hope and happiness. Jazakhallah and may Allah bless you and your family with Jannah.

  54. JazakAllah khair, I cant sit here and explain how I am feeling at the moment. I felt so alone and lost after a situation I had been through .And reading this has literally given me a new chapter of my life. I can not begin to explain how much this has helped me. Not having anyone to speak to about your problems, calamities and sin. You really do loose yourself, and this has just gave me the confidence to repent in all ability. As Allah SWT is the most MERCIFUK AND THE MOST forgiving. I thought my sin had defined me as a Character, but that is not true. I want to once again, come back home. Alhamdulillah

  55. Living in this modern world is very easy to go with the flow and to fit in the crowd. The most challenging era where need to take a step back & reflect upon our actions and access its islamic values and validity

  56. All sins cannot be forgiven. As there would be no justice for the one who has been sinned. I still live in hope and turn to allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and ask for forgiveness.

  57. Great article mashallah
    It’s hard to feel the sins of the past and accept them
    They remain at the back of my mind nd heart mostly

  58. Bismillahir Rehmaanir Raheem

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I have heard that in Islam if you have hurt someone or done something wrong to anyone, Allah will forgive you only, if the person you’ve done wrong to, forgives you.

    What if you know if i seek his or her apology by informing truth& it will be more big mess or fitna ?

  59. Asalaam Alaikum sister Lily,
    I am also guilt ridden, so much so that I cant forgive myself. I have let down my parents who trusted me blindly. And whenever I want to start afresh, something comes in between, and I land up to the same place where I started. I asked Allah for Tawbah and Hidayah multiple of times, to the point that I haven’t EVER asked anything except that to Allah as seriously. But I fail every time. And now I am kind of losing hope and confidence in my own self that I would ever change for real. I read many articles and stories of people reforming miraculously but I certainly don’t think that would be the case for me anytime in real.

  60. JazakAllah khair for such a hope-inspiring article… I still have an issue though, that I believe is preventing me from moving forward… I happen to have some oppressive immediate (blood) relatives, who’re more affluent than my family (my parents are divorced and my mother n I live alone), but who’ve suffered some tragedies and so they want me to leave my job, my friends, my life… and go serve them like a slave (I know it may sound strange, but they’ve become very embittered by the trials that have befallen them)… I was gearing myself up for giving everything up and going to live with them… but another aunt, who knows about their selfish ways, tried to stop me and told me that what they’re doing to me was unfair… but in my mind, I had been thinking that since I’ve been so irresponsible in my past… I won’t amount to anything good anyway… so maybe I just deserve to be kicked around by my narcissistic/ oppressive relatives for the rest of my life…

    I would be grateful to the author for a personal reply regarding my predicament via email… if possible!

    Thanks and JAK

    • Okay I feel bad for skipping some of the comments here to get to yours but I felt it was urgent
      I don’t have access to readers’ info so can you please email me at
      And InshAllah maybe you’ll wanna resolve something in your past that will completely change your future

  61. hi, i really wanna thank you in advance for writing this four years back. i was really down and burying myself in guilt lately, and i just reached the peak today that i cant help but bawled my eyes out for crying. i find it really hard for me to actually forgive myself for things ive messed up in the past. i finally spilled it out to some of my closest ones and come down to pray, and maybe its just the way of Allah answer my prayers, i found your post and it strike through me. so thank you, thank you so much, this means a lot for me. i wish a happy and barakah life ahead, aamiin aamiin aamiin.