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  1. mashAllah – this was an excellent reminder for a person like me who has a sedentary life…May Allah bless you all for this contribution. 

  2. As-Salamu ‘alaykum,

    “If you are fighting cholesterol issues, consume egg whites only.”
    Nutritionists say that the vertus of eggs come from the mix of proteins in both egg whites and yellows. Thus, eating whites only does not have a great benefit. 

    Allahu a’lam.

    • Wa alaikum salaam,

      That’s right..a combination of white and egg yolk provides an amazing amount of nutrients, however, egg yolk is extremely rich in cholesterol, and therefore has to be avoided by people looking to maintain their cholesterol levels. High cholesterol patients cannot take a risk by consuming egg yolk along with egg white just because it is nutritious.

      Egg whites on the other hand are good in various nutrients which cannot be neglected completely.You can read more about the nutritional benefits of egg whites in the links provided below:

      This article was written keeping in mind all sections of the population, therefore, the additional point for leaving out egg yolk was highlighted and directed at “high cholesterol patients” specifically.

      It is always better to remain on the safer side and get the best of whatever is available in any food item rather than neglecting them completely.

  3. Jazakallah khair for giving us a list of great foods that we should include in our diet. It is also very important for us to thank Allah (swt) for this sustenance!

  4. very nice articles sister may Allah give you  reward of it and we all should make our diet and life as suggested .Allah hafiz Haroon from New Delhi  India

  5. Assalaamu’alaykum. Izin share ya ke teman-teman saya di Indonesia. Saya ingin membuatnya dalam bahasa Indonesia agar mempermudah pemahamannya. Insya Allah nama penulis asli akan tetap saya cantumkan.

  6. Assalamualaikum. Thank you for sharing these useful sugggestions. Well, I want to ask something, the prophet’s diet has been shared all over the internet now, and one of the diet rules is not to eat fish with salad… Is this entirely true? I’ve heard about not mixing seafood with beef/mutton, and there’s also scientific research about that, which tells about the disadvantage of it. But I can’t find any confirmations about the fish and salad. I’m not asking because I doubt him, I would never. I ask because I wanted to prove it to my non-muslim friends that there is fact behind his sunnah. Anyone please share with me if you know? Thank you in advance. :)

  7. Assalamualikum. Very well written article and very informative. Would really like to publish in our Magazine “Halal World” in Sri Lanka. Please let us know if you will be interested to write for our Magazine insha allah!